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Before You Go by reannekennedy17
Before You Goby ReAnne Kennedy
UNEDITED Eliza is ready to start her life; she's ready to get married and settle down. With the invitations sent, the venue booked, and the date set, she's looking forwa...
Safety First✔️ by Indigo_M3
Safety First✔️by Indigo_M3
Six years after his breaking up with Ruth, Jayden is getting married. But not to the person he loves. She's been keep It up with the tabloids and keeping her mouth shut...
Unforgettable Feelings by JaneLanett
Unforgettable Feelingsby Jane Lanett
The Wild Virgins series Book 3 After the way he left things in College eight years ago, Kaiden is back in Josie's life with one aim only - to get her forgiveness. But wh...
Love Me If You Can by Asia_Denise_
Love Me If You Canby Nyasia Watkins
BOOK 2!!! It's been three years, since Delondon and Micah broke up. In those three years 22 year Delondon has managed to put herself back together and stay clear of Mica...
Never leave me again.  by scorpio2511
Never leave me again. by scorpio2511
Cheryl and Toni reconnect after 2 years of not hearing from each other. Toni is a whole new person, while Cheryl still feels the same. Will they find a way to be togethe...
Book 2 - Into the Light by OtsanaStories
Book 2 - Into the Lightby Otsana
Book 2 - Completed Gunnar heads back to his hometown in hopes of running into the love of his life. Its been ten years and she has been the only woman to occupy his mind...
The Locket | Hero Fiennes Tiffin by Kitkat_m_51
The Locket | Hero Fiennes Tiffinby Kitkat_m_51
Hero and Amelia haven't seen each other since Amelia moved away from London to the Highlands. What will happen when they meet again after all of the years. Amelia Kings...
Us + You by they_call_me_sugar
Us + Youby Sugar Cookie
Vallen, Briar, and Hayden grew up as an unstoppable team, an unbreakable trio- nobody left behind. That is, until in their senior year of high school Briar and Hayden ad...
The Tattooed Turn-On by swayingsideways
The Tattooed Turn-Onby swayingsideways
We grew up together, we were next door neighbors, we went to the same school. We were best friends. That is until he moved millions of miles away and we lost touch. He w...
Chasing Love  by 1-800-Cherrybitch
Chasing Love by 1-800-Cherrybitch
Leo is crushing on June, but she has a boyfriend, not to mention Vivian likes Leo. When Leo Kim has to do community service at the local animal shelter as a graduation...
Night of Secrets by words_for_food
Night of Secretsby Tiana
Another year, another three letters to write and never send. Since freshman year, Adeline Stargate has made it a tradition to write letters to each of her three friends...
Memory Lane, Full of Pain by lilyrosetea
Memory Lane, Full of Painby lilyrosetea
Six years ago Vivian ran away leaving behind her friends, family, and first love. After running she found herself in new places, learning a new language, and discoverin...
saudade | sebastian stan  by tbhambrosex
saudade | sebastian stan by jen
a story in which hailey jordan gets her first acting role alongside her ex boyfriend, sebastian stan ♡ social media
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Sequel to 'Little Things' by CelestialWinter
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) CelestialWinter
"I feel as if my body is broken into if ever since, I was dropped like a delicate beautiful vase and all of my pieces shattered against the cold hard fl...
You Made Me This Way! by IasoQueen74
You Made Me This Way!by IasoQueen74
The man that I loved the most showed me that he isn't man enough to raise our child. Like a fool, I'm gonna give him a second chance, I hope he's worthy of it.
Roses are Red by Akizakura202
Roses are Redby Aki
A SasukeXOC romance series. She claimed to hate him the night he left, but just how empty were her words? She tries to avoid him upon his return, but remains unsuccessfu...
second chances | dean ambrose  by tbhambrosex
second chances | dean ambrose by jen
Meeting someone again after wishing they'd disappear from your life was not what Kelsey expected upon joining the WWE. On the first day at work, she unexpectedly runs i...
Her First Journey✔ by Jannat_zeenat
Her First Journey✔by jannat zeenat 🤍
a girl with simple look n disaster anger (This is my first story 🙊 there may be language mistakes so kindly ignore them) #96 reconnection #40 schoolgirl