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The Last Of Us by AliasToBi
The Last Of Usby Calob Zero
Michael Hayes grew up as the pack slave. He was born the runt while his twin brother, Hayden, was born to be the Alpha. His parents, the current Alpha and Luna cast him...
  • werewolf
  • butler
  • hunters
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Loonatics Unleashed by XxWolfLord95xX
Loonatics Unleashedby Brandon Wright
(AU) After running away, Sophie Smith is taken from her dimension and sent to other dimension. What will happen, when she gets powers, and placed on a crime fighting tea...
  • loonatics
  • ace
  • zadavia
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Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (OC's included) by Braedey95
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (...by Braedey95
The Scooby-Doo Gang and their newest member have another mystery to solve, and they have to solve the mystery of the Evil Masked Figure and his robot partner. But, ther...
  • scooby
  • daphne
  • unleash
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Gormiti Nature Unleashed: Forestfire's Adventure by TwilightSage12
Gormiti Nature Unleashed: Forestfi...by Taluja Hayes
This is my first story written here. So bare with me. This is about a young Gormiti named Forestfire. She is unique. But she wishes she wasn't. For she is a hybrid read...
  • wattys2018
  • nature
  • wattpride
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UNLEASHED-Book One by ddonohue78
UNLEASHED-Book Oneby Desiree Brett
Eighteen year old Marissa has spent her entire life hidden away in a secret underground compound known only as the Organization. She has never felt the sun on her face...
  • novas
  • romance
  • newadult
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The Beasts Unleashed (Werewolf Roleplay) by Master_of_Roleplays
The Beasts Unleashed (Werewolf Rol...by Master_of_Roleplays
Play as a hunter, werewolf, or human in this wonderfully supernatural roleplay.
  • supernaturals
  • beasts
  • wolf
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Akito and the Loonatics by PerkyGoth14
Akito and the Loonaticsby PerkyGoth14
summary: Akito was going for walk in the park, when all of a sudden, a portal appears sending him into a new world called Acmetropolis in the year 2772. How will he cope...
  • unleashed
  • descendants
  • perkygoth14
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Mr. Darcy and Ava (naughty one shot) by naya9699
Mr. Darcy and Ava (naughty one sho...by Naya
XXXXXXXXX Rated R for mature 18+ XXXXXXXXX Ava wants Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy only wants her. Read as their passion unleashes. To read this story you must be following the...
  • mature
  • unleashed
  • studentteacher
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UNCHAINED-Book Two by ddonohue78
UNCHAINED-Book Twoby Desiree Brett
Nicole Klein has grown up in the very lap of luxury. Her father has always doted upon her. She attends only the best schools. Is instructed by top ballet instructors...
  • romance
  • fiction
  • superhuman
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Rise of the Alpha (Godzilla 2014 Male Oc x Godzilla Unleashed)  by Hiroku6999
Rise of the Alpha (Godzilla 2014 M...by Hunter Penkszik
Godzilla 2000/14/19 x Godzilla Unleashed
  • rodan
  • godzilla
  • unleashed
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My Art Book 2. by Womanwolfblood
My Art Book 2.by Nature Singer
This is the sequel of My Art Book. In this book, I will take requests, so feel free to ask. Enjoy.
  • art
  • swearing
  • êg
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Unleashed by JanaeMitchell
Unleashedby Janae Mitchell
But it's just a game.... Selected as a featured story by the @OuijaMovie! Now available on Amazon & Audible with bonus chapters! Copyright © 2014 by Janae Mitchell. All...
  • obsession
  • unleashed
  • horror
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Gormiti Nature Unleashed Roleplay by TwilightSage12
Gormiti Nature Unleashed Roleplayby Taluja Hayes
Read to find out
  • gormiti
  • nature
  • unleashed
Thoughts Unleashed by LoadedCheese
Thoughts Unleashedby #LoadedCheese
Everything I never said before. Thoughts unveiling to poetry right from the heart <3 #wattpadforpoetry #poetrycampJune
  • wattpadforpoetry
  • lies
  • poetrycampjune
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Sonic Unleashed: My story by SkyThehedgie
Sonic Unleashed: My storyby Mario The Music Box
Sonic and a lionhog named Weather come to stop Eggman's plans again. But when Sonic gets a new form, the planets broken into 7 pieces, and they meet a friend who doesn't...
  • adventure
  • sonic
  • action
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Unleashed-A One Direction Fanfic (Sequel to Guarded) by yiikesanotherwriter
Unleashed-A One Direction Fanfic (...by yiikesanotherwriter
A two year separation between Harry and Brianna has been quiet, but it's only so long does the silence last. When Harry shows up to Eastern Carolina with a brunette atta...
  • onedirection
  • guarded
  • fanfiction
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Howl For Me | Shadow the Werehog X Reader [Female] by BonniexNova
Howl For Me | Shadow the Werehog X...by .::Nova The Artist::.
[Y/N] lived with her boyfriend for around three years, but over time she began to realize his true intentions. He wasn't the nicest guy you'd ever meet. One day she smar...
  • werehog
  • shadowthehedgehog
  • shadow
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Star Wars : Predators of the Jedi by bubba92347
Star Wars : Predators of the Jediby bubba92347
  • lightsaber
  • sith
  • starwars
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Eloise and the Voice of the Forest by PerkyGoth14
Eloise and the Voice of the Forestby PerkyGoth14
Princess Celestia comes to Paris to bring Eloise to Planet Blanc and has news that she is now allowed to go on Pokemon adventures with her cousins as they are going to m...
  • forest
  • loonatics
  • voice
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Down, Boy! by Sebakhet_Merytanpu
Down, Boy!by Sebakhet Merytanpu
Dogs are territorial, and you can't be too cautious around unsecured canines. Are they truly Man's Best Friend?
  • dogbite
  • dog
  • chargingdog
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