The Fawn | Death Note

The Fawn | Death Note

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L's top four picks for his successor have been split into pairs dubbed the Wammy Teams. They take on investigative assignments from the esteemed detective and work to prove who deserves to inherit his title, but not all of them have this goal in mind. After all, L has a pretty nasty habit of reforming criminals if they can be useful to him.

The Wammy Teams have been active for a few years now, each of them having developed their own specialties in their detective works. When one team hits a snag in their case on Beyond Birthday's most recent murders, the newcomer, Bambi, is sent to aid them. Conflict arises when teams collide, ultimately throwing them into the fray of L's biggest case yet.

Even in Japan, Bambi is haunted by the man who once shared her letter as "B". Her trauma leads her contemplate her already-gray perspective on morality and justice. Was Kira actually the heartless murderer that L portrays him as? Were her own crimes as justified as she once thought? She tries to distract herself by focusing on the case, but her slowly-growing attraction to her coworker just adds another issue she tries to avoid. Still, she can't hide from her problems forever. Bambi will have to look into herself and find her true answers to the questions she fears most.

-Winner of the 2016 Death Note Watty's Matt Category-

[Alternate Universe:] Near, Matt, and Mello are three years older than canon.
[Warnings:] Off-screen extreme violence | Some descriptions of death | Instances of blood | Recurring focus on psychological trauma

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supremebangtann supremebangtann Mar 25, 2017
i just finished your RP quiz on Quotev! You're a very talented writer, and you should keep working. I wish this could be made into a movie or TV series instead of people making ANOTHER Death Note movie :))))) btw the RP made me freaking fall in love with Mello <3, lol
CloudyLuminosity CloudyLuminosity Jun 11, 2017
Hey guys! I hope you enjoy the story. I have a separate book with character designs if you're interested. It's called "Kisekae Character Designs" and you can find it in my Published list.
Amaritzu Amaritzu Dec 02, 2016
THAT'S WHERE... Never mind, I live near D.C. -SO THIS IS REALLY COOL TO ME!!! \\\\٩( 'ω' )و ////
-CaptainJackSparrow- -CaptainJackSparrow- Feb 07, 2016
I wish Matt had been given more panels in the manga! He's so cool.
huntressmoon huntressmoon Feb 22, 2017
I loved the RP on Quotev and I'm so glad I found the story on Wattpad as well! 🤗
otakufan13 otakufan13 Sep 24
I loved this Rp so much, your amazing at writing I’m glad I found this on wattpad!