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Another Chance [English] by harrybeautifulstyles
Another Chance [English]by marcela r.
They have never seen each other before, but when they met they felt a strong connection between them, as if everything had already happened before, over and over again.
  • zacefron
  • 5sos
  • onedirection
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Where Your Heart Is (A Harry Styles Fanfiction) #pfcc2k16 #Wattys2016 by lucygotapen
Where Your Heart Is (A Harry Style...by voices in me head⚡️
She loved him, but she had to move on. Then they met, and he just couldn't. -- TRAILER -- https://youtu.be/u6wrdHGfYG4 Made by @Amelia-bell ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • romance
  • styles
  • romantic
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Pretending Not To Be {HxH FF} by RealHopeTrash
Pretending Not To Be {HxH FF}by Kassidy Redhart
PG-13 Ships will develops over time heheheh Celoa Ebatryne is forced into going through the hunters exam. her rich family just wants more money! she ran away after being...
  • fan
  • killua
  • hxh
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Redhead [David De Gea] by littlepotterr
Redhead [David De Gea]by Miau
Emma and David are thick as thieves. They do everything together. One day, Emma must return to England with her parents, both promise not to forget and David is proposed...
  • cuple
  • manchesterunited
  • cute
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the darker cyde by dEnacci
the darker cydeby Dend
Teika is a normal teen...until she finds out that she is the goddess of the underworld. she is willing to forsake all except the one she thinks can save her. (tion)
  • teen
  • starwberry
  • vampires
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Strings Attached by maddieadams21
Strings Attachedby maddieadams21
  • shawn
  • fic
  • tion
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spider man and the army of villains by yash2002may
spider man and the army of villainsby yash2002may
spiderman face of among the villains of new York so read it
  • jin
  • dvj
  • tion
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Best Friends (Sammy Wilk) by bootyfulnash
Best Friends (Sammy Wilk)by bootyfulnash
Summer and Sam have been best friends for as long as they can remember
  • friends
  • sammy
  • love
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Tion X Alana by kaybug2019
Tion X Alanaby kaybug2019
Here's a love story that's not going so well
  • alana
  • loves
  • tion
A Kiriko? {HxH FF} by RealHopeTrash
A Kiriko? {HxH FF}by Kassidy Redhart
Sumai Garakashi is not human— but she is a Kiriko that is able to use Nen. how? no one knows! but since she is able to use Nen in her humanoid form, she is classified as...
  • fic
  • hxh
  • gon
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A Game Of Treason (Hiatus) by secret_agent_of_221B
A Game Of Treason (Hiatus)by G.M. Rivers
Sherlock Fanfic Everything is calm at Baker Street, everything is silent. There hadn't been an interesting case for weeks, until they met her. She is an unsolved mystery...
  • john
  • sherlockholmes
  • fanfic
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dancing queen by dreamercams
dancing queenby dreamercams
  • fanfic
  • dylan
  • dylandauzat
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My Love (a Rixton fanfic) by SoundlessVoice27
My Love (a Rixton fanfic)by Danny Ainsworth <3
Who would have thought that an accident would become a crazy love story?
  • love
  • lewimorgan
  • band
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TLG TOUR  by barelybrandon
TLG TOUR by barelybrandon
It's a fanfic, just read it.
  • tion
  • rudan
  • nick
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Contagious  by claudiadurst
Contagious by claudiadurst
When you feel the urgency of love and this love may be contagious.
  • spock
  • menage
  • startrek
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in the name of winter ♧ c.h [coming soon] by thestylesuits
in the name of winter ♧ c.h [comin...by gina from argentina ❤
In which a boy with a habit of breaking hearts meets a girl with a love for The Big Bang Theory.
  • romance
  • tion
  • 5secondsofsummer
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Tiaga Woods {HxH Killua x OC!} by Taiga_Yagami
Tiaga Woods {HxH Killua x OC!}by [ Unused Account ]
PG-13 Ne! My main oc (other than Amai lol) is Tiaga, so I need her to have a hxh fic! she's a multidimensional character!! yay!! Description: Tiaga is dense to all love...
  • fic
  • main
  • hunterxhunter
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Love ✖ Triangle! {H✖H Gon✖Oc✖Killua} by Taiga_Yagami
Love ✖ Triangle! {H✖H Gon✖Oc✖Killu...by [ Unused Account ]
yayy!! I GOT THE BEST IDEA I THINK PG-13 Chou Wakahisa, a gentle, bubbly, yet dense girl, find herself in a love triangle between the over protective killua, and the eve...
  • chou
  • butterfly
  • triangle
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