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Doing it Over by owenharpersgirl
Doing it Overby owenharpersgirl
After an encounter with magic Arthur is turned back into a 5 year old boy. Now Uther has a decision to make: Does he wait until his son's back to normal and allow everyo...
Am I the One? | Arthur Pendragon [1] by tivaotpforever
Am I the One? | Arthur Pendragon [...by Annabelle
We all know Merlin. But what if he had a sister? What if she had an even greater destiny and powers than him? What if she falls in love with the one, and only Prince Art...
Born of Magic by RobinSolace
Born of Magicby RobinSolace
In a world where Uther Pendragon isn't completely oblivious, he begins to notice some of the strange occurrences around his son Arthur. To Uther's horror he starts to be...
Romance, written on a train  by Aamrais
Romance, written on a train by Aamrais
Arthur is a depressed law student, who tries to live up to his fathers expectations. Merlin is an art student by day, tagger at night. One night, their paths cross.
The Truth Untold》Merlin  by lovethebreeze
The Truth Untold》Merlin by lovethebreeze
She's the Princess of Camelot. He's the servant with magic. What could go wrong? [Cover by DamnSalvawhore.] [Season 1.] [Disclaimer: I only own Calysta and her plot.]
Amelia's Story (BBC Merlin Story) by LegendsOfTime
Amelia's Story (BBC Merlin Story)by LegendsOfTime
The usual tale of a someone dying then waking up in one of their favourite TV shows with, what I hope, is a twist. This story has been uploaded onto different platforms...
Princess of the King [1] by mya_rxse
Princess of the King [1]by M.N
[Book One] (started = 1st September 2020) Completed on the 21st February 2021 In which Arthur had a four year old daughter, one he didn't plan on having. What will happe...
Turning Back Time (Merlin) by Dollophead111
Turning Back Time (Merlin)by Dollophead111
Merlin and Gwaine decide to pull a prank on Arthur, which turns out bad for Merlin. Arthur decides to punish Merlin by going on a hunting trip. What will happen when th...
His Guardian Angel (An Arthur Pendragon Love Story) by AvengerNo7
His Guardian Angel (An Arthur Pend...by AvengerNo7
Merlin took his sister with him when he went to Camelot. What he didn't realise was how much this would affect his destiny. And how much danger there was lurking in Came...
The Prayer [Merlin] ↠ Arthur Pendragon by arrthurpendragon
The Prayer [Merlin] ↠ Arthur Pendr...by ˗ ˋˏKassandraˎˊ˗
Nerissa finds herself on the adventure of a lifetime when she accompanies her brother to Camelot, in hopes of a better future than as some simple farmer's wife. There sh...
False God ➳ Merlin BBC by -trojanwar
False God ➳ Merlin BBCby aimée
the lady enide was a bastard; a child born to uther pendragon, king of camelot. a child that was unwanted, a burden, a besmirch to the great dynasty of the pendragon fam...
Merlyn's Final Truth by merlinamor
Merlyn's Final Truthby merlinamor
Sequel to 'Merlyn's Last Dream'. Based on Series 4 of Merlin. When ghosts plague the final moments of a doomed kingdom, cold will fracture the very heart of a young king...
Merlyn's Last Dream by merlinamor
Merlyn's Last Dreamby merlinamor
Sequel to 'Merlyn's Fate'. Based on Series 3 of Merlin. When true evil plagues a seemingly hopeless destiny, friendship tethers old ghosts to haunted morals. Silence is...
Balinor's Son by IgnatiousTheWarlock
Balinor's Sonby Perrin
Uther thought that Balinor died along with the rest of the Dragon Lords during the great purge. However, rumors are spreading. Not only is his former friend alive, but h...
The Prince's Brother  by DisasterChild20
The Prince's Brother by Nix
Silas Pendragon, Arthur Pendragon's 14 year old brother.
❝ i no longer believed in the idea of soul mates, or love at first sight. But I was beginning to believe that a very few times in your life if you were lucky, you might...
Watching the Future:  Merlin  by a_fandompr1ncess
Watching the Future: Merlin by Fandom Fan
Arthur Pendragon, Merlin, Guinevere, Mordred, Gwaine, Lancelot, Percival, Elyan, and Leon are all brought to a cabin to watch the past and their futures, which are shown...
Calm Before the Storm by 2many2count
Calm Before the Stormby 2many2count
Once more Magdelena is faced with challenges of love and loss. She may overcome them but she certainly won't be alone with a love-struck Arthur and her devoted brother M...
Two Pendragons: a Merlin fanfiction by Perci_star
Two Pendragons: a Merlin fanfictionby ✨🖤Perci💛✨
I had this thought one day: what if Arthur had a twin sister? This story has a lot of canon aspects, but with Arthur's sister Aria added into the mix. Some of the story...