Reincarnate: My Rival

Reincarnate: My Rival

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Yana By NerdyWithoutGlasses Updated Dec 25, 2017

"Being a rival sucks. Especially when you're the center of everyone's hatred."

Gael Fallon is a well-known rival or villainess due to her aloof and cold personality unlike her energetic and friendly twin sister, Maevis Fallon, the so-called heroine.

Number one assassin in her previous world. Pretty. Intelligent. Talented. Famous. But being the center of everyone's discrimination and hatred sucks. For Gael, she just wants a normal life.

One day, Gael died and got reincarnated as a mob character named Amber Trinity Scarlette. Her wish for a peaceful life did came true as her character isn't important in the story. Yay. But unbeknownst to Gael, she is an anomaly that will change the life of every character in the story.

(Following pic aren't mine. Slow update.)

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RoseBlossom79 RoseBlossom79 Nov 24, 2017
I loved how you talked about each character's powers and level status just like in a video game. Of course, the first three men who vie for her love!
TheNerdyProtagonist TheNerdyProtagonist Dec 31, 2017
I want that kind of life, no conflict or troubles.......i'm jealous😔😔😧😧
Advocate4BAMFs Advocate4BAMFs Nov 16, 2017
Gesundheit. I think you accidentally spelled out your sneeze sound.....😉
JanaAshleyTerbio JanaAshleyTerbio Oct 02, 2017
Why is this so hard to say!?!? Muntik ko nang makagat ang dila ko >____< How do you pronounce it?? Please help me Yana-sama!
Prince_of_hell_666 Prince_of_hell_666 Nov 20, 2017
And that's how the wishing well got cursed!!!!!! 😹😹😹