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Transformers Prime x Reader  by CubelliosMaroon
Transformers Prime x Reader by Mia Quinn
a series of one shots based off of the television series transformers prime. Also on my Quotev account CubelliosMaroon Or my co-author/twin sisters account BlueEdolas
Funneh and the Betrayal ✔️ by TheKrewdom_Tales
Funneh and the Betrayal ✔️by ˚✧₊ The Krewdom ⁺˳✧༚
「COMPLETED」 Funneh and her family has always lived the high life. While she is not attending boring meeting my force of the queen, her sister Gold, she is facing protect...
Draco and the Curse by TheKrewdom_Tales
Draco and the Curseby ˚✧₊ The Krewdom ⁺˳✧༚
He's gone crazy. Mad, as some would say. Draco is struggling against a curse that has bound himself to a master for the past few months, and he just can't seem to break...
Gold and the Rules ✔️ by TheKrewdom_Tales
Gold and the Rules ✔️by ˚✧₊ The Krewdom ⁺˳✧༚
「COMPLETED」 Gold thought losing her parents was hard, but when she loses Funneh, her life can't seem to go on. She still has to run a kingdom and everyone expects her to...
. . . For My True Kind . . . [ BakuShinDeku ] by Infecti-Benti
. . . For My True Kind . . . [ ~Crackheads1&2~
"Neck dripping copious amounts of blood, the elder jumps to his feet to chase out the fleeing blonde. Izuku stood back, with the taste of copper flooding his taste...
Lunar and the Magic ✔️ by TheKrewdom_Tales
Lunar and the Magic ✔️by ˚✧₊ The Krewdom ⁺˳✧༚
「COMPLETED」 Lunar has a secret, that tears her apart from the inside and forces her mouth shut. But it never stops her from using it to help her siblings. Especially in...
Nothing More Than A South-Side Stranger by JugheadDreamTeam
Nothing More Than A South-Side Erin and Kai
Jughead Jones has Issues. Issues that he hopes to keep to himself. Secrets. He's so doubting of himself that he can't even imagine that people would care about how he's...
The Krewdom Journal by TheKrewdom_Tales
The Krewdom Journalby ˚✧₊ The Krewdom ⁺˳✧༚
What do the Krew do outside of their royalty? Ships! Side stories! Art! Contests! One-Shots! Q&A's! And much much More! This books is kind of just a random dump of thi...
The Past ⊳Hyunchan⊲ by ygdeadlol
The Past ⊳Hyunchan⊲by Kyla & Mina
[DISCONTINUED] Hyunjin thought he would be starting a fresh new life at this college to escape his past. "Why are you here?" "Baby, this is my room."...
Keeper of the Lost Child (Spin-off To The KOTLC Series) by That_one_PK08
Keeper of the Lost Child ( Anna
Hi, my name is Cassie. Short for Cassandra. This is the story of my life. A little secret I'll tell you. I'm an Elementalist. A rare ability that only one other elf has...
My tattooed protector by PhantomFriends4Ever
My tattooed protectorby PhantomFriends4Ever
Some people like to get tattoos. It's part of our past time. But what if you don't want one? What if you wake up one day with a strange black spiral on your neck and a v...
the staff room || reddie by thottiedoesntcare
the staff room || reddieby aleks & lipsha 🤠
" are you and mr k dating?" " no, but i wish we were." if derry high's art teacher eddie could have a dollar for every dumb remark the ninth grade en...
Moving Forward by XenoSnow4
Moving Forwardby Xeno Snow
Evelyn has a major crush on her best friend Sarah. However, Sarah starts dating Mr. Cool Guy Jerry. Of course, Evelyn grows jealous of pain name Jerry, but something sur...
The Things We Hide (Hamilton fanfiction) by -aquamarinebby-
The Things We Hide (Hamilton aqua
Eight friends create a business together. But they each have their secrets. There is something buried beneath the perfect facade they wear so easily. There is somethin...
Escape ~ Redemption book one by EmberSparksTheFlame
Escape ~ Redemption book oneby Rose Tribute (pen name)
This is a Warriors fanfiction that me and my friend who doesn't have Wattpad are writing. She has given me her permission to share it. I will refer to her as Dragon, and...
PJO and Avengers Mash-Up      {discontinued} by Music_Luvr_
PJO and Avengers Mash-Up { Music.Luvr
The avengers and campers from CHB team up to do cool awesome things... I can't really write descriptions so just read the book.. I promise it's really good!!! ■《》◆《》■《》◆...
Masters of Sabotage by keely_19
Masters of Sabotageby K_017
Gia and Xander are polar opposites. He oozes hate and she is the epitome of a 'nice girl.' When her world collides with his, the two high schoolers soon discover that th...
STAY WITH ME  by Smol_Bean_Senpai
STAY WITH ME by Smol_Bean_Senpai
My name is... by xMalteaserandNuggetx
My name xMalteaserandNuggetx
Bella,Mckeyla,Taylor,Skylar,Clair,Izzi names I have abided by.I have 10 001 ID's but no one except my partner in crime knows my actual name...Grace who I call Gray,my si...