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Scarletwidow One Shots  by perfxctlynat
Scarletwidow One Shots by M💕
One Shots written about the iconic Wanda Maximoff and the one and only Natasha Romanoff.
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Heart Strings (Book 1) by emilyromanoff2018
Heart Strings (Book 1)by Emily
"you found parts of me I didn't know existed and in you I found a love I no longer believed was real." "Baby you're pulling on my heart strings." Boo...
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He Didn't See That Coming. by socksthesnake
He Didn't See That Toaster
What happens when Clint finds a homeless boy, crippled by birth defects, on the side of the road? /abandoned work/
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Gotta Go Fast - Hawksilver High School AU by katiedidthatt
Gotta Go Fast - Hawksilver High Katie
Clint was your classic high school nerd. Pietro was your classic high school jock. The two boys were total opposites, but what will happen when they end up having gym t...
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Cigarette Daydreams (Stucky) by witchboyway
Cigarette Daydreams (Stucky)by Michael Quinn
Since Infinity War ruined all of our lives, let's just enjoy this nice sweet, Stucky and friends college AU.
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The Assassin and The Witch [Scarlet Widow] by Yatengami_Skullz_21
The Assassin and The Witch [ 『₩₳Ɽ Ӿ ₲ØĐ』
Ever since Wanda met a woman, she was immediately fallen in love with this woman and ever since childhood she was an lesbian all the time which soon she joins the woman'...
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Marvelous by stellar_bright
Marvelousby kati bee
basically, marvel characters in hogwarts. with a storyline. i hope you enjoy reading this!
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A Revenge Tail by Chocolatewolfthing
A Revenge Tailby Chocolatewolfthing
Wanda and Natasha are thrown into a new life. Literally. Don't kill me tail is supposed to be spelt like that. If you have a problem with that you can fight me.
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Sies Originales. by StashaRomanogers95
Sies NatalieRogers95
Sies adolescentes aprenderán a seguir juntos a pesar de todo.
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Confiaba en ti💔 (Scarletwidow) by Lolo390
Confiaba en ti💔 (Scarletwidow)by Lern_Jauregui97
Colaboración con@princesaamidala Esperamos que les guste
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Instagram (Los hijos de los vengadores) by Lolo390
Instagram (Los hijos de los Lern_Jauregui97
Puto si no lees
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We Just Wanna Be Whole // Avengers AU by visionary_witch
We Just Wanna Be Whole // amanda
Bruce and Thor are dorm mates. Professor Stark and Doctor Strange finally go on a date. Professors Barnes and Rogers are engaged. Wanda and Natasha are international stu...
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Past and future unided by Lolo390
Past and future unidedby Lern_Jauregui97
Los hijos de los vengadores quedaron devastados por la perdida de sus padres y harán todo lo posible para traerlos de vuelta¿Creen que lo logren
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The Light You Bring by AnxiousEmoNightmare
The Light You Bringby It's Bucky, Bitch.
Steve was just a little nervous about going to see a band play in public. But Natasha wanted him to see her perform and how the hell could he say no to his best friend...
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Our Life by actual-anakin
Our Lifeby HayleyS
This story is about the Barnes (Bucky, Steve, Margaret, and Peter) family. Ships include: Stucky Spideypool Hawksilver Scarletwidow Frostiron and probably some other on...
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The Widow And The Witch (A Marvel Fan fiction) by daffodilgirl1
The Widow And The Witch (A The Author
What if Wanda Maximoff grew up in the Red Room, training beside Natasha Romanoff. Can a childhood friendship turn into to somthing more than just a friendship? Will she...
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The Licántropos (los vengadores) by Lolo390
The Licántropos (los vengadores)by Lern_Jauregui97
Que pasaría si los vengadores fueran hombres lobos y tuvieran hijos ¿Creen que los chicos logren encontrar el amor?
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Chat Avengers by user49480878
Chat Avengersby Anonim@
*Nada Normal *Contenido altamente gay *Ataques epilepticos de risa asegurados el puerco araña! el puerco araña al mal ataca con la telaraña!
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Scarletwidow one-shots (scarlet witch x black widow) by margron_the_elf
Scarletwidow one-shots (scarlet Mary Madelyne McEwan
I didnt see a lot of Scarletwidow fan fics on here so I decided to grace you with this book. I am taking reccomendations. will be fluff and smut and in-between things. h...
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the love of a superhero by starkspalmer
the love of a superheroby — kylie
sequel of 2 different worlds. after the avengers returned home from the waverider on earth-1, stuff has gotten pretty wacky. but only for tony stark, he woke up one morn...
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