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Perfect Timing. (Yugo X Reader!Xelor) by JekyllandHyde01
Perfect Timing. (Yugo X Reader! Crystal Methany
I'm small, tiny, and what most people call a little menace. But that's only because its hard for a kid like me to make money, especially when nobody listens to me. That...
When Siblings return by Star_OfTheShow
When Siblings returnby Fable
When Adami returned he found that Yugo had changed. Yugo was mad at Adami for leaving, but when something begins to unfold, will the two come back together as brothers?
WAKFU: Among the stars, lies are told  by VinillainBillain
WAKFU: Among the stars, lies are Vini
"Then, I'll let you spend a few thousand years here. You'll see, it really drives a man mad." ------- Qilby succeeds in his plans, destroying the planet of 12...
Castle On The Hill by Star_OfTheShow
Castle On The Hillby Fable
Years after the events of Wakfu, hundreds of years. The Eliatrope Kingdom has grown, Yugo has been reborn, after being killed in battle. He was reborn twenty years ago...
Adventures In Babysitting The Eliatrope King by Star_OfTheShow
Adventures In Babysitting The Fable
Chibi and Grougal have been tasked with babysitting, Yugo and Adami. Problem is, no one else will be in the castle but the four of them. Two teens and two babies. How wi...
Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope by ShinomiChancy
Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatropeby Shinomi Chan
Aeri and her Dragon brother Shiroazaad are part of the First Borns, They live their lives, with their family until something happens, changing their lives forever. Now t...
The Crown Should Be MINE. by Star_OfTheShow
The Crown Should Be Fable
Qilby's once again stuck between a rock and a hard place. He has a choice. Forever be unhappily watching The Eliatrope people thrive on the same boring planet. Or, Hypno...
Bruises by ilovewakfu202
Bruisesby Ashley Russell
I'm bad at descriptions so it's a wakfu story and just read it xD
The Eliatrope King by Star_OfTheShow
The Eliatrope Kingby Fable
Just as the Eliatrope Kingdom gets on its feet, Royals across the World Of The Twelve begin to go missing. Kings and Queens, Princesses and Princes. They all gradually b...
The World of Twelve: Balance by MagicAlienatorManiac
The World of Twelve: Balanceby MagicAlienatorManiac
Before the calm silence of the Universe there was only chaos. Endless battle and bloodshed that dirtied and upset all of creation till they were made. An individual that...
The Story Of Kiekiel And Larèsha {Discontinued} by KiekielTheEliatrope
The Story Of Kiekiel And Larèsha { Kiekiel
This is the story of my OC Kiekiel and his dragonsister Larèsha. It is my first story here, so I hope you like it! Tell me if you want me to continue! But still, pleas...
The Flower Field (Wakfu Fanfiction) (Being Re-Written) by Lucymeow1
The Flower Field (Wakfu Lucy <333
Lilac and Chime were born from the same dofus and were raised in the woods by a friendly Osamodas. But soon rumors of a boy has the power to create portals reaches the e...