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Bella Notte by blue_outsider15
Bella Notteby 💙
Dabi/Toya Todoroki X Reader Y/n, a german shepard, meets up with a mongrel dog who calls himself Dabi. He is obviously from the wrong side of town, but happenings at Y/n...
Lady and the Tramp by PerkyGoth14
Lady and the Trampby PerkyGoth14
Cherry visits her mother's cousin to find out she must be a babysitter to her newborn son, Junior and dog sitter to the dog, Lady. I only own my OCs, everyone else belon...
Patch's Adventures in Puppy School by PerkyGoth14
Patch's Adventures in Puppy Schoolby PerkyGoth14
It's an exciting time of year when Patch is finally able to go to Puppy School with his friends. However, a class bully gets Patch into serious trouble which makes the D...
Tramp meets Benji by AdventureGirl5
Tramp meets Benjiby AdventureGirl5
Tramp is having trouble adjusting to his new life as a house pet now that he's living with Lady and her family and starts to wonder if this is all what he really wants...
Posh and the Tramp by 221bgaykerstreet
Posh and the Trampby honking heck
Posh boy John Watson has a sense of adventure, and just wants to get away, but his mother has other plans for him. Tramp Sherlock barely by working at Angelo's Diner and...
Danielle's Adventure by Girlmeetspup
Danielle's Adventureby just a smol gay hampter
Danielle is one of four of Lady and Tramp's young teen puppies. She, however, has always felt like the misfit. Scamp begs to differ and believes his life has had the mos...
Going Down Under by PerkyGoth14
Going Down Underby PerkyGoth14
summary: Mo wins a class drawing to take her and a few guests to visit Australia. While there, she and her friends meet a new friend named Cody who shows them a rare gol...
Lady and the Tramp 3: Patch by pweeks11
Lady and the Tramp 3: Patchby For_CHIMA^
After getting used to angels new home she stumps upon an old friend.
Lady & The Tramp 2 - Behind the Scenes by shrekyardigans
Lady & The Tramp 2 - Behind the shrekyardigans
Behind the scenes of the main story of Lady & The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure movie. Made to celebrate 20 years of the official release of Lady & The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adv...
Find Where You Belong Lady And The Tramp Scamp X OC Alexis by destinycopley134
Find Where You Belong Lady And Destinycopley123
Alexis was always gifted ever since her birth. For Alexis her life has never been easy. Always running from different places due to her not being accepted by humans or h...
Pride lands by PrincessJada240
Pride landsby Writer Queen Jay👑
Art is by Masterminds connect and this is a story idea I had. With this, and the TV shows Empire and Power = this. Simba and his wife are having problems due to the susp...
The Darling's family: Lady and the Tramp by Jasdyer
The Darling's family: Lady and Jasmine Dyer
It been a while since I done a Disney fanfict. I decided to do one for Lady and the Tramp so Ill be using theories I have heard and connecting them to other Disney stori...
Dear Diary, it's Marilyn by LuckyDay
Dear Diary, it's Marilynby LuckyDay
Who is Marilyn Monroe? It is the 1940's when Marilyn becomes a symbol for women's independence. She is a symbol for men's desires. Even in death, she remains every girl'...
Scamp and Atticus's Adventure by PerkyGoth14
Scamp and Atticus's Adventureby PerkyGoth14
Atticus accompanies Cherry on a visit to meet her distant cousins James and Elizabeth and runs into Lady and Tramp's puppies, notably Scamp who becomes close with the bo...
Lady and the Tramp  by MoonWalkerFan1998
Lady and the Tramp by Nasty Spaghetti
Meet Lady, a lovingly pampered cocker spaniel, who lives with her owners Jim Dear and Darling.
lady and the tramp rp by EstelaCastro98
lady and the tramp rpby Estela Castro
based on the movies you can rp as your oc and the characters in the movies involving lady, tramp, and their friends and family. feel free to join in if you want to.
The lovers by D-David-Croot
The loversby D David Croot
In a stilted world there's always personalities... less inhibited, shall we say? You shall soon greet our heroes, sir Daniel Fortesque the first and Quentin-Byron the f...
Title Pending by AlisaKubota
Title Pendingby Alisa Kubota
It's simple. It's a classic coming of age story, a lady and the tramp set in a fictional Meiji-Era Japan.
Marys Nails III by iamnotlilastop
Marys Nails IIIby Dimitra Voulgaridou
I deleted the first two idk why so here yall go. Dean loves Charles but it turns out Charles dosent feel the same. So Dean decides to date mary to make Charles jealous b...