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Rectify↦Newt Scamander by kmbell92
Rectify↦Newt Scamanderby Kitty Bell
(Book Two) Tegwen Gittins has dodged Death on more occasions that she can count on both hands. Her time in New York City only added to the count but it allowed the woman...
Marilyn Manson oneshots by sanna666
Marilyn Manson oneshotsby sanna666
Some smutty . Some kinky. Some just plain fluff. All are poorly written. Requests are still open:) Please go easy on me.... I normally just write fake fanfic.... all of...
𝐁𝐋𝐎𝐎𝐃𝐋𝐔𝐒𝐓 by blood-honey
𝐁𝐋𝐎𝐎𝐃𝐋𝐔𝐒𝐓by munson’s gf
"Even Angels die in the arms of Demons." Marilyn Manson Vampire AU Highest ranking: #1 in #marilynmanson
Heart's desire (Marilyn Manson fanfiction) by Mymarilynmanson
Heart's desire (Marilyn Manson Mymarilynmanson
This is the story of 17 year old Claire, meeting the man of her dreams, Marilyn Manson. Read more to find out what happens ;) In this story Marilyn Manson is 27 years ol...
Marilyn Manson Horoscope by spooky_music_lover
Marilyn Manson Horoscopeby MansonGirl
Something i miss on Wattpad. In this horoscope are Marilyn, Twiggy, Zim Zum, Pogo, John 5, Tim Sköld, Ginger Fish, Madonna and Daisy. (They all are around age 20-25) Enj...
Oh The Horror!(Twiggy Ramirez ft Marilyn Manson) by Duhzrina
Oh The Horror!(Twiggy Ramirez ft Duhzrina
Bianca moves to sunny Fort Lauderdale, but when she meets Jeordie White, will they bare the same feelings for each other or will non stop partying and sudden differences...
I'll Look If I Want by ShanLeighMansonMIW
I'll Look If I Wantby ShanNior
Amy Winters got more than she bargained for when she became friends with Jeordie White…but did she get more than she could handle when he leaves her with his best friend...
Manson Ageplay One shots by lovesugarkittens
Manson Ageplay One shotsby ╰(*´︶`*)╯
✿Just a bunch of NON SEXUAL age play one shots ^_^ ✿Slash/gay pairings only. ✿I don't take requests. ✿If you don't like it just ignore it.
The Black Bus (Marilyn Manson FanFiction) by pogodeathray
The Black Bus (Marilyn Manson Drae
The story of two girls who grew up in an abusive foster home. They were treated as shit, raped, and beaten since they were toddlers. Finally, at the age of eighteen, onc...
The New Boy...(Maniggy) by mannequineye
The New Boy...(Maniggy)by mannequin
This is pretty much a kinda romantic Maniggy Story which plays in 1989 they both are still in School and Twiggy just moved into the neighborhood Marylin lives in...will...
Marilyn Manson Gallery by xmoonagedaydream
Marilyn Manson Galleryby Lauren
Just various quality photos of Marilyn Manson. I update to add more. :>
Lost children of Cain (Maniggy) by txw_664
Lost children of Cain (Maniggy)by i'm music addicted
One beautiful dreadlocked creature enteres classroom and Marilyn's life turns upside down. See what's happen afterwards ;) Just maniggy cliché story. I have nothing more...
His Sex Toy #2 (Truly Theirs) by oxXNoMusicNoLifeXxo
His Sex Toy #2 (Truly Theirs)by oxXNoMusicNoLifeXxo
continuing of my first book but that fuckin devil is outta the picture and now it's just Marilyn and Twiggy fighting over Samuel or are they fighting over each other? th...
Marilyn Manson Adopted Me (A Marilyn Manson Fanfic) by Bexky-Manson
Marilyn Manson Adopted Me (A The Nobodies
Venice has been in an adoption center for her whole life until an unexpected visitor comes looking for a child.
Black Rose (MM ff) by theonewithnovoice
Black Rose (MM ff)by theonewithnovoice
What if vampires took over the world? what if the king was the famous Marilyn Manson? What if no one knew? What if he made a law were anyone can date after 16 and drink...
Marilyn Manson oneshots! by w1tchcr4ftt
Marilyn Manson oneshots!by 💌
collection of manson oneshots. please leave requests! enjoy:~}<3
60s Supermodels and Their Stories by BeautyBitch88
60s Supermodels and Their Storiesby Sarah
I am obsessed with models of the 1960s, so I will be talking about them here
The Freak in the Pea Green Dress ~Twiggy Ramirez Love Story by ShanLeighMansonMIW
The Freak in the Pea Green Dress ShanNior
One kiss can change fate. It can create love or start wars...a kiss between two strangers can create a whole future neither one of them had ever dreamed possible...and n...
My Baby Boy by plsiwasin7thgrade
My Baby Boyby Anna White
Manson loves his baby, Twiggy, but somehow his love wasn't enough. Why? One parent & a child wasn't enough in Twiggy's eyes to be called a family. John & Ginger are perf...