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Traitor (KiriDeku) by lyzard_fan_fics
Traitor (KiriDeku)by lyzard_fan_fics
Class 1-A decided to go see a movie one weekend. Once they got there, they picked out a horror movie. Midoriya has been terrified of horror movies his whole life. He tho...
ghost | bnha traitor au by andimackreboot
ghost | bnha traitor auby andi 💚
"there's a traitor at ua, we need to find them and report them to the pros." "i don't think that will be too hard, right, kacchan?"
What You Offer (Traitor Bakugou) by LampLight143
What You Offer (Traitor Bakugou)by Atlas Fernsby
Being chosen by the league of villains? That might not be a good thing as most are insane. But when they start talking about what they believe in... and other things tha...
Finding justice in vengeance: Villain Bakugou AU  by System_003
Finding justice in vengeance: 𓆩𝚃𝙱𝚂𝚂𝟶𝟶𝟹𓆪
Me: what would be the best plot to start with? I never wrote a BNHA fanfic before. Aki: Villain Bakugou! Ben: Wait, no! How about traitor Denki? Me: how about we do bot...
Villainous Love~ V!Bakugou, Villain Rehab by Blaise_Elizabeth
Villainous Love~ V!Bakugou, Blaisabeth_
What happens when the #1 Villain, Dynamight, get's caught and put into rehab? Will he change? Or will he find something a different way than expected? This...
It Was Never Meant To Be by aserratix
It Was Never Meant To Beby rain
Izuku Midoriya was done with others treating him differently. When he was quirkless, he was nothing. When he got a quirk, he was everything. His face started growing an...
Traitor! Traitor! A traitor is what you are! by chasing_rabbits
Traitor! Traitor! A traitor is Lucca
Eddsworld Paultryk omegaverse and traitor AU! After Tord finds out that Paul had mated with his omega slave Patryk. Paul and Patryk must run away as far as possible wh...
The Rabbit by gay_elfs
The Rabbitby Stiles S.
What if Izuku did jump? What would happen if Shigaraki found him? What if he was put into UA as a traitor? Izuku was the UA traitor, of course no one knows. But wait, th...
Your Lover Is a Traitor(Paultryk Traitor au){finished} by KokiriHylian
Your Lover Is a Traitor(Paultryk Cas
gun fire could be herd in the distance. Patryk stood over looking at the lifeless body of the man he knew to be his only love. all he could think was 'did he really love...
When I Betrayed Him by miraculously_angel
When I Betrayed Himby MiraculouslyAngel
denki couldn't believe it. the traitor was jirou. the girl he had fallen for was a villain. he lost her, but what if there was a way to save her..? a way for her to come...
Secrets  by XsunnyXstarsX
Secrets by Sunny :)
Their is a secret that present mic has hide from everyone for years now even from his husband Shota Aizawa and his children shinsou and eri. He soon regrets this secret...
Mine, and mine only (HitoZuku) by Littleme_Thea
Mine, and mine only (HitoZuku)by •Hizuka•
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- •Yandere Hitoshi AU •Traitor Izuku AU ...
Traitor [Bnha villain oc] by BAKA_sho
Traitor [Bnha villain oc]by Sho
Naomi Fusuki was about 10 when it happened. She was only 10 and the "hero's" left her to fend for herself, about 5 years has pasted since it happened, since th...
Disguises by nathanrulez
Disguisesby nathanrulez
[Work in progress, last updated 6th Oct 2023]
Gods sins (traitor au) by FreddieCoulson
Gods sins (traitor au)by Questioningyourlife
Izuku, betrayed, broken and forgotten by all but 10 people all of U.A. thinks he was their traitor but he was just their most broken companion through every he lost it a...
Traitor (Kiribaku) (cover by @swallo_art on Twitter) by keysmashabc
Traitor (Kiribaku) (cover by KeySmashABC
"Don't you get it? I loved you!" He said with tears brimming his eyes. He felt like he was drowning. He knew he needed help. He wanted to reach out to Ejiro, b...
" S O R R Y "  - TRAITOR AU - EDDSWORLD - by DyinqFallenAngel
" S O R R Y " - TRAITOR AU - freshmuchacho
(hey want some feels? get in my van. this is a paultryk fic if you didn't know ;) ) - Patryk shot Paul, Patryk fell to his knees and cried Patryk said: " I'm so.. s...
You're the traitor? (V!Iida AU) by ibaraliker
You're the traitor? (V!Iida AU)by rui // ia
Reader insert this is an au first book ig i suck at description arts not mine
The final battle  by zhonglisfatcheeks
The final battle by zhonglisfatcheeks
This is a genshin fan fiction about the travler and there twin being a little dofferent when they would meet at the end battle, you are the main character as who ever yo...
Traitor AU [Eddsworld] by ThomasTheBlueLeader
Traitor AU [Eddsworld]by Thomas Turpin
A few warnings???? It's not mature, not really anything tomtord like tbh. This is mainly focused around after "The End", with the Red Army (Red Leader) and the...