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NHL IMAGINESby Deanna DeMerritt
Send me requests of your favorite teams and players! I'll do anyone from any NHL team! If you'd like I could do personals, just send in descriptions of what you'd want...
  • tomwilson
  • tylerseguin
  • requests
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NHL Imagines  by gexrgiegirl
NHL Imagines by G e o r g i e
Imagines with your favorite players (Mainly NHL, but I'm also open to do OHL, AHL, NWHL, etc.) Thank you so much for reading!
  • connormcdavid
  • noahhanifin
  • michaellatta
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One Direction Imagines/Preferences by LoriLori2010
One Direction Imagines/Preferencesby LoriAnne
  • louis
  • styles
  • harry
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Shooter by crazyharmony
Shooterby Clara
Amelia moves to London to escape her violent past. She is lost in what to do until she is hired as One Directions armed body guard. She uncovers a plot that forces her p...
  • josh
  • tomilson
  • five
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Moments by FashionablyGeeky
Momentsby Samantha
  • styles
  • direction
  • tomilson
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тнє υитσℓ∂ ℓσνє (ℓαяяу fαиfι¢тισи) by xXHellaRadXx
тнє υитσℓ∂ ℓσνє (ℓαяяу fαиfι¢тισи)by Cristopher Phoenix
there once was a boy. and another boy. two quite famous British boys, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. They are madly truly deeply in love with all there little things...
  • edward
  • zayn
  • niall
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Falling for Naill Horan by bittersweetpink
Falling for Naill Horanby bittersweetpink
I paced back in forth in the small room. I calmed down enough to know that it was empty. Completely bare.Every slight movement I made whether it was a deep breathe, or a...
  • irish
  • roommates
  • band
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Star Crossed. (Zayn Malik Fan Fiction) by zmalik9
Star Crossed. (Zayn Malik Fan Fict...by Zahra ✌️
He's a heart throb, She's the girl next door, He’s a super star who has charmed millions around the world, She‘s a no nonsense, distant whiz, charged with ambition and...
  • styles
  • tomlinson
  • payne
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stolen by styles by goodvibes10
stolen by stylesby goodvibes10
Lux Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson's younger sister is stolen by rival gang leader Harry Styles. Louis Tomilson's gang is called "bad blood". Harry Styles gang is...
  • louis
  • tomilson
  • kidnapped
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Colliding With Conventionality by speckk
Colliding With Conventionalityby speckk
Conventionality is all big time celebrity like Harry Styles could ask for right? A chance to go back to a somewhat normal life even for a short amount of time. It's just...
  • horan
  • payne
  • harry
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The Game ~ One Direction Fan Fiction {ON HOLD} by Ajbabezxx
The Game ~ One Direction Fan Ficti...by Wendy Ani
Gabrieanna C. Davis often goes by the name Gab, Gabie , Rihann or anything you can make out of the name Gabrieanna. Shes Just an ordaniry girl who gets hit by a car and...
  • babes
  • harry
  • game
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Do you still love me?      ((Tom Wilson fanfic)) by amber04blank_
Do you still love me? ((Tom W...by amberblank11
Dating a NHLer is tough. You have to trust them 1000% no matter what. You also have to go along for the ride and know what you're getting yourself into. You have to plan...
  • nhl
  • love
  • washingtoncapitals
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Liam's Pain by skylercurtin26
Liam's Painby Sky
Liams life has never been that great. Hes normally ingored. That was until a girl from Ireand and a band made him realize hes more than he thinks hes worth. What will h...
  • louis
  • british
  • love
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Endless Love by directioner4life_cx
Endless Loveby yenni
Destiny comes from a very fancy & religions family. She is engaged to Jordan but what happens when she meets a new guy? Her family won't like this.....
  • niall
  • horan
  • louis
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Didn't Change by dancersouth
Didn't Changeby dancersouth
Will he ever?
  • fan
  • opposites
  • tomilson
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Call it a Comeback by SchoolOfRock87
Call it a Comebackby fiona colleen price
Book 2 of the Call it Series "Don't pretend you ever forgot about me." After Casey Mitchell recovers from his life-changing injury, he's back to playing hockey...
  • icehockey
  • tomwilson
  • krisletang
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