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Danganronpa scenarios And Oneshots by Vichi_V
Danganronpa scenarios And Oneshotsby Viko
I decided to make this because yes :D Experience love of all kinds with your favourite Dr characters ♡ enjoy~
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Nevermind | Taehyung by MyNaMeIsOnLyMiNe
Nevermind | Taehyungby MyNaMeIsOnLyMiNe
"-Haragszol rám?-kérdeztem kissé megszeppenve. -Nem, csakis magamra tudok haragudni amiért sosem lehettél az enyém." 2019.05.23 - ~ A történet főhőse a 16, ham...
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Nevermind (A Klance Vampire au) by BakugosCowboyHat
Nevermind (A Klance Vampire au)by Tyler
Lance has a huge secret that got #exposed by someone. Every one hates him in school even his teachers think he's an asshole. His parents are homophobic and overly strict...
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drain you ; kurt cobain by -SWEATERSONG
drain you ; kurt cobainby ɔɥɹısɐ (inactive)
chew meat for you, pa ss it back a nd forth. in a passiona te kiss from my mouth to yours. i like you. <3 - started: september 3rd, 2019 ended: none - credits: so ba...
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The Punk and the Princess (A Dave Grohl Fanfiction) by frusciantefiction
The Punk and the Princess (A Frusciante Fiction
Before the Foo Fighters, before Nirvana, before even Scream, there was a girl. Julia Maxwell caught Dave's attention from the moment they first met. Dave was starting a...
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Always and forever by breiamarnell
Always and foreverby breiamarnell
set in episode lucifer is rising, when dean is trapped in that room.
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My life thoughts by _BlTCH_
My life thoughtsby ʜᴏᴍɪᴇ
Sooo You know I will throw everything out in a rather gentle way. Maybe sometimes I will be fucking strong and pessimistic and it will hurt. 🖤
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Danganronpa Girlfriend Preferences And Scenarios by Syndicate7201
Danganronpa Girlfriend Syndicate
Welcome to my first book! (On this account anyway) Here we celebrate the gays and the guys who love this lot just as much as I do I'll try to keep the reader as gender n...
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M'Lady!! (Sonia X Hajime) by Eroge-Chan
M'Lady!! (Sonia X Hajime)by Eroge-Chan
Hajime Hinata is a student of Hope's Peak Academy, One day he meets a girl named Sonia, then she said He was her Prince, the next thing Hajime smells when he wakes up is...
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And I love her  (Kurt Cobain Fanfic) by ghostiesxx
And I love her (Kurt Cobain Lil Goth
Lindsey Grohl is Dave Grohl's twin sister. She's just a minute younger. When Dave is recruited as the drummer for the grunge band Nirvana, Lindsey meets Kurt. There is a...
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KHR - Giotto x Reader by TrinityBreeze
KHR - Giotto x Readerby Bree-chan!
It's a one-shot, but you could request for a sequel if you want.... That's all I guess... This is for @GokuderaPrimo Sigh...... Here we go~
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Danganronpa Oneshots by traceistrash
Danganronpa Oneshotsby traceistrash
"whoops i guess i fell in love again" just as the title says, it's a oneshot collection! i accept ships and x readers :)
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Aberdeen - Kurt Cobain by kurtsdrugs
Aberdeen - Kurt Cobainby kurdt kobain
Oh shit... a new house, new school, new city, and new life. I used to live in Washington, D.C., but my dad got a new job offer. He always says how the move to Aberdeen i...
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WE'RE ALL MAD [BNHA X READER] by 707lolololol
Y/n L/n a girl that is in her second year of High school with her friends. They seem to know a lot about her except that she's from another dimension?!?! 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰...
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Hiiiiii~There! I know this is a different book from the recent ones, but I'm just trying something new for my writing skills, hehehehe. I hope that this will get a thous...
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Disbanded [Jungkook FF] by TrinkerBell_
Disbanded [Jungkook FF]by BLT
Yoona, the school queenka, was caught cheating with Jimin, Jungguk's best friend, the school kingka. She now plans her revenge, by breaking up BTS. But with the personal...
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Monokuma's Secret by DanganRonpaFan123
Monokuma's Secretby DanganRonpaFan123
Ever wondered what Monokuma's secret was? Well, Sekushi the Red/Pink Fox is about to find out said secret and let's just say it's quite laughable.
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Beachside Proposal! by mother_meerkat
Beachside Proposal!by sonia lover
This is a quick one-shot where Sonia and Gundham go to a cove that they went to on their first date and Gundham proposes! I wrote this for an Instagram killing game chal...
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Black & White (Boruto Fanfic) by HinokamiWriter45
Black & White (Boruto Fanfic)by MapleShade45
Amaya Hatake Senju is young girl who had woken up in an abandoned lab at the age of 4. She was an innocent child and lived in a village before she was sold at the age o...
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Danganronpa x reader one shots! by livingtrash01
Danganronpa x reader one shots!by livingtrash01
I write one shots, I'm open to smut, and I'm better at writing wholesome lesbians but I'll try straight and gay boys, I dont really mind. I haven't played v3 so forgive...
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