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What They Don't See (jinsonxjackbum) by theminionlife
What They Don't See ( theminionlife
In the kpop world there are many couples such as Namjin, yoongmin, Jeongcheol, but there are also coulps like vhopekook. Even Got7 has some couples such as Markbam and Y...
KPOP Dominants and Submissives by ahgasesneedholywater
KPOP Dominants and Submissivesby Imprettyslow
This is the tops and bottoms in got7 This is MY OPINION, if you don't like it then...I'm sorry This is for new people who want to read smut about got7 And for people wh...
Love me (jackbam ) by jkbigbiddies
Love me (jackbam )by Jktittdies
A boy who only wants love he's never been loved and longs to know what it feels like..... Warning : Foul language Self harm abuse Smut Yh I think that's it Enjoy...
See it in your movements, feel it in your touch ★ YugBam  by babxwoozi
See it in your movements, feel ᗪᗝᖇƳ
"Although he had seen his roommate dance this way before, it had never felt so intimate and alluring; as if Yugyeom were doing it just for him." Started [30.0...
Got7 Oneshots  by slyblue89
Got7 Oneshots by sly blue 89
I think the title says it all ^^ Get a lot of Hobiwater cause believe me. You're not ready for this cookies 😩🤌🏻