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Tell Me The Truth ~ Peter x Harley by heymynameisreese
Tell Me The Truth ~ Peter x Harleyby heymynameisreese
Harley Keener takes an internship position at Stark Tower. He meets a boy named Peter Parker. What happens next?
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They Should've Known  by because_i_said_so_
They Should've Known by Why though?
.love /ləv/ noun intense feeling of deep affection. ----- A story in which two friends fall in love. And, when they fell, they fell hard. ----- Update!: The sequel...
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Little More Love (parley/parkner) ON HOLD by Marveltookmysanity
Little More Love (parley/parkner) Smol_bean_parker
upon arriving at the tower tony's got a little surprise for Mr. parker. but Peter isn't sure he trusts him. his spidey sense goes haywire when he's around him. is it lov...
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connection - parkner week 2019 by blxrryfxced
connection - parkner week 2019by no. 1 alex gaskarth stan
[COMPLETED] parkner week 2019!! ~~~~~ day 1: parades day 2: jealousy day 3: baking day 4: first kiss day 5: secret confessions day 6: hurt/comfort day 7: "hurricane...
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Safe by marvel_chocolate
Safeby Lovingishard
Peter Parker- 15, Spider-Man, a hopeless bisexual and in need of a father. Harley Keener- 16, a southern gay, and in need of someone to protect. Tony Stark- a father, i...
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spaceboy (ON HOLD) + parkner/spiderlad by -Ioverboy-
spaceboy (ON HOLD) + parkner/ bluejay
Peter can't see, but he wants to. He really, really does. He wants to see what space looks like, and he wants to know what it looks like when it rains. But most of all...
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IronDad One shots.  by melodey123
IronDad One shots. by melodey123
Iron dad one shots to cure your Endgame Depression Endgame spoilers. Some angst not a lot tho. Harley and peter too.
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Secrets by we_miss_tony
Secretsby we_miss_tony
We all have secrets, should we have them. Peter Parker × Harley Keener Peter Parker a 17 year old kid with a secret, and an aunt that has a horrible secret. Harley Keen...
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why are you like this? - parkner / parley by blxrryfxced
why are you like this? - no. 1 alex gaskarth stan
spiderboy: god help me emjay: what's up loser spiderboy: now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down and i'd like to take a minute just sit...
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Peter Parker's Diary by Meme_Sphere
Peter Parker's Diaryby Meme_Sphere
Set in the marvel cinematic universe after the events of Spiderman Far From Home (but not the mid credit scene), Peter Parker had a crush on Harley Keener, the new kid a...
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IronDad and SpiderSon One-Shots by Bi_Slytherin_Bitch
IronDad and SpiderSon One-Shotsby Bi_Slytherin_Bitch
Tony Stark being a father, and actually caring for his children
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marvel memes by BuckyBarnesIsJesus
marvel memesby Rainbow Mess
the title
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Parkner Week 2019 by FikyX60
Parkner Week 2019by FikyX60
This is a week of Parkner fics, one each day for the first week of August, not related to the other Parkner fic I've mentioned in my Starker Smut fic. Cover art belongs...
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Marvel Ships OneShots by LouLukeAshHaz
Marvel Ships OneShotsby LouLukeAshHaz
Marvel ships... but gay
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Avengers one shots! by Darkreader1st
Avengers one shots!by ༺ Loki Odinson༻
The title of the book is pretty self explanatory and I've wanted to do a book like this for quite some time since every other one book I see isn't up to my expectations...
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marvel/spidey and avengers one-shots by tonystarkisirondad
marvel/spidey and avengers ily 300
one-shots about our favorite arachnid and our favorite bunch of superheroes. requests are welcome stating the obvious, all characters used in this book belong to Marvel...
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perennial 💫 spiderlad 💫 intermission by goddess_divine
perennial 💫 spiderlad 💫 megan 💫
per•en•ni•al adj. lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring. /// college, flowers, and awkward outreaches. all with...
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