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❤ Hopeless L-O-V-E ❤ [Zim x Reader] by DisturbingStuff
❤ Hopeless L-O-V-E ❤ [Zim x Reader]by DisturbingStuff
[⚠️] This story has some NSFW/graphic/dark scenarios, if you are pure don't read this. [⚠️] This is story is about you, you moved to a new house automatically transferr...
Flowers to Transcend Time || Professor Membrane by lylia9000
Flowers to Transcend Time || 💙 Sans 💙
// Professor Membrane X Reader // "Poppies?" "Yeah, they're my favorite." . . . "You're just as lnɟıʇnɐǝq as the day I lost you." "How...
Silence (Zim x Deaf!Reader) by EmoryEmbers
Silence (Zim x Deaf!Reader)by Emory
ORIGINAL <----------> You're friends with Dib, and have been going to this school for a month or so. Dib helps you by translating what others say to into ASL (Amer...
Parenthood [INVADER ZIM] by FearTheHime
Parenthood [INVADER ZIM]by Hime-sama
[M/N] or Smeetary worker [M/N] is sent down to earth with Zim, he was the one that raised Zim after all so it's technically his fault for how Zim is. That was his punish...
You're My Mystery •Dib Membrane x Reader• by MadamSpaghetti
You're My Mystery •Dib Membrane MadamSpaghetti
【Dib Membrane x Reader】 |Slight Various!| ❝It's funny.❞ He laughed. ❝Before, I was only interested in proving the mystery that Zim was an alien, but now-❞, his face clos...
Enter the Earth by HorridLittleThing
Enter the Earthby HorridLittleThing
This happens after the events of the movie. You came to Earth looking for shelter, but it didn't turned out to be as safe as you expected. Invader Zim belongs to Jhone...
Shades of Purple by SilvanaSuheiCarrillo
Shades of Purpleby Silvana Suhei Carrillo Ocman
She was at his mercy and he knew it. Even if for some reason her life was spared her reputation would be ruined. All her honors and achievements would be swiped under th...
Babysitting with an aftertaste (Zim x reader) by Hellova_paw
Babysitting with an aftertaste ( Hellova_shot
Coming back to be Gaz and Dib's babysitter was planned, but to be between them and an alien invader was not part of my job. I have not signed up for that! Invader Zim d...
✓ // My Lodestar // Invader Zim x Fem!Reader by nelfurne
✓ // My Lodestar // Invader Zim ⊹˙ 𝚛𝚎𝚎𝚜𝚎⋆༶⊹
"You are my Lodestar, my guide, my light." ~ You're Y/N L/N, a curious girl. You've just moved back to The City. You and your childhood friend, Dib Memb...
Disguised  [Zim X Reader]  by Amberzoeheart
Disguised [Zim X Reader] by Lonely Bitch
Dib is that one person who everyone thinks is crazy. He talks about things that don't seem real, like aliens. But what if I say that he could be right for once.... ++Inv...
New Girl (Zim x reader) (discontinued) by sugarishcream
New Girl (Zim x reader) ( Ally
This is so old oh my fucking God I promise my writing isn't this bad anymore jfc-
ZADR~ a small bite by Villain_Deku_522
ZADR~ a small biteby Jade_522
What if Zim were desserted by his tallest? But what if Zim did something he may regret? (may contain some explite language and sexual scenes)
I know what you are: Invader zim x reader by TheFryLord
I know what you are: Invader zim TheFryLord
Yes, this is a Zim x reader fanfiction. Yes, it is cringy. No, characters are not in elementary scholl, Y'all are in high school. And finally, Yes, this will be cliche a...
Invader Zim Boyfriend Scenarios by Emilypizarro100
Invader Zim Boyfriend Scenariosby Rengoku.Is.Bae
Title says it all.You may request scenarios.Wait,that sentence doesn't make any sence. You can just request.
Different, but the same by miistyGhost
Different, but the sameby Inactive
What were the chances of a Human Paranormal Investigator to stumbled upon an Irken Elite Soldier? An Irken defective, Invader Zim, not truly to become what he'd always...
Gimme Zimmy!!~  (Zim x Reader) (maybe NSFW soon, idk) by CheshireSinner1
Gimme Zimmy!!~ (Zim x Reader) ( SansyrusLovesToSin
First day of "Hi Skool" & your friends Zim & Dib are in the same class for the whole day (The school's too cheap to add more than what they have). After a deta...
invader zim x reader ミ☆ by iiTrashiie
invader zim x reader ミ☆by It's hard to live!
soo, the title gives it all away.. also, this kinda has the plot of megamind HAHA
Zim's Little Terror [ZADR] by QillianstheLunatic
Zim's Little Terror [ZADR]by AQ
[COMPLETED] mpreg Zim Taking care of a smeet isn't an easy job for Zim. Especially when the smeet of his have a mix personality of his chaotic nature and Dib's curiosity...
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How To Take Care Of A Defective [INVADER ZIM] by FearTheHime
How To Take Care Of A Defective [ Hime-sama
Born as a mistake in the eyes of others, [M/N] must stay undercover as a regular human child, growing into a young teen. Born from a Human father and Irken Mother, he is...
A Class Trip? (ZaDr) by fudanshwoo
A Class Trip? (ZaDr)by Fudan
We all know about how Zim and Dib are enemies, but what if that's not all it. The two must go on a class trip, and are stuck with each other. It's not like one of them a...