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NICKNAMES, sambucky by wintcrfalcon
NICKNAMES, sambuckyby liya
it first started as a joke. it was supposed to be some dumb nicknames to tease and rile each other up during their typical banter. so how did things escalate to this poi...
Avengers and the Multiverse by alecia00
Avengers and the Multiverseby Alecia
After Loki, Peter, Wanda, and Dr. Strange break the multiverse, the Avengers are brought together to try and fix it. To do so, they must watch the movies and tv shows ma...
Learning  by kumotsukii
Learning by Levi
Sam is called to the scene with Peter Parker who is fleeing from Mysterio, who just told the world his identity. Sam takes the boy under his wing, as another partner, no...
SamBucky One Shots by deuce_tiberius
SamBucky One Shotsby Deuce
Sam x Bucky Oneshots (MCU and Comic-verse) *requests open*
The way you look at me (Sam x Bucky)  by SnapesLovelyhair
The way you look at me (Sam x L
Set 6 months after endgame, Sam decided not to take up the mantle of captain America and when he gives away the shield nothing but bad comes out of it. A new threat is...
Bucky oneshots by ILoveBuckyTooMuch
Bucky oneshotsby ILoveBuckyTooMuch
some of these will be with someone, some will be just him
longing. [sambucky] by winterspigeons
longing. [sambucky]by alpi (they/them)
Sam laughed softly, the sound was still as beautiful as the first time Bucky had heard it. "We aren't very good at hating each other," Bucky mumbled, mostly t...
Sambucky one-shots (Fluff) by thebluecharacter
Sambucky one-shots (Fluff)by thebluecharacter
Sambucky fluff one shots [except for that one chapter :)]
Final Lap - Sambucky AU  by kumotsukii
Final Lap - Sambucky AU by Levi
Sam has been racing for two years in Formula 1, but when he got start there was a crash that caused the retirement of a racer he looked up. What happened to him?
Sam Wilson Oneshots  by hwyltrhoarcb
Sam Wilson Oneshots by Haley
There are barely any fics for Sam, so here I am writing this. This Oneshot list includes both SamBucky and Y/n stories.
Winterfalcon Oneshots | OhHelloFandoms123 by OhHelloFandoms123
Winterfalcon Oneshots | AL
Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes oneshots! Watch these two fall in love :) [REQUESTS ARE CLOSED.]
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Mcu smut oneshots by myfishnamedlou
Mcu smut oneshotsby myfishnamedlou
⚠️THIS IS ALL SMUT ⚠️ If there are any fluff or angst it will say beside the title. I don't accept any homophobia or bullying I will take requests but please don't spam...
PeterxNed One-Shots by deadaccount916
PeterxNed One-Shotsby deadaccount916
This is a collection of short stories revolving around Peter Parker and Ned Leeds from the Marvel Universe. It will follow the life of Peterxned in all different situati...
SamBucky Oneshots by eefan_iscool69
SamBucky Oneshotsby Ethan B)
SamBucky nonsense, very angsty and smutty maybe a lil fluff. ENJOY!!
White Noise. by ableakmidwinter
White ableakmidwinter
Bucky can't sleep; Thoughts & nightmares haunt him.
Agent 007 (A Steve Rogers x Reader Fic) by smellslikehotgorlshi
Agent 007 (A Steve Rogers x Annabelle
Currently being edited/rewritten. (Chapters with written numbers {e.g. One} have been edited, actual numbers are TBC.) "I have this feeling in my heart-" Steve...
WinterFalcon Oneshots by AlphaWolf0215
WinterFalcon Oneshotsby Brittney Cremeans
I think this ship is really cute. That's all I have to say. *The stories have nothing in common unless it says so* *cover art not mine*
SamBucky One-Shots by JustThatBooklife_AK
SamBucky One-Shotsby Ava.k
Just some random cute moments of our favorite old married couple that I randomly think of... I also will be rewriting parts of the Tfatws episodes and adding stuff that...
sambucky one-shots by mace141
sambucky one-shotsby sage lane
this is my first one shot book in years so it might not be good.