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I Prefer You by SuicidalGooze
I Prefer Youby Gooze
Thor Odinson is a new comer upon earth. After helping the Avengers defeat aliens from destroying New York, Thor decides to stick around. He knows nothing about this plan...
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☆ thruce oneshots ☆  by demonicrat
☆ thruce oneshots ☆ by rat🐁
there will be smut, fluff and maybe I'll add some stony and winter falcon❤️
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thorbruce one shots  by Dvc123
thorbruce one shots by PJO/MCU fan
these are a bunch of one shots based on Thor/Bruce You can request if you want comment your request or message me The character belong all to Marvel.
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✧ thunderstruck ✧ by marvelkoolaid
✧ thunderstruck ✧by ✧
[ #1 in thorbruce ] bruce and thor. what an odd pairing; yet it somehow works. and they both know that. from the moment they both first laid eyes upon each other, they k...
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I Need A Doctor - IRONSTRANGE by gaybiebabie
I Need A Doctor - IRONSTRANGEby ♡☆♡
Tony Stark, as known as the infamous Iron Man, is constantly getting wounded in fights. Doctor Stephen Strange seems to be the only doctor suited for the job of helping...
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30 things || Highschool AU! Thruce Fanfic by cr33per
30 things || Highschool AU! Christian household
" I know that you'd feel the way that I do And I'd whisper these words as you'd lie here by my side I love you" [All characters mentioned that isn't Trevor bel...
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Avengers Fam Oneshots by SenseOfAct
Avengers Fam Oneshotsby Kofi
Avengers Oneshots! •Feel free to request anything you want, just follow the rules below• •If I do not respond to your request, it's either you didn't request it at the r...
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Marvel: Thruce by marvelstars
Marvel: Thruceby Raleigh Buchanan
Was asked to write a Thruce fanfic by one of my readers. Hopefully this goes well. Gonna put smut and fluff. You've been warned. Don't like it then don't read it. Prob...
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angry {thruce} by lilalternativekid
angry {thruce}by j0e🎈
"i am clean!" "no, you're not." #11 in #thruce
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MCU/Irondad/Spiderson stuff! by Redarrow98
MCU/Irondad/Spiderson stuff!by Redarrow98
Fan art and other things I find! From - Tumblr - Pinterest - Twitter I dont own any MCU characters or any of the art in these, I enjoyed them and thought I'd share! No...
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«Rollercoaster» by gardenshnail
«Rollercoaster»by milo
Peter just wants his team to know that he's strong and brave. But how can he do that when he's slowly falling in love with the boy everyone warns him about? ★★★★★★★ [SP...
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Marvel Ships OneShots by LouLukeAshHaz
Marvel Ships OneShotsby LouLukeAshHaz
Marvel ships... but gay
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thruce by olivercomi
thruceby oliver comi
bruce does something, something he would regret. and thor, just wants to be there to help him through it. bests - #1 in thorbruce 💘 #4 in thruce 💗
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Bruce x Thor Infiniti war by Dvc123
Bruce x Thor Infiniti warby PJO/MCU fan
I have to write this. What if Bruce turn into dust when Thanos snapped his fingers.
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thor, bruce, & tutoring by tcnystank
thor, bruce, & tutoringby m
Thor needs an excuse to hang out with his crush. Luckily, Bruce is one of the smartest guys he knows. Or, the cliché-as-hell highschool fic no one asked for but are gett...
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Couldn't Imagine Life Without You by panini_potatoes
Couldn't Imagine Life Without Youby panini_potatoes
Tony lives with his older sister Kayla. They just moved to a new city and a new school. Tony already has a crush on Stephen. His dad in an alcoholic and their mom left...
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ᏚᎻᎾᏟKᏔᎪᏙᎬ [Stucky Fanfic] by Crispyboa
ᏚᎻᎾᏟKᏔᎪᏙᎬ [Stucky Fanfic]by Crispyboa
Ok so. Drake, son of Steve and Bucky, is a character that isn't from the MCU but he will be. Yes, I created him. So he's best friends with Wade Wilson since his first d...
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Avengers Highschool au by sillybuck
Avengers Highschool auby Bucky!!!
Could one high school party change everything? An au where the avengers are in high school! :) [Ships include: Stucky, Hawksilver, Pepperony, Thruce, etc] *ALL CHARACTER...
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Awkward and Oblivious -Winterfalcon by dracobesexy
Awkward and Oblivious -Winterfalconby Yougotthistravis
Bucky is awkward, he just might be in love with Sam. He's just a great friend, right? Sam is Oblivious, he has absolutely no idea what the hell is up with Bucky lately...
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Marvel One Shots by IImarvelII
Marvel One Shotsby IImarvelII
Title says it all: a bunch of one shots about my favourite marvel ships. The ship will be in the chapter name, fyi Also, I do take requests. I will try my best on them...
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