Stockholm Syndrome//H.S

Stockholm Syndrome//H.S

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As I leave, the cold British wind greets me. I zip up my sweater, and start walking home. 

Thanks to my parents, I don't have a car. 

"You're too irresponsible for a car, Courtney. You can always save up for one once you leave this house," my father had scoffed when I asked him.

I walk at a fast pace, hoping to avoid any random strangers lurking in the dark streets.

"Hey, darling. What are you doing all alone in the dark?" I hear a voice ask. I pick up his deep, British accent.

I ignore him, and start jogging.

Just a few more streets...

I hear his swift feet, and he grabs me from behind, pressing a wet cloth on my face. He drags me behind a building.

My muffled screams are the only noise in the silent night. I try to break from his strong, yet careful hold. I wiggle under his grip, but he only lets out a sigh.

"Shhhhh...don't scream...everything will be alright...shhhh..." he whispers.

I feel warm tears slide down my face, and my eyesight blurs, and I stop screaming and escaping.

The last thing I see are the swaying trees.




19-year-old Courtney Thompson hates her life. From her annoying stepmother, to her overprotective father. The only thing that keeps her alive is her brother and reading.

She's always wanted to die, but after being kidnapped, all she wants is to live.

Her kidnapper is beyond amazing. From the good looks, to his niceness. 

But that's what he is...a kidnapper. A killer. A stalker.

✯Will she fall for him, even if he kidnapped her?✯

✯Will she find out the countless secrets that he hides?✯

✯Will she escape?✯

Will she fall victim to...



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Please don't copy. This book is original, and it comes from a place called "BRAIN".'ll be in BIG trouble if you copy my book.

I don't own 1D. (❤I Wish❤...)

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If harry was a crazy psycho I would let him do everything he wants
This is not ironic at all. Nope............
                              Not at all. 
                              Bruh tf
mozzafiato- mozzafiato- Jun 16, 2016
considering this is Harry, I don't know if I'd run.. and I'm not sorry.
VivianaMelendez VivianaMelendez Aug 17, 2016
I have my moms contact as satan and my step dad as the devil himself
twoghostsinthistown twoghostsinthistown Nov 28, 2016
Oh baby look what you've done to me
                              Oh baby you've got me tied down
I'm praying that this is some other Brit that's attempting to take her and then Harry comes and saves the day but Harry takes her instead 😊