NHL Imagines  by gexrgiegirl
NHL Imagines by G e o r g i e
Imagines with your favorite players (Mainly NHL, but I'm also open to do OHL, AHL, NWHL, etc.) Thank you so much for reading!
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DRUNK AND IN LOVE.  by nazemkadri
━━ ANDRÉ BURAKOVSKY! drunk me loves making awkward situations for sober me! [TEXTING] [washington capitals] [andre burakovsky] © nazemkadri 2017
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NHL Imagines by boyiloveyousomuch
NHL Imaginesby Jessica
NHL Imagines
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NHL IMAGINESby Deanna DeMerritt
Send me requests of your favorite teams and players! I'll do anyone from any NHL team! If you'd like I could do personals, just send in descriptions of what you'd want...
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  • mitchmarner
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Lia Rants About Stuff by CoolAverageGirl
Lia Rants About Stuffby Aliea H.
Basically, things that I rant about. Life, fandoms, silly things, or just things in general. Requests are open!!
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Serial Killer | Z.M |  (Slow Update) by sarahmohamedR
Serial Killer | Z.M | (Slow S"M™
!!! جالسه على الرمال امام البحر , شارده تتذكر الذى مضت به من ذكريات أليمه و قاسيه !!لا تعلم ماذا فعلت طيل هذه العشرون عاما ليحدث لها كل هذا مسحت دموعها التى نزلت من عين...
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My Sister's Big Fat Wedding by burning_stars15
My Sister's Big Fat Weddingby Khushi Mehta
Some stories and characters are meant to be flawed.
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Back to the Future Fan-fiction by yippinqxoxo
Back to the Future Fan-fictionby emily
Just some back to the future / marty&doc fanfiction written really early in the morning. (contains fluff, smut and angsty things). All stories are my own (i don't own th...
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Hockey Imagines by nonstopburky
Hockey Imaginesby Makayla
yooo I'm starting a book of imagines for the NhL because why the hell not? These will also be posted on my tumblr ( and I will be taking requests...
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NHL Imagines 2 (ON HOLD)  by gexrgiegirl
NHL Imagines 2 (ON HOLD) by G e o r g i e
Back for another book of imagines with your favorite hockey players! To get an imagine written from a request, I need the player and a scenario. I don't do personals!
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Wild(H.S Fanfiction) by StylesGurl_X_X
Wild(H.S Fanfiction)by StylesGurl_X_X
ყოფილხართ ისეთ სიტუაციაში,სადაც არ იცით რა მოიმოქმედოთ?თქვენს ირგვლივ უფსკრულია და ადგილიდან ვერ იძვრით,თუმცა ნაბიჯი აუცილებლად უნდა გადადგათ.რას მოიმოქმედებდით?
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Luck Of The Draw (A Tom Wilson and T.J. Oshie fanfic) by melaniacasey34
Luck Of The Draw (A Tom Wilson Melania Casey
There was something about this contest that you couldn't stop thinking about. "I guess if you really want to enter go ahead, but look at all of the people that alr...
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Unexpected - An Andre Burakovsky Fanfiction by otto_min
Unexpected - An Andre Burakovsky Autumn
Mallory was a typical 18 year old. When she started her freshman year of college, she didn't know what to expect. But she never expected that Andre would be involved.
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Anonymous Diaries - Harry Styles fanfic by SexMeUpStyles_01
Anonymous Diaries - Harry Styles E
Amy *Anonymous* and Harry *DyingAlone_* both start talking on this depression blog. They both share mature feelings and loneliness. When Harry from the big boyband sensa...
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intoxicated (Tom Wilson) by thebeatleswithwings
intoxicated (Tom Wilson)by mck
He's just gonna break your heart. That's what I kept telling myself but I didn't think it was gonna happen. Never in a million years. Until he really did break it. &quo...
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Love is love Tj oshie  imagine  by hockeysister8131
Love is love Tj oshie imagine by Hockeysister8131
Tabitha Wilson is tom Wilson Sister also the first girl in the NLB she plays for the Chicago Cubs what happens when she goes to play vs The Braves they are playing in Wa...
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NHL Imagines by hockeyfan1999
NHL Imaginesby hockeyfan1999
book filled with imagines of any NHL player. Requests are open. I also have a tumblr that these are posted on and do take requests on there as well.
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One Direction Pregnancy by PrincessKbunny
One Direction Pregnancyby Kayla.
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The New Girl Next Door [Rough Version] by Legend1234
The New Girl Next Door [Rough Hanna
A Louis Tomilnson Fan fiction. Luce a new werewolf in town moves next door to the rivaling alpha Louis. Both unaware that the other is a werewolf let alone the enemy, t...
  • louistomlinson
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  • lucyhale
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