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Dib's Experiment -Zadr- by The_Tea_OMG
Dib's Experiment -Zadr-by The_Tea_OMG
Dib decides to try a new way of exposing Zim. Dib states that it's for the sake of Earth. How Will this play out? Will it be successful or fall apart.
S.A.D [ZaDr] - Invader ZiM Christmas AU by postsbythepizzaman
S.A.D [ZaDr] - Invader ZiM Christm...by gay bug from space
SAD: Sorrow Affected (by) December. Something being experienced by both Dib AND ZiM. I wonder if they can become friends, just for the winter. Warning: this is a first p...
"You and I'll Be Safe and Sound"   (Zadr) by cwen_arthive
"You and I'll Be Safe and Sound"...by 🐚🐸🐚
An Irken and a human boy. One is a defect, unloved and ignored. The other, unheard, ignored and unloved. They are so similar, yet, so opposite. Could they ever get alon...
And I ache [Zadr] by plushdolll
And I ache [Zadr]by hii
[aged up characters! They're in high school] Dib is growing up and he's beginning to realize many things- such as how chasing Zim is no longer something he wants to do...
Different, but the same by miistyGhost
Different, but the sameby Inactive
What were the chances of a Human Paranormal Investigator to stumbled upon an Irken Elite Soldier? An Irken defective, Invader Zim, not truly to become what he'd always...
Sexy and Strange(One shots) by NightNinjia_1108
Sexy and Strange(One shots)by NightNinjia_1108
Just a collection of hot but rather odd yaoi couples that you might come to love. So enjoy. Warning boy x boy.
ZaDr One Shots by fudanshwoo
ZaDr One Shotsby Fudan
A simple collection of ZaDr One Shots written by well.. me. Yeah, so how do you write a description for something... when it's stated in the title... (Warnings: this may...
Salt and Sugar [ZADR] [IZ Au] by Dark_Pigeon
Salt and Sugar [ZADR] [IZ Au]by ~•ZivPigeon•~
Dib was bullied, Zim was abandoned. After unexpectedly finding the irken crying in the corner of the men's bathroom, Dib tries his best comfort him despite not knowing...
FERVENT {ZaDr} by fwixytheprofessional
One human, one alien, and one rather vibrant heat cycle. What could go wrong? - - - - [WARNING:] this fanfiction contains adult material such as blood/gore, cursing, and...
What If They Meet Differently? by PrettyRedBird
What If They Meet Differently?by PrettyRedBird
This fanfiction is off of the idea of, what would have happened if Zim and Dib meet differently. In a less Hostile manor. Would they be enemies? Friends? or maybe even s...
Zadr Oneshots by Perewinklebuzz
Zadr Oneshotsby Bee/Dev
Oneshots ranging from AUs to fluff to the tiniest bit of lemon.
Break Days ( Dib X Zim) [ Invader Zim ] ( bxb ) by TheShippinati
Break Days ( Dib X Zim) [ Invader...by Shippi
Dib x Zim fic | After seeing that he'll spend Valentine's Day alone again this year, Gaz suggests that Dib gives Zim a Valentine's Day gift as an attempt to spend the h...
Malfunction (ZaDr) by _ChaosGoblin_
Malfunction (ZaDr)by Bugs
Zim and Dib are in Hi Skool and Zim is still plotting to destroy Earth longing to please the Tallest. Dib has barely tried to stop Zim realizing he could never really ta...
Zadr Oneshots by OvercookedSalad
Zadr Oneshotsby OvercookedSalad
Since I kind of like this ship, I decided to make this oneshot book. So uh, yeah. I will do: Fluff 🌸 Angst 💐 Smut💮
~ L o o p ~ (An Invader Zim Fanfiction/ x reader) by Shrek_is_our_lord
~ L o o p ~ (An Invader Zim Fanfic...by i l o v e f o o d
It's your first day in a new city all on your own and you sit by a peculiar green kid in class.
Hi! Welcome to my first oneshot book 🍕 So I'm JUST getting into the 'Invader Zim' tv series. (Yeah, I know, i'm 20 years old and I had a shitty childhood. :/ ) But I...
Invader Zim [ZADR] | Zim's Child  by Insectivore_Shipping
Invader Zim [ZADR] | Zim's Child by Xio
Sequel to: Invader Zim [ZADR] | We'll Meet Again A week after the event, Zim finds out he's pregnant. And now, he has to face the challenges of being a parent. Updated e...
Truce? ( Dib X Zim ) [ Invader Zim ] ( bxb ) by TheShippinati
Truce? ( Dib X Zim ) [ Invader Zim...by Shippi
Dib x Zim fic | After Zim and Dib have triplet sons, Zim debates on moving to a paranormal friendly neighborhood in New York. Ever since he told the Tallest about his so...
Ambitious for You by miistyGhost
Ambitious for Youby Inactive
Zim seems to realize that ever since him and Dib started Hi-skool, he started to carry romantic feelings for him. He would curse to himself about how revolting that was...
Project Z [ ZADR ] ON GOING by QillianstheLunatic
Project Z [ ZADR ] ON GOINGby AQ
Zim is captured, ever since that florpus incident. He was taken to the membrane laboratory for alien research purposes. 8 years passed by liKe a blink of an eye. Zim is...