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chef x chris mclean (a total drama love story)  by xxyellowsunflowersxx
chef x chris mclean (a total sara
we all know them and love them. chef, an ex sergeant and chris mclean, the criminal (ly hot) host of the world famous show TOTAL DRAMA. well, we know these two aren't th...
Lights, Cameras, Action! [Chris McLean x Female Reader][Completed✔] by mickeyandkat
Lights, Cameras, Action! [Chris RainbowholicKat & MickeyBchill
~Welcome to Total Drama Island~ You recently boarded an island along with 21 other youngsters. Your friend had seen an ad for this lit contest of winning $100,000. Altho...
You Are The Prize (TDI Chris × Reader) by svobodovajitka
You Are The Prize (TDI Chris × svobodova.jitka
You started your job as an assistant to the famous Chris McLean on his show Total Drama Island! As you get to know him and the contestants,you slowly start to develope f...
Chris McLean Imagines by Zoramaeve
Chris McLean Imaginesby Zoramaeve
I am well aware of the idea not many people are a huge fan of Chris McLean but he happens to be one of my favorite characters from Total Drama. Of course, I do not own...
Unique by Ink_Angel13
Uniqueby Virginia
What if, in the original season of Total drama, Duncan had refused to come on the show without his sister? Follow echo on her crazy journeys throughout this insane show...
Chris' Daughter /Total Drama Fanfic/ by Uriel_Sinclair
Chris' Daughter /Total Drama ɄⱤłɆⱠ
(Y/n) Mclean, labeled as "The intern" is the daughter of the host Chris Mclean. She was just part of the camera crew until her father begged for her to be in S...
There's Nothing Wrong || Chris McLean x Reader by bxnedvct
There's Nothing Wrong || Chris Andrew
Once seen by Chris McLean himself, there was no way out other than the Dock of Shame or just being plain annoying. Total Drama is all about the drama within a group of t...
Jar Of Hearts (Total darma Island x curvy black girl) by Sugarpop001
Jar Of Hearts (Total darma kenny xoxo
Asteria Venus was tricked into a TV show scam by her trustworthy best friend. Battling through challenges and craziness of the show as well as tension. Will she fall i...
Learning To Love You (Noah X Cody) by glowworm888
Learning To Love You (Noah X Cody)by Glowworm
Total Drama, named justly, has proven to Noah that making friends isn't all that easy. Come the slight chance that he actually does make a friend in Cody Anderson, the d...
His Angel by Free-the-Spirits
His Angelby Olivia Hamm
Chris, the host of a new hit reality show, falls for contestant Claire. See how their love will prevail through the rough challenges and the tough way of living in Camp...
Obsession~ (CHRIS MCLEAN X READER) by Local_Twix
Obsession~ (CHRIS MCLEAN X READER)by Local_Twix
You and Chris have been friends ever since you met on the show and have been his co-host,but what if he took that liking a bit too far?He would do anything to keep you e...
Total Drama Island (tammys story) by justfandomtrash
Total Drama Island (tammys story)by 🖤Villain Trash🖤
Total drama island but with an extra contestant named Tammy. A Chris fangirl (no where near as extreme as Sierra) and all around primadona. Journey with her threw her to...
Total Drama Island - Sydney's Story by LongingForYesterday
Total Drama Island - Sydney's Storyby Venus
Daughter of a hitman and an ex-mafia leader now five-star general, Sydney is a force to be reckoned with as she changes the tide on island. Trained by both parents left...
TDI Romance by MissneonKst
TDI Romanceby MissneonKst
Duncan Nelson is a crafty juvenile delinquent who comes from a long line of policemen and policewomen: his dad, mom, uncle, aunt, grandma and cousins are all cops. He kn...
Total Drama Texts by glowworm888
Total Drama Textsby Glowworm
Texts between the Total Drama characters. Trigger warning at chapter 43
Chris's  daughter (completed) by thewriterlindsay
Chris's daughter (completed)by Lindsay
This is the alternate story where Clair didn't go on the show but Chris's other daughter Amanda went on total drama world tour instead. Amanda is shy unlike Clair and wo...
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My Total Drama shipping opinions by AiStundeya211
My Total Drama shipping opinionsby #GeekQueen
I love many ships, but others...not so much. This is only my opinion. Also, nothing from Total Drama belongs to me. Absolutely NOTHING! Please request if you like!!! :)...
Total Drama Revenge Of The Island (Isabelle's Story) by courtneysglam
Total Drama Revenge Of The ೃ⁀➷ 𝐒𝐀𝐆𝐄
Isabelle, 16, has watched Total Drama since it first aired and has been a loyal follower ever since. When she found out there was an opportunity to get on the show with...
Possible // Chris McLean x male!OC by mike_on_a_spike
Possible // Chris McLean x male!OCby 𝑎𝑙𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑜𝑟
Dorclan Acridux was a simple designer for the up and coming infamous series, Total Drama Island. But, when he proposes his ideas to the production team, a director sees...