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Eldritch Reincarnation by Seinaki
Eldritch Reincarnationby Ryo Yamada
[Hololive x Tensura] Hololive Productions by Cover Corp Tensura by Fuse ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The cold winter breeze brushed up against his face as he takes his final hitche...
The Gunslinger Of Hololive by OmegaOMG1
The Gunslinger Of Hololiveby Omega
My whole life, i've been dodging bullets flying around just to ended up being the babysister of some stupid clowns called "Ídols."
Air Support Doesn't Know How To Fly (Male VTuber Reader) by Flase_King
Air Support Doesn't Know How To Fl...by Ciel Sakurajima
[On Hold] "We've got Air Support!" "Unfortunately folks, I don't know how to fly..!" *Big Boom* *Pause* Hello there, that is me (you). You're probabl...
Connor X Ironmouse - Taming A Demon. by AtomBoone
Connor X Ironmouse - Taming A Demo...by Atom Boone
Connor, a young adult who's living his life on his own. One day, comes back home with unexpected guests, changing his life...
Detective and the Prisoner (Amelia Watson x male reader)  by Soviet_Onion15
Detective and the Prisoner (Amelia...by Soviet_Onion15
Y/N L/N, aka Andromeda Aldryx is a Hololive Vtuber that joined the English gen 1. On camera he seems chill and high on himself, but outside the camera he's been through...
Ayanokoji's Life As A Streamer! by Moonlit_Poem
Ayanokoji's Life As A Streamer!by
Our beloved Ayanokoji Kiyotaka finally gets the dream of his life: freedom! But in a rather unorthodox way... He's been isekai'd! And to our world to booth! Join Ayanok...
Nijisanji's Immortal Vampire|Everyones Best Moments by Bicoterby
Nijisanji's Immortal Vampire|Every...by Tom John Nicolas C. Bernal
(Nijisanji Vtuber Male Reader x Nijisanji Vtubers) Fang Tanaka AKA. Y/N L/N, is an Immortal Vampire full of desires and flirtatious personality, he wanted to make himsel...
The Grim Reaper Is A VTuber by King-Cringe
The Grim Reaper Is A VTuberby Piiiiza
Streamer during the day. Reaping during the night. Rei Shi honestly thought his life couldn't get weirder after becoming the Grim Reaper 50000 years ago... Guess he was...
[The Monster] by GojoShouldaWon
[The Monster]by ThatGuy
All he had wanted was to live in peace and quiet, in utter seclusion, but it seemed asking for that, was to much for something like him...but maybe it'd be a bit enterta...
A Mistake was Made by Seuloltte
A Mistake was Madeby Seulbi
[ Hololive Harem x Male Reader ] "Huh? Vtubing?" His friend gave him a different option than he should had picked. After being enticed with the perks of such a...
Arranged Marriage by yuri_love_cookies
Arranged Marriageby Yuna
Both were unaware of who their partner actually is. None of them expected to see each other face in the restaurant they're supposed to meet their 'partner'. Finding out...
Enemys to lovers (Voxto) by SkikiV
Enemys to lovers (Voxto)by SkikiV
❤️💜Aware because this text has alot of spicy stuff so have fun I guess~? (Guys, I literally made this text last year I feel ashamed)
Voxto {Enemies To Lovers} by DilucRagnivindr
Voxto {Enemies To Lovers}by Hiroshi Ito
Shoto --- A demon hunter Vox ---- A demon Will they get along?
Konosuba: Two Heroes Blessing On This Wonderful World by SSJ4_Sayu
Konosuba: Two Heroes Blessing On T...by SSJ4_Sayu
If you were to say that two boys named Nathan Kazuki and Kieran Williams would not only become the greatest of friends, but they would also become a world's hero, then s...
Bored And Crazy by ShinjiTouma
Bored And Crazyby Some guy with some guy with s...
(Y/N) Brando is a vampire that has long lived and participated in countless historical events such as wars, begginings, etc. One day he thought about his life as he is...
Tʜᴇ Bʀɪɢʜᴛ VTᴜʙᴇʀ [Mᴀʟᴇ Oᴄ/Rᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ X Hᴏʟᴏʟɪᴠᴇ] by Lazy_Yatta
Tʜᴇ Bʀɪɢʜᴛ VTᴜʙᴇʀ [Mᴀʟᴇ Oᴄ/Rᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ...by Akahisa_Daichi
[Hiatus] Just after the debut of the Holo-Council, Yagoo decided that he'll take it a bit further and announce that another Vtuber will be joining Hololive and it will b...
Holonatural Occurrences (Hololive Fanfiction) by Phanzure
Holonatural Occurrences (Hololive...by Phanzuru
Turns out, life isn't as it seems as it creeps its way into Haru Shinzou's life. While on a trip, he encounters a mysterious wolf-girl that seems to be linked to somethi...
(VOL1) How did I end up in this situation!? (Youtuber male reader x Hololive) by KorWhoWrites
(VOL1) How did I end up in this si...by [⧰] KOR
⚠️ [!!... STILL UNDERGOING (HILARIOUSLY SLOW) EDITING!!] ⚠️ Y/n L/n, a caring, popular, professional gamer, and a YouTuber, is streaming with 2k Viewers on the game call...
Hololive reacts to VanossGaming & crew by Codmplayer2514
Hololive reacts to VanossGaming...by Codm
(If you want to add others from JP or ID then go ahead and tell me. I'll do my best on translating.) What happens if a famous agency of vtubers react to a Youtuber who f...
hololive oneshots by nspyrr
hololive oneshotsby 2lanes
[hololive Oneshots and Situations] REQUESTS ARE OPEN! [HIATUS; WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE REQUESTS] A collection of oneshots and situations made by an author who slacks too...