Brooding Guy, Quiet Girl

Brooding Guy, Quiet Girl

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Cawfee_Connoisseur By Cawfee_Connoisseur Updated Nov 10, 2015

Reiji is a cold loner with temper issues who reviles the world around him.

Alice is a sheltered aristocrat suffering from social anxieties.

A chance encounter had the two meeting one another. Can their romance blossom despite their debilitating pessimism and paranoia?  A charming tale about breaking out of one's shell and maturing from adolescence to adulthood.

Updated every Saturday! <---(But nothing was said about slight delays!) 

"This is probably one of the best things that I've ever read in the past two years along with The Fault in Our Stars, a few Vonnegut books and Redemption (the 2Million words long Mass Effect fanfiction which you will definitely love). Fresh and unusual humours, not so over-the-top drama, some "aww" moments that are hard to forget and an overall unique story; you really can mix those things pretty well into a 19 chapters (as of this writing) internet novel that I first thought would be like your usual lovey-dovey filled light novels which shows people kiss every 2 chapters but is actually a read that is quite unique for today's standard."
-Some guy on the internet

"This is a soothing piece of work. Experiencing the story through Reiji's and Alice's POV really brings it to life; I always thought slice of life is best written in first person. You managed to make me sympathetic towards them already, seeing how they go about their lives with their train of thought, personality, and all. The drama scenes when done well really have heartstring-pull prowess. Chapter (redacted) comes to mind, and Chapter (redacted) too.

Your Edgy antics are as apparent as ever. I can definitely see how you intentionally make cheeky remarks and references regarding certain anime tropes and antics, yet I don't feel they hinder the story. The narration may read a little too explosive at times, but so far it's nothing that would take my eye off this story one bit. "
-Some other guy on the internet