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you & me //red velvet x fem!reader by peachoes
you & me //red velvet x fem!readerby dumbledore
hi hi here to feed you red velvet oneshots, scenarios, and etc... (includes girl x girl and a lot of angst) 🅘🅓🅞🅛🅢 🅘🅝🅒🅛🅤🅓🅔🅓 •irene •seulgi • wendy •joy • yer...
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it's not fine by yerveluv
it's not fineby yerms
"not me- it won't be easy for me." starring jeon jungkook and kim yerim. [20/03/17 - 26/10/17]
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coincidence || joyri  by yermturtle
coincidence || joyri by h
as summer is beginning to end, yeri meets new friends, including an old friend she had met online. but, what happens when she gets robbed by them- only finding out that...
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CONVERSE LOW by artequila
❝you only wear converse to make me notice you.❞ jungkook x yeri fanfiction in a note format ☑
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K.T.H|B.J.H|Married To You (HIATUS) by nochuyerimmie
K.T.H|B.J.H|Married To You (HIATUS)by nochuyerimmie
CAST: Kim Taehyung BTS Irene RED VELVET
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masquerade | jungri by red-velvets
masquerade | jungriby red-velvets
a dating scandal happens between jeon jungkook and kim yerim and now they have no choice but to play pretend. © red-velvets
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「One Way」 by singulierloona
「One Way」by 계란
"Vivi unnieeeeeeeeeee" "Vivi unieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" (ignore time stamps) 이달의 소녀 / ot12
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floral ;; wenrene  by bubblybinnie
floral ;; wenrene by ⓜⓘⓛ
"why do you know so much about flowers?" in which joohyun loves wendy, so she picks flower petals and cries
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talk to me ; joyri by yermturtle
talk to me ; joyriby h
"stop being so stubborn. maybe that's why sorim left you." sooyoung, a scholarship student, had always wanted to become an idol, but she resorts to studying i...
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{BlackVelvet} I Need More Time by JianAzzah
{BlackVelvet} I Need More Timeby Nazifazh
"Aku butuh lebih banyak waktu untuk dapat terus membuatmu tersenyum" Lisa "Aku berharap aku dapet memberhentikan waktu agar kita terus bersama dan waktu t...
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loona imagines. by cupidhye
loona alyssa. [ia]
loona short imagines only. no smut is allowed in this household.
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secret; jungri  by kookyeoll
secret; jungri by bbh
a story on how two young idols manage to keep their relationship a secret from the world, not including their band mates and close friends. -lowercase intended. -credit...
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「Invisible」 by singulierloona
「Invisible」by 계란
"you're not supposed to be able to see me." ChuuVes 이달의 소녀
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Cat and Dog-VJOY by zcherrydorbz
Cat and Dog-VJOYby zcherrydorbz
Joy a famous model is forced to work with V another famous model. After going through so much hardships will V be her knight in shining armor and will Joy accept him? I'...
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Connected 2 || JJK by -ltaeyong
Connected 2 || JJKby curryonooh/tumblr
❝When destiny bring 2 people together❞ ***Please read Book 1 first*** ❗❗GIFS DOES NOT BELONG TO ME, IT BELONGS TO THE RESPECTIVE OWNERS❗❗ Started: August 4 2016 Ended: N...
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Yoori (OC x Song Minho) by allflavor
Yoori (OC x Song Minho)by allflavor
Bae Yoori the fifth member of BlackPink experiences friendship as well as love for the first time.
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Millions•RV by Jichicken
Millions•RVby INACTIVE
In which you are a struggling university student employed as an atmosphere model and Red Velvet are rich and powerful women who all seem to be infatuated with you. - Re...
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FANCY by artequila
❝is it me you love or the game you started?❞ jungkook x yeri fanfiction in an ig format ; book one ☑
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silence || rv  by taenology
silence || rv by j.
@k.yerim is live on instagram! highest ranking: #276 in horror cr. taenology || 2017
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MARTINI BLUE by artequila
❝you're wasting your time kissing the wrong shade of me.❞ jungkook x yeri fanfiction in a short narration format ☒
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