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Neglect (COMPLETED) by LaurieHoldenFan
Neglect (COMPLETED)by • MM •
"The woods are lovely, dark and deep." A quote that Evie found to be most true. Her getaway, the most peaceful place and one she called home. What she didn't k...
To Be Reborn: A Marilyn Manson Story by insomniacslut
To Be Reborn: A Marilyn Manson
There was something off, but it only raised his interest. After finishing a show, Manson makes his way out, only to discover fan who appears to be stranded. He offers to...
Don't You Dare (Marilyn Manson Fanfic) [ON HOLD] by spooky_music_lover
Don't You Dare (Marilyn Manson MansonGirl
Marilyn Manson's best friend Johnny Depp adopts a girl named Mazekeen. Marilyn proudly becomes her godfather. But something will happen. How will these relationships en...
🎀Twiggy's baby🎀 by addiblie
🎀Twiggy's baby🎀by addi
You are Twiggy's little girl and girlfriend. LOTS of fluff. Kinda sexual. It's ddlg related. Enjoy THERE IS A HUGE AGE GAP!! IF YOU NO LIKE,DONT READ
His Sex Toy by oxXNoMusicNoLifeXxo
His Sex Toyby oxXNoMusicNoLifeXxo
just a fan fiction about Marilyn Manson...And a lil devil and a lil sex and maybe a little twiggy ;) ;) :3
Trans Male Reader x Random by Killjoy413
Trans Male Reader x Randomby Alexander Applebaum
I've done Trans Male Reader (Ftm) oneshots in my other books but someone suggested that I make a whole book about trans reader and I thought it was a good idea. These on...
My Sex Book III V.3 by thewifeofzerellix
My Sex Book III V.3by thedemonempress
Wattpad keeps glitching the chapters when I add the book to my library, so here's the remake.
Diary Of A Dope Fiend 《Marilyn Manson》 by devilsxnightx
Diary Of A Dope Fiend 《Marilyn stevie
Aether Black is one of the most well known "out-laws" in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. No one tries to cross her because they know they won't end up in a very good...
Fundamentally Loathesome by jessestargrove
Fundamentally Loathesomeby Jesse Stargrove
Zim Zum is a starving artist that's desperate to finally be able to show his work and style to the world. He wants fame and he wants his music to be put out there, but...
Cupid Carries A Gun ✔ by spooky_music_lover
Cupid Carries A Gun ✔by MansonGirl
In this story Cupid carries a gun. And it can end up many ways. Lauren is 19 years old girl with broken heart and fucked up life. But everything will change when she mee...
MIW Gifs And Imagines by leave_the_body
MIW Gifs And Imaginesby Chris 🔮
a bunch of gifs and imagines of my favorite band Motionless In White
Marilyn Manson Adopted Me (A Marilyn Manson Fanfic) by Bexky-Manson
Marilyn Manson Adopted Me (A The Nobodies
Venice has been in an adoption center for her whole life until an unexpected visitor comes looking for a child.
The new baby sitter (Marilyn Manson) by Mymarilynmanson
The new baby sitter (Marilyn Mymarilynmanson
I was inspired to write a baby sitter fanfic about Marilyn Manson from @lydiapalmer221b This is a story about 3 kids, 1. Amy (5) 2. Jackson (10) and 3. Lily (18) who's p...
You're My Weakness by beanboi
You're My Weaknessby Aiden
Twiggy gets hired to be apart of the band Marilyn Manson (Sara, Madonna, Daisy, and Marilyn). The band are starting to record Smells Like Children EP. Changes go through...
I was adopted by who? - Marilyn Manson and alot more peoples by Xena_Writes
I was adopted by who? - Marilyn Xena_Writes
This is a totally unorganized fanfic. Read at your own risk!! Y/N's dad is abusive. what happens when her idol witnesses her being abused? Will he save her from this tor...
Mayan Of Anarchy by AmariannaRose
Mayan Of Anarchyby Amarianna
**Book 2 of Mayans Don't Fear The Reaper** Abel has been kidnapped by Cameron Jax is dealing with the loss of his son in the only way he knows how while Muerte tries to...
Tainted love #wattys2015 (Marilyn Manson fanfic) UNDER EDITING. by antichristsuperfxck
Tainted love #wattys2015 ( typeOsteele
Joanna Rigby is a young woman who Marilyn Manson meets for the first time at Jeordie White's house party. She notices him and keeps conversation roaring with him. He ca...
A burning lust (Maniggy) by kissthego-goat
A burning lust (Maniggy)by Carnival
High school Maniggy love stuff
My whole existence is flawed.. without you (Trent x Marilyn) by txw_664
My whole existence is flawed.. i'm music addicted
What happen when Trent came to concert of Marilyn? Why Marilyn hate Trent? What can put them together? What about all band mates ruining it? And each other's past and ad...
Sweet little secret (mpreg) by Graveyard-kitty-13
Sweet little secret (mpreg)by spicy boy
Manson and Twiggy had a drunken night of passion, which they vowed to keep a secret, but how easy can it be to keep a secret when a baby enters the picture? (warning: m...