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Uproar // Villain Deku // Book 2 by Musical_Leaf_Juice15
Uproar // Villain Deku // Book 2by Musical Leaf Juice
Finally having set his new plan into motion, Izuku prepares for his biggest social uproar yet. After his recent breakout, Izuku prepares to cleanse the world of thos...
Mr.&Mrs Knight  by princess_horan_1993
Mr.&Mrs Knight by princess_horan_1993
Summary: Theodore knight your 26 year old hot billionaire. He never has had a girlfriend and doesn't believe in love. This will all change when his parents say he needs...
My New Start with My Older Brothers by SophieSwan3925
My New Start with My Older Brothersby Lizbeth Sophie Jakes
"what the fuck is happening here? Who the fuck was that guy? Why the fuck was he beating her? Who the fuck are you? And what the fuck is going on here?" I shou...
Clementine by eileeou
Clementineby ✨
Doonswater, a small town filled with gossip and rumours. A town where nothing seems to change. In the town a girl named Clementine Hunter finally takes a chance in mak...
Too young  by MUAHJAY
Too young by BLM✊🏿
In which she gets pregnant at 14🥴.
down for whatever by jayceejohnae_
down for whateverby jaycee💕
Amani Brown, a young women who went through breakups, getting held hostage, depression, deaths, and many more just for her to grow into a stable, mature, happy women. At...
inmates by thatsshitwritingdude
inmatesby al
Life's not been too great for Sam. His dad left when he was 9, his family's broke, and he's not exactly the most popular guy around. So when he helps out one of the few...
Girl with a broken home  by alanrie
Girl with a broken home by alanrie
JUST READ!!!😩😩 you Want be disappointed
Wings of Wax by TheDadJokeGuy
Wings of Waxby The Dad Joke Guy
Death followed a stranger to Mercury, and now Flint, Pearl, Kai and the rest must contend with soul consuming vampires while Asuka makes amends with Gale behind bars...
destined to meet? by tiamakesstories
destined to meet?by PurplePenguin_YT
when two friends reunite again; one with a crush and the other in a loving relationship.
Love Stamps by _bootifulHoomans_
Love Stampsby ʘ-ʘ _nat_
Unsuspected love blooms between domestic violence victim Avery 'Ava' Ryan and incarcerated convict Drake Flemming through letters that evolves their relationship from co...
The Strange Case of Luigi and Mr.L by SilverStarWarrior
The Strange Case of Luigi and Mr.Lby SilverStarWarrior
Luigi longs for freedom, but his brother is in his way. He remembers the freedom he had and being able to do as he pleased without anyone telling him otherwise as the vi...
My Favourite Disaster by gotmekickingmyfeet
My Favourite Disasterby julia
elodie diaz never really followed a schedule, went out whenever she wished, came home at whatever time she pleased, and made a promise to herself she would enjoy her tee...
The Emoji Movie 2 by Rally9933
The Emoji Movie 2by I.M. Rally
After the event of the first movie, Gene has a normal life in Textopolis, but he still has to deal with problems in his job and his relationship with Jailbreak.
Lapis and Peridot by milimigu
Lapis and Peridotby M.
THIS STORY IS COMPLETED. (yayahhh) Okay, so I'm just... trying to write a fanfiction, okay? About Lapis Lazuli and Peridot and Jasper and... eh... what happened on that...
Cool Cat: Butch's True Backstory (ft. Jailbreak/Brendon Urie) by CoolCatIsDaddy
Cool Cat: Butch's True Backstory (...by CoolCatIsDaddy
A prequel to the cinematic classic "Cool Cat Saves the Kids," Butch's True Backstory is the story of true happiness and heartbreak, diving deep into Butch's ps...
The Jail Break  by Vineshyoutuber
The Jail Break by Vinesh youtuber
This story is about in bastoy prison norway escape from the jail .