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wangtober // jacksonxgot7 by jibootyjimin
wangtober // jacksonxgot7by alexa
Wangtober 2018 - all jackson ships with one fic a day everyday through October. - This is all NSFW kinky smut so dont like dont read.
Bottom Mark One Shots by norainyourarea
Bottom Mark One Shotsby Nora Shi
The title says everything. Random one shots with Mark as bottom or sub. You can request for your ship or storyline and I'd be glad to write them. I guess it would be mos...
KPOP Dominants and Submissives by ahgasesneedholywater
KPOP Dominants and Submissivesby Imprettyslow
This is the tops and bottoms in got7 This is MY OPINION, if you don't like it then...I'm sorry This is for new people who want to read smut about got7 And for people wh...
Jealousy | bottom kook by jimpig
Jealousy | bottom kookby jeon_jimin
Vkook VS Yugkook VS Jikook #4 in yugkook #3 topyugyeom
Mafia's Baby {YUGKOOK}by nyah
Kim Yugyeom is the CEO of Kim Enterprise. Also a mafia leader. What happens when an innocent Jungkook comes into the picture. Hopefully his brothers can keep him safe fr...
SAVE ME (Yugkook) by SachikoHirota
SAVE ME (Yugkook)by SachikoHirota
Yugyeom is the new kid at school, but he didn't know that his childhood friend was there. Yugyeom approaches his childhood friend, but his childhood friend didn't recogn...
wangtober // jacksonxgot7 by jibootyjimin
wangtober // jacksonxgot7by alexa
wangtober 2019 - bottom jackson event. all jackson ships included with one fic per day all through the month of October - this is full of kink, dont like then don't read
Got7 Oneshots  by slyblue89
Got7 Oneshots by sly blue 89
I think the title says it all ^^ Get a lot of Hobiwater cause believe me. You're not ready for this cookies 😩🤌🏻
I'm Fine (Jungkook X Yugyeom) by YosukeTheGay
I'm Fine (Jungkook X Yugyeom)by Yosuke Kobayashi
Jungkook is a hybrid bunny and he is alone. His parents had been attacked by a wolf and killed. Jungkook has managed to run away. He is hurt, hungry and cold. He is alo...