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𝗕𝗔𝗧 𝗦𝗛𝗜𝗧 𝗖𝗥𝗔𝗭𝗬 ─── 𝘴. 𝘩𝘺𝘶𝘬𝘸𝘰𝘰 by lavienshua
➠ An uncanny counter ff «𝐊𝐈𝐌 𝐍𝐀𝐑𝐈» "Me? Fighting evil spirits? Are you nuts?" ©lavienshua
Park Yuna, teenage girl by day, counter by night. Everything had always been simple, well, as simple as it could be for a girl who was practically brought back from the...
Doe Eyed: A John Doe Oneshot Collection by LavenderLetter
Doe Eyed: A John Doe Oneshot Colle...by Merion
John Doe was created by: @Mortis Fox Cover Art was made by: @LavenderLetter -Made with NeutralBlender (-Most artwork used was also made with NeutralBlender)
Uncanny Attraction by AshVinnie
Uncanny Attractionby MoonLuna
~When Jasmine Malik calls the wrong number which became so right. J: "Hello! Uhh-" E: Hey! I'm Eric, Eric Jones! I've been waiting for your call.. Actually...
Circus of Silence by PhantomoCat
Circus of Silenceby Grace
The Witch's circus is in town, and you've got the best seat in the house! We only come around once in your pitiful, mortal lifespan. We've got feral beasts and fer...
The Curse Of The Petrova Doppelgangers by DarkDusk
The Curse Of The Petrova Doppelgan...by Danie
"How many Petrova doppelgangers are there?" Damon Salvatore wondered as he came down the stairs, to see.....four girls, each with chocolate brown hair, honey-b...
The Uncanny Counter(the girl who has so many power) by Ladys_heart
The Uncanny Counter(the girl who h...by Ladys_heart
Kim Ae-Cha was a girl who has a very sweet family but one day her family broke for some reason she's trying to find the murderer 'trying' she's still not really fond of...
~Trashy's uncanny art book 5~ by journey_to_the_trash
~Trashy's uncanny art book 5~by inactive
I'm not that funny- Anyways hi welcome to my art book There will probably be my life rants But HEY! MOSTLY ART CUZ YEAHHHH IT'S AN ARTBOOK This artbook contains: Anastas...
The Uncanny Valley of Butterflies by JillianDudley
The Uncanny Valley of Butterfliesby Jillian Dudley
Cradel Valley is an artificial afterlife. The deceased can upload their consciousness to a virtual realm and live on in utopia. Syd longs to reunite with their deceased...
Daughters of Lyssa  by LyssaRK
Daughters of Lyssa by LyssaRK
In a world of cosmic horror, humans transfused the blood of Outer Gods to ascend their humanity. The blood made us ubiquitous, omniscient and inhumane... Born as a surro...
Miraculous Reacts to New York Special by deltadawn06
Miraculous Reacts to New York Spec...by delta shoemaker
The Miraculous characters that went to New York will be reacting to that episode along with all of the American superheroes that were there. If you have not seen the New...
Menacingly  by endieegibson
Menacingly by E N D I E E
This book did not come out as planned, there are many errors but read at your own risk. If you do read make sure to like, comment, and follow. Thank you. 💕
Tamed by JanJacinto
Tamedby J Jacinto
It was a simple wish... One damn single wish... All Vydra wanted was to be included,to be accepted.It was her year after all.When her wish finally comes true and the sto...
Every Single Eye by TowaIsMe
Every Single Eyeby Towa
A compilation of short stories that I'll never turn into their own books unless otherwise.
The Sacred Gun of Abe by Writtenword
The Sacred Gun of Abeby Writtenword
A Skeleton Gunslinger takes on the Unholy hordes of Hell in a challenge to the custodian of the Sacred Gun of Abe.
Uncanny by oniontheowl
Uncannyby Susie
Sypnosis Seventeen-year-old Jade Fong did two things faithfully everyday - Writing in her diary and stalking on Zander Kim from afar, the only interest she had ever take...
Showbiz pizza: Summer heat jamboree logbook. by CoreyRaccoon_185
Showbiz pizza: Summer heat jambore...by Corey
In this, we explore and learn about the long forgotten and abandoned pizza chain and uncover some disturbing things.
One Weird Day by JackieBeeStories
One Weird Dayby Jackie Bee
One Weird Day is a collection of my short stories. The genres are horror, sci-fi, magic realism, slipstream - in short, the weird stuff! Some of the stories have previ...