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You're Mine  by NoahChristluise7491
You're Mine by Noah Christluise
Yoongi and Hoseokie were a happy family in the past having 7 years old cute son Min Jungkook..... But one day Yoongi told her he had fallen out of love with her ....and...
Jungkook and Taehyung, have stuck by each other's sides, since childhood. Taehyung being a heart breaker, and Jungkook having to deal with that. 2019 © LovaNanii
WISH FOR A KISS ||TAEKOOK✅ by sodashar
"When did you promote yourself from being a badboy to a playboy, tae?",the shorter male asked with a smirk,irritating the bandana boy. "Argg!Trust me,hyun...
M Y  S I S T E R ' S   H U S B A N D by MalditadiAsh
M Y S I S T E R ' S H U S B A Maldita Di Ash
Jeon Jungkook and Jeon Jung Hyeon are born twins. One boy and one girl. They look a like but don't live together. One lives in Seoul and one lives in Busan. Junghyeon is...
Chairman Kim || TaeKook ✔️ by Billboard_stars
Chairman Kim || TaeKook ✔️by Boogie
" I have a big heart full of love, so please take it all." - Chairman Kim Chairman Kim speak about his "Love Life". Who's the lucky girl???? Why so...
Bittersweet// Taekook by taekook_heart97
Bittersweet// Taekookby Kavya Jayan
Kim Taehyung youngest son of Kim family is deeply in love with his Kookie hyung. They are family friends. And Taehyung is spoilt by both Park and Kim family. Everyone lo...
Confusion  [Taekook] by JeonSamSeok
Confusion [Taekook]by S@m
kim taehyung fall in love with a boy named jeongguk. but jeongguk cheated on taehyung with some other boy. taehyung felt betrayed and he leave the country. when he retur...
Hate or Love by taekook_my_heart56
Hate or Loveby 💜Taekook💜
jungkook thought his life will be filled with happiness after getting job he will take care of his daughter but he never thought he will meet his ex-boyfriend once agai...
[>Predator and Prey<] by Idk_jkth
[>Predator and Prey<]by •Nxde•
"W-What are you doing!?" "Shut up" ((A story in which Jungkookie is sweet and innocent and wants nothing more then to feel loved but he is constantly...
Daddy's Babyboy | Taekook ✔️ by purplevkookala
Daddy's Babyboy | Taekook ✔️by ANG4L.GGUK
Jungkook is a little, he tries to stay in big space as he doesn't want anyone to judge him but one day while shopping with his friend Taehyung he accidentally slips into...
Good Minds Think Alike | vmin-yoonkook by NurulisYoonie
Good Minds Think Alike | NurulisYoonie
Believe it or not, people say our soulmate is going nowhere. Run away from your partner as far as possible. If he is destined to be your soulmate, he will still be with...
The Retention ✔ by bora95purple
The Retention ✔by smile
A short story about a married couple.. Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook.. When Taehyung wants nothing from the marriage.. he respects Jungkook but doesn't love him.. he ha...
Bad Boy taekook ff by Btsf580
Bad Boy taekook ffby Btsforever
The new transfer student meets school bad boy on the first day...what will happen? nothing can go wrong right? "well not president..but he is kim taehyung..he is th...
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♡NOT A BRAT♡TK ✔ by _friends_10
♡NOT A BRAT♡TK ✔by chu chu
Where jungkook is everything but a brat and Taehyung is a teen trainor who is hired to handle the teens who are brat... • • • •and jungkook falls in love with Taehyung...
hi it's my 2nd ff series and 3rd ff.. yah I wrote an oneshot..also it's a super fluff story unlike my lat one..
Your eyes tell by _bunnyV_
Your eyes tellby ʙᴜɴ.ʀᴇᴇ
Wherein Jungkook got blind 4 years ago because of an accident... because of what happened to him everything in his life shuttered into pieces- but despite of those thing...
Taekook oneshots by taekooklifeeee
Taekook oneshotsby Taekookislifee
Have a look into the daily life of CEO KIM Taehyung and college student Jeon Jungkook. [Oneshots] Contains: • top Tae • bottom kook • Boy x Boy • fluff [ F ] • angst...
《Our Little Baby Mochi Jimin》 by thatdepresseduwu
《Our Little Baby Mochi Jimin》by ♥Katsumi♥
"Jimin!?!" "Hyungs! I-I can explain!" ¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤• Whereas Park Jimin is a little and the rest of BTS doesn't know. Until...
Destiny | Taekook [ON HOLD] by violetPURPLESbts
Destiny | Taekook [ON HOLD]by ~Violet ^_^~
What will happen when two different people living in two different worlds cross each other's path, something that has never happened before!! Nobody knows what destiny h...
Untold by Kimtaegukk05
Untoldby vkrc06
Taehyung a famous actor .He is very cold person. He had many girlfriends .He used to cheat on his girlfriends.Many say he got his roles in movie because his father was r...