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Lost Letters by anotherines9
Lost Lettersby The Wonder Soldier
"Before being frozen, Bucky demanded Steve to go back to his last apartment in Bucharest to find a red cardboard box which had important and special stuff for Steve...
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Rants From a Sambucky Stan by ArtyOreo
Rants From a Sambucky Stanby ArtyOreo
Rants about the MCU fandom's favourite(?) ship because why the hecking oof not?
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Sweetheart, | winterfalcon short stories  by buchananbottoms
Sweetheart, | winterfalcon short Flash Bastard
Art by @/Persephone on tumblr I usually update every few months but sometimes I get busy. If you see that this hasn't been updated in 3 months dont worry! That's just...
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Sorry /WinterFalcon/ by fck-mckie
Sorry /WinterFalcon/by “Lies of The Past”
Bucky needs Sam to love him again.
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From Hate To Love ×Winterfalcon× by Dragon_Master_Addi
From Hate To Love ×Winterfalcon×by I Need Coffee
Just a fanfiction about Winterfalcon. Bucky knows he has fallen in love with Sam, but Sam has a few grudges to hold against Bucky. Can Bucky get Sam to love him back?
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Winterfalcon Oneshots | OhHelloFandoms123 by OhHelloFandoms123
Winterfalcon Oneshots | Writing Talk
Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes oneshots! Fluff, angst and all! Requests are open!
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Broke by that_gay_sniz
Brokeby Adam/Theo
Bucky looses his arm and before he can go back under he is forced back into the form of the Winter Soldier. When he regains consiousness, he finds his arm missing, he's...
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i miss you [oneshots] Mostly Sambucky by CertifiedCrackhead
i miss you [oneshots] Mostly Lᴇᴄʜᴇ
★彡 Oneshots 彡★ //OPEN REQUESTS// |ғℓυғғ♡|Sℳυ✞☆|ᴀɴɢsᴛ◇| Mostly gonna be Sambucky
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Your Name 《ironstrange》 by Bunnymye0n
Your Name 《ironstrange》by strange
"Hi Tony Stark, I like you." -S.S Stephen Strange, a wallflower, meets Tony Stark, heartthrob of the school. He had a teeny crush on Tony, well...maybe not tee...
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Incorrect Aavengers Headcanons: Part 1 by buchananbottoms
Incorrect Aavengers Headcanons: Flash Bastard
Wellcome to the marvel pit of feelings (tm) we have popcorn on the right and the screaming/crying room on the left. (Some of these come from popular Tv shows, I don't wr...
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Incorrect Aavengers Headcanons: Part 2 by buchananbottoms
Incorrect Aavengers Headcanons: Flash Bastard
a continuation of the other one. Welcome to the marvel pit of feelings(tm) we have popcorn and snacks on the right and the screaming and or crying room on the left. (Som...
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Awkward and Oblivious -Winterfalcon by dracobesexy
Awkward and Oblivious -Winterfalconby Yougotthistravis
Bucky is awkward, he just might be in love with Sam. He's just a great friend, right? Sam is Oblivious, he has absolutely no idea what the hell is up with Bucky lately...
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WinterFalcon by that_gay_sniz
WinterFalconby Adam/Theo
coffee shop AU! Bucky drinks a lot of coffee. His friend Steve owns a local coffee shop and he figures he should stop by and get some coffee. He may have a small crush o...
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Stackie/SamBucky Oneshots ❤️ by Gleenmarvel
Stackie/SamBucky Oneshots ❤️by Gleenmarvel
⚠️pure FLUFF⚠️ I'm bored so yeet.
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Friendly Competition by WinterFalconXO
Friendly Competitionby WinterFalconXO
The fact that they were able to hide their relationship for this long is really an accomplishment. I mean Steve was bound to find out about them eventually but who knew...
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you are my strange addiction  by ravithedaddy
you are my strange addiction by Rav
Peter Stark-Rogers experiences his first break up at only sixteen years old. Normal Teen Tingz. Unfortunately for him, he isn't a normal teenager at all. His birth paren...
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Marvel Texts by ironzpidey
Marvel Textsby villain
mostly texts, sometimes i add a bit of verbal, narrative or letters. some are funny, some not but i honestly hope you enjoy reading them as much as i love writing them...
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Stucky Oneshots by marvelmulti
Stucky Oneshotsby marvelmulti
Steve x Bucky Bucky x Sam Cute Stucky oneshots. Smut? *I will be adding more as I come up with ideas :)*
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the shield: sambucky by briesbih
the shield: sambuckyby k
[for adrienne + ghala] just a couple of dudes being gay while raising their child lmao uh.. this story is gonna be a total wreck , i'm sorry
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