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A Smeet by Torikour
A Smeetby Fanfics!
It was their last year of Skool. Zim was even more determined to take over the Earth before the year ended, but one day he does his usual mission report to the tallests...
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Vampire bee:🐝 careful 🍯~ by popboompop2
Vampire bee:🐝 careful 🍯~by popboompop2
Dib is bitten by a vampire bee Zim is secretly, deadly afraid of bees due to previous trauma Be careful honey (Vampire bee thingy from enter the florpus) Cover by cjs-sc...
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Dib's stupid love note | ZaDr by LucretiaMyReflection
Dib's stupid love note | ZaDrby LucretiaMyReflection
Someone wrote Dib a love note. Dib mistakenly thinks its from Zim. Zim pretends to befriend his enemy in order to decode the mysterious secret note. ON HIATUS.
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A What? by Torikour
A What?by Fanfics!
Zim is required to bare smeets due to the decrease of Irken population, and so are many other Irkens.. Dib takes note on Zim's weird behaviour, and finds himself helping...
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Zadr Oneshots by Perewinklebuzz
Zadr Oneshotsby Perewinklebuzz
Oneshots ranging from AUs to fluff to the tiniest bit of lemon.
The Tallest Zim by amethyst11-d
The Tallest Zimby Amethyst 11-d
After a year of trying to conquer Earth, Zim is abandoned by the tallest's. They called off his mission and banished him to live on Earth. After 5 years of the banishme...
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Zadr Agreement Mate Or Enemy by wolves_warrior124
Zadr Agreement Mate Or Enemyby wolves_ warrior124
Something bad happening Zim home planet. The queen kingdom of Irken and she has lost her husband year ago but at least she has her son. As enemy came to her and agreemen...
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CHANGE:  ZADR fanfiction (Read description) by stargirlshooter
CHANGE: ZADR fanfiction (Read Stargirl Shooter
This is a invader zim ZADR fanfiction story, (I don't own the show or the characters) I think this ship is really cute but I must warn you some of the story is sad and m...
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Zadr  by Your2ndFave_Dad
Zadr by Loser
Zim and Dib finally start a relationship which starts off great but soon takes a dark turn.
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Friends? {Zadr} by Clothebrotato
Friends? {Zadr}by Clothebrotato
(After Enter The Florpus) Zim no longer has any reason to take over Earth. The tallest won't answer his calls, and he knows that they are not coming to Earth. Since he's...
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Ask Zim & Dib  by Torikour
Ask Zim & Dib by Fanfics!
Zim: Each of these 'chaptures' will contain ten answers to your PATHETIC hyooman questions. The great ZIM and the worm boy will give you the knowledge you seek.. SO BE H...
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 I've changed (ZADR Fanfic) by Trainfreak1
I've changed (ZADR Fanfic)by Felix_the_Stripper
(Original name was go Away) After the tallest abandon zim, 5 years pass. The tallest are running out of habitual planets to invade so their last option is earth. What ha...
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The Truth  by invadersartorius
The Truth by lily
Zim gets betrayed by his own kind, but now he has a new plan to conquer, love-is how the story is supposed to go, but what's the fun in that? i hope you enjoy this stupi...
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Dib gives up ( W.I.P ) zadr? by invader_fan
Dib gives up ( W.I.P ) zadr?by invader_fan
It's been three long years since Zim landed on earth. Though recently Dib is becoming close to just giving up. please forgive me Jhonen...
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They Underestimated Him ( ZADR ) by Gabriel_Johntin
They Underestimated Him ( ZADR )by Gabby
Everyone underestimated Zim. The Tallest, Tak, even the filthy human, Dib. " A Defective." " Incompetent Invader. " " A nuisance " " A...
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Invader Zim: Far Away by Tweektoons
Invader Zim: Far Awayby Spookytoonz
(This is a story based on an AU I created.) Six years later, Professor Membrane is so fed up with Dib that he kicks him out of their home. With no where else to go, Dib...
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A Mark for the future by WeirdCatnip
A Mark for the futureby WeirdCatnip
A Zadr story about Zim and Dibs life idk and gayness. (nobodys going to read this)
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And I ache [Zadr] by Edgy_Dumpling
And I ache [Zadr]by Edgy_Dumpling
[aged up characters! They're in high school] Dib is growing up and he's beginning to realize many things- such as how chasing Zim is no longer something he wants to do...
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{Zadr} Agreement to be lover or enemy (remake) by wolves_warrior124
{Zadr} Agreement to be lover or wolves_ warrior124
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Lost by Torikour
Lostby Fanfics!
Zim and Dib were on a Hi Skool trip to Paris with the whole class, but something went terribly wrong. The two awake in an unknown island, trying to find any survivors...
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