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The new baby sitter (Marilyn Manson) by Mymarilynmanson
The new baby sitter (Marilyn Mymarilynmanson
I was inspired to write a baby sitter fanfic about Marilyn Manson from @lydiapalmer221b This is a story about 3 kids, 1. Amy (5) 2. Jackson (10) and 3. Lily (18) who's p...
Blood Honey  by Blank_Disco
Blood Honey by Blank_ Disco
A girl following her dreams starts to notice having feelings that she never had before with the antichrist superstar after some time starts passing by.
Its Complicated: WWE by spiteful16
Its Complicated: WWEby spiteful16
Ana is a WWE Superstar who nobody likes for some reason. Raw and Smackdown are together again.
Marilyn Manson x Male Reader Oneshots by Killjoy413
Marilyn Manson x Male Reader Alexander
Male reader/Ftm Reader inserts about the God of Fuck himself Marilyn Manson aka Brian Warner. ⚠Warning: There's most definitely going to be a lot of kinky and sometimes...
Maniggy (Marilyn Manson and Twiggy Ramirez) by beanboi
Maniggy (Marilyn Manson and Aiden
Short one shots of maniggy! I'll write them every once in a while for fun.
Marilyn Manson Adopted Me (A Marilyn Manson Fanfic) by Bexky-Manson
Marilyn Manson Adopted Me (A The Nobodies
Venice has been in an adoption center for her whole life until an unexpected visitor comes looking for a child.
Fundamentally Loathesome by jessestargrove
Fundamentally Loathesomeby Jesse Stargrove
Zim Zum is a starving artist that's desperate to finally be able to show his work and style to the world. He wants fame and he wants his music to be put out there, but...
🎀Twiggy's baby🎀 by froggiebaby
🎀Twiggy's baby🎀by meh
You are Twiggy's little girl and girlfriend. LOTS of fluff. Kinda sexual. It's ddlg related. Enjoy THERE IS A HUGE AGE GAP!! IF YOU NO LIKE,DONT READ
My new teacher by Aeroforceone
My new teacherby Freddy Krueger
It's Juliet Parker's last year of high school. New school year, new people. New classes, new teachers. But one new teacher in particular caught her eye on the first day...
Trans Male Reader x Random by Killjoy413
Trans Male Reader x Randomby Alexander
I've done Trans Male Reader (Ftm) oneshots in my other books but someone suggested that I make a whole book about trans reader and I thought it was a good idea. These on...
Marilyn Manson Horoscope by spooky_music_lover
Marilyn Manson Horoscopeby MansonGirl
Something i miss on Wattpad. In this horoscope are Marilyn, Twiggy, Zim Zum, Pogo, John 5, Tim Sköld, Ginger Fish, Madonna and Daisy. (They all are around age 20-25) Enj...
Follow You - (Oliver Sykes Fanfic) by ToxicCybergoth
Follow You - (Oliver Sykes Fanfic)by ToxicCybergoth
"A teen boy who didn't know how to swim, thrown into the deep end at the prospect of a crush."
Pale Emperor (Maniggy) by Coma_White1818
Pale Emperor (Maniggy)by Nobody
Brian Warner is a Prince to a royal Vampire family. Brought up as royalty, everything is decided for him...Especially who he will marry. His family is cruel to anyone le...
Shielded. by marissa7x
#14 marilynramirez
I stand outside on the balcony of our "apartment" letting my mind replay when she walked into the living room with just a towel. Reminding myself how well she...
Heart's desire (Marilyn Manson fanfiction) by Mymarilynmanson
Heart's desire (Marilyn Manson Mymarilynmanson
This is the story of 17 year old Claire, meeting the man of her dreams, Marilyn Manson. Read more to find out what happens ;) In this story Marilyn Manson is 27 years ol...
NO WAY IN HELL! (P2) - Gothic Trauma by mansonmaniac
NO WAY IN HELL! (P2) - Gothic mansonmaniac
Nearly five years ago was when, the, Brian Warner had learnt his best lesson. Don't cheat. He felt worthless. He was left was those scars created by Jeordie. But he wa...
You're My Weakness by beanboi
You're My Weaknessby Aiden
Twiggy gets hired to be apart of the band Marilyn Manson (Sara, Madonna, Daisy, and Marilyn). The band are starting to record Smells Like Children EP. Changes go through...
Don't You Dare (Marilyn Manson Fanfic) [ON HOLD] by spooky_music_lover
Don't You Dare (Marilyn Manson MansonGirl
Marilyn Manson's best friend Johnny Depp adopts a girl named Mazekeen. Marilyn proudly becomes her godfather. But something will happen. How will these relationships en...
Sweet little secret (mpreg) by Graveyard-kitty-13
Sweet little secret (mpreg)by spicy boy
Manson and Twiggy had a drunken night of passion, which they vowed to keep a secret, but how easy can it be to keep a secret when a baby enters the picture? (warning: m...
Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson Spanking Fic by ginga_koneko
Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson ginga_koneko
Weird pairing, and even weirder content, but meh. ^^; This was written for a friend and I decided to upload it for others. Enjoy!