A Lost Soul | Legolas Greenleaf by Emma1791
A Lost Soul | Legolas Greenleafby eммa
"One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them" Gilraen is a young elf witch who lived in Lothlorie...
  • witch
  • rivendell
  • towers
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A World Without Gold by ColourfulMoth
A World Without Goldby ColourfulMoth
Serena Chalsting lives in a world that is broken. Animals are looked to in fear and disgust, blamed for what happened to the human race so many years ago. When Serena is...
  • magic
  • spells
  • monsters
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WindSpoken by AuthorClarke
WindSpokenby Josh Clarke
"There was nothing so vital as the tower that touched the sky . . ." For centuries, it has been the duty of the Windspeakers to negotiate with the heavens, off...
  • towers
  • secret
  • mystery
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THE TOWERS CREW by SanjiRoronoa1980
THE TOWERS CREWby SanjiVinsmoke
This is a story of 6 characters based on the Alton Towers rides. They are all different and are all in the same University, This is my first story and it may be crap, pl...
  • nemesis
  • towers
  • th13teen
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Towers. «Chrisdiel» One Shot. #PremiosTeamCNCO by ineedjoel
Towers. «Chrisdiel» One Shot. - d a n.
Nunca me trajiste flores...
  • cnco
  • oneshot
  • boyxboy
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Rosie Rivers at Malory Towers by AlienatedBanana
Rosie Rivers at Malory Towersby AlienatedBanana
Set 71 years on from the original Malory Towers series and Rosie Rivers, Darrell River's granddaughter is setting out on her journey to Malory Towers just as her grandmo...
  • brown
  • rivers
  • cornwall
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The Risk Taker by paaapii
The Risk Takerby star_lizaaa
I've been taking risks my whole life, but this time should I take the risk and believe in this man?
  • towers
  • company
  • designs
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I Miss You Daddy.. by caandynine
I Miss You Candy Nine
In memory of the people who died in the tragedy of 9/11. A father loses his life. This is the story of his daughter and her life. She misses her father. I'm doing this f...
  • family
  • september11
  • sad
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The Problem with Being a Villian by small-secrets
The Problem with Being a Villianby ~dawson~
I crawled through the window, and slouched against the wall, breathing heavily. I closed my eyes a second, and when I opened them, I saw something completely horrifying...
  • romance
  • villains
  • princesses
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Orchard Towers by ThePianoGuyPotato
Orchard Towersby Bertrand Tan
A police officer receives a call about a stolen bicycle while patrolling Orchard Road. Soon after that, an unexpected event ensues...
  • orchard
  • police
  • towers
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The Two Towers (EDITING AND SECOND TO FINISH) by ReignWinter
The Two Towers (EDITING AND "Dany" and PiddQuinn
(Please don't mind the titles in parenthesis. These are personal notes.) With Boromir slain, three missing, and the fellowship broken, the remaining four must find the m...
  • rings
  • dwarves
  • towers
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Malory Towers: Drama in the First and Third forms.  by ErinEvergreen
Malory Towers: Drama in the ErinEvergreen
The third-formers of Malory Towers are midway through their first term, and are thoroughly enjoying every minute of it! Well, most of them are, anyway. But little do t...
  • fanfic
  • schoolgirlclassics
  • boardingschooldrama
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