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The Asylum (ZaDr) by yrboirolo
The Asylum (ZaDr)by AXAXAXAXAXAX
I've seen a lot of stories where Zim is always the one needing to be saved so this time Dib is the one needing to be saved. This is an Asylum Au. And it is based in the...
A What? by Torikour
A What?by Navigator
Zim is required to bare smeets due to the decrease of Irken population, and so are many other Irkens.. Dib takes note on Zim's weird behaviour, and finds himself helping...
FERVENT {ZaDr} by fwixytheprofessional
One human, one alien, and one rather vibrant heat cycle. What could go wrong? - - - - [WARNING:] this fanfiction contains adult material such as blood/gore, cursing, and...
 I've changed (ZADR Fanfic) by Trainfreak1
I've changed (ZADR Fanfic)by 🖤Eye Sore🖤
(Original name was go Away) After the tallest abandon zim, 5 years pass. The tallest are running out of habitual planets to invade so their last option is earth. What ha...
Life Sucks, With Or Without You (ZaDr) by Septicsis
Life Sucks, With Or Without You ( Septic sis
A boy named Dib has been bullied since 1st grade for being obsessed with the paranormal. Back then he could deal with hurtful words thrown at him that meant nothing, but...
Strong by Torikour
Strongby Navigator
Zim wanted nothing more than to appear to be the dominant gender of his own species as well as the human race. Dominance equals power. Power equals fear. And fear equa...
Remember? {ZADR} by cloud_drizzle
Remember? {ZADR}by cloud_drizzle
Zim losses his memory and Dib is closer than ever to exposing him as an alien
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Zim's Little Terror [ZADR] by QillianstheLunatic
Zim's Little Terror [ZADR]by AQ
[COMPLETED] mpreg Zim Taking care of a smeet isn't an easy job for Zim. Especially when the smeet of his have a mix personality of his chaotic nature and Dib's curiosity...
Random Comics by Night_Leader_290
Random Comicsby ×Yørü×
One thing is for sure is that you guys might like the comics, or not... But hey I tried right? -Night out-
zadr we were meant to be by Invaderzimslover
zadr we were meant to beby Invaderzimslover
Dib starts to get feelings for Zim when Zim accidentally shoot him with a gun not knowing the side effects of being shot by it can cause the person who got shot to love...
Accidents  by Torikour
Accidents by Navigator
The last year of high skool wasn't easy for Dib.. one night, he is invited to a masquerade party and accidentally gets drunk. Guess who else was there? Zadr! Smut! Mpre...
A Smeet by Torikour
A Smeetby Navigator
It was their last year of Skool. Zim was even more determined to take over the Earth before the year ended, but one day he does his usual mission report to the tallests...
Lost by Torikour
Lostby Navigator
Zim and Dib were on a Hi Skool trip to Paris with the whole class, but something went terribly wrong. The two awake in an unknown island, trying to find any survivors...
Zadr Smut and fluff Oneshots by Perewinklebuzz
Zadr Smut and fluff Oneshotsby Bee/Dev
Requests closed for now!
zadr shit ig by takababy666
zadr shit igby is that dib?!¿
idk im bored as shit
Zadr Oneshots by OvercookedSalad
Zadr Oneshotsby OvercookedSalad
Since I kind of like this ship, I decided to make this oneshot book. So uh, yeah. I will do: Fluff 🌸 Angst 💐 Smut💮
A Class Trip? (ZaDr) by fudanshwoo
A Class Trip? (ZaDr)by Fudan
We all know about how Zim and Dib are enemies, but what if that's not all it. The two must go on a class trip, and are stuck with each other. It's not like one of them a...
Invader Zim [ZADR] | Zim's Child  by Insectivore_Shipping
Invader Zim [ZADR] | Zim's Child by Xio
Sequel to: Invader Zim [ZADR] | We'll Meet Again A week after the event, Zim finds out he's pregnant. And now, he has to face the challenges of being a parent. Updated e...
The Last Prince by Torikour
The Last Princeby Navigator
The Royal Family grows as King Red and Queen Purple have a son. Prince Zim will rule Irk when the time comes, but until then, he is kept in the palace and isolated from...
Insanity or Just Lonely? ~Canceled~ by ChaterRose1
Insanity or Just Lonely? ~Canceled~by 🎀 𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓉𝑒𝓇 🎀
Dib, the "Insane son" or "Insane boy". No one believes him and treats him horribly. Zim, even though has been rude to Dib, actually treats him with r...