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His Secret 2 (ZhanYi FanFic) - ONGOING by antan_hannya
His Secret 2 (ZhanYi FanFic) - ONG...by antan_hannya
Zhan and Yibo practically grew up together. Though there had been a few years of separation, the two made up just before Zhan's wedding. But unfortunate things do catch...
*~𝐭𝟎𝐱!𝐜~* by alexkzzz
*~𝐭𝟎𝐱!𝐜~*by badbihalekz
"Stop calling me that" He looks so sexually frustrated. I get up and sit next to him. I sat super close to him. "Why Papi ?" I say seductively touch...
Fated Encounter (BJYX Fanfic) - Completed by antan_hannya
Fated Encounter (BJYX Fanfic) - Co...by antan_hannya
"I've waited for fate to rewrite our story. And now you're here, in flesh and in reality, my Yibo." Zhan's heart swell with the sight of the man he was despera...
Marrying Atlantis by Keira000
Marrying Atlantisby Jane Rose (the cookie monster)
When plain Jane, Aubrey finds a guy burried in the sand, she naturally helps him. He thanks her by kissing her which throughs her right off, not having been kissed, like...
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His Secret (ZhanYi FF) - COMPLETED by antan_hannya
His Secret (ZhanYi FF) - COMPLETEDby antan_hannya
Love grows. It flows. Yibo's love is unique and perfect on its own way. His first love is all but beautiful, except for one thing... Can you guess it's flaw? Can you kee...
Unintended Love (BJYX Fanfic) - Completed by antan_hannya
Unintended Love (BJYX Fanfic) - Co...by antan_hannya
3 words separated them for 3 years. It was enough time for both of them to regret, rethink and reflect. And now that Xiao Zhan came back... will the same 3 words be the...
Destined to meet across time by red_madam3
Destined to meet across timeby R3d_Madam3
This is a fan fic based off the characters Lan zhan and Wei Ying, This story depicts a love story that takes place with the main character traveling to a foreign land...
Drawn by Chaotic_Kitana
Drawnby Chaotic_Kitana
Ski drags Jah to a party that his old friend is throwing. Jahseh doesn't want to go but what happens when a certain someone catches his eye?
Wifi | Min Yoongi x Reader by SophieMinPark
Wifi | Min Yoongi x Readerby SophieMinPark
"You have been using my wifi" "I was wondering when you would notice"
The Beauty That is Jahseh (xxxtentacion)|*editing by sadkyoto
The Beauty That is Jahseh (xxxtent...by revengerevengerevenge
what happens when Jahseh takes in a single mother from the streets? rest in peace jahseh, you inspire me to no end. hopefully i can portray just how amazing you are to m...
Social Network | h.s. by lukelectric
Social Network | h.s.by lukelectric
in which two people find love over the internet.
Arranged Marriage | Ft.Vani ✔ by Vani_Fangirl
Arranged Marriage | Ft.Vani ✔by Tisa🦋
~ ok so this is my 3rd story on Vani ~ This story is about how the hatred change into love ~ Vani have been married force fully because of their family. ~ Veer is busi...
The Wifi Games ➳ Lashton by softoriginals
The Wifi Games ➳ Lashtonby ann
Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings have been hating each other from the moment they met. Michael Clifford and Calum Hood are best friends with both Ashton and Luke. They're...
Glitched by Be_crazy25
Glitchedby Halle
FILE SELECTED... LOADING... 10%...20%...30%...80%...99%... LOADING COMPLETE. WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD... A million years ahead of us, there is no war, conflict, po...
Wi-Fi  ✔ by blackxbelle
Wi-Fi ✔by timmie
Tade laughed freely, unaware of the fact that that was the first time he had done so in a long time. "Okay so," he decided to take his chance, "what do yo...
Creepypasta Stories by HeyHeyItsMez
Creepypasta Storiesby Charlie
Here's a collection of creepypasta stories for you ❤️ ________________________________________ Disclaimer: I don't own any of these stories. Credit to http://www.creepyp...
Marauders With Wi-Fi (Sirius Black x Fem! Reader Fan Fiction) by emilia_riddle_99
Marauders With Wi-Fi (Sirius Black...by ~Emi Riddle~
Y/n Evans is a muggle-born. Twin sister to Lily Evans. They arrive at Hogwarts and show people how to use Social Media. Turns out a muggle-born teacher had put Wi-Fi in...
Harry Potter Instagram by Prettyslytherinliar
Harry Potter Instagramby chlöe🌷💯
HG DM BZ single PP RW HP GW Enjoyyy xx
Used To Be Innocent (xxx ski mask wifi)  by zyahh12
Used To Be Innocent (xxx ski mask...by Lil Z thats me!
She mets the trouple at the mall by bumping into one of the boy.. they all claim her after taking a liking to her when tyey guys find out that shes a little how do that...
Internet Access (dracoxharry) by PoolOfStars
Internet Access (dracoxharry)by Potter the Poof
(Warning: If you get uncomfortable by boyxboy stories, then I suggest you don't read!) Nobody thought it would be long until students figured out how to get internet acc...