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Sent away to live with 3 hot guys...and they have a Secret by Sugababy7
Sent away to live with 3 hot guys...by Rachel
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But Our Love Is Forbidden (Uncle × Niece) by kennerbenner
But Our Love Is Forbidden (Uncle ×...by kenkookie
*updates are random* "Then show me" she says barely over a whisper. "Kiss me like I'm the only one. Tell me you want me. Touch me like you need me."...
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Sanscest lemon oneshot thingie? by Meowizer
Sanscest lemon oneshot thingie?by Danger Noodle Goyo
I don't even know. Just doing this for when I get bored. I accept requests. Have fun
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The Trouble with Cauldrons... by the_waiting_author
The Trouble with Cauldrons...by Just writing...
Snarry/Drarry. What if Severus Snape never knew that Harry was a Potter? He never hated him. Never gave him detention out of spite. All in all, he was like any other Hog...
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Creepypasta 7 Minutes In Heaven by Masked_Terror
Creepypasta 7 Minutes In Heavenby Dani
Any creepypasta you want, the most comments on a certain one and I'll write about it!
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Ernesto X Héctor short stories by VelvetSnake
Ernesto X Héctor short storiesby VelvetSnake
These are going to be short stories about Héctor Rivera and Ernesto de la Cruz. I've looked around the internet for Ernector fan fictions; however, as it is not a very p...
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Maybe I Don't Know, But Maybe That's Okay [DISCONTINUED] by ZoomQ21
Maybe I Don't Know, But Maybe That...by ZoomQ21
What can I say but... PLUS ULTRA
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The Thing About Fitz Vacker by Someonewhoisnthere
The Thing About Fitz Vackerby Nelly
Sophie Foster is new to Foxfire, new to Eternalia, new to the elvin kind in general. Having been living in the human world for most of her life and recently acquiring ne...
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What happens when Sanses meet? (My First book i hope it's okay) by Error_in_the_Abyss
What happens when Sanses meet? (My...by Error_in_the_Abyss
Ever wonder what sanses are like really like when they are together? Classic just likes to joke and pun around, Blue of course is just his awesome self, and Fell....well...
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The Nigerian Billionaire by Ifeoma1212
The Nigerian Billionaireby Ifeoma Ugeh
Ada is your average 25 year old waitress working a minimum wage job at a diner while going to law school. James is your typical ruthless CEO of a multi-billion dollar co...
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DHMIS One-Shots! by Finnylikewise
DHMIS One-Shots!by Time_To_Get_Creative
Cute lil One-Shots of DHMIS ships! Please leave suggestions of what to write, and Feedback is much appreciated!!
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Ticci Toby x Suicidal! Reader by pineappleturtlesause
Ticci Toby x Suicidal! Readerby Pineberry
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Let Me Be Your Eyes by GamzeeMakera
Let Me Be Your Eyesby Rachael
Dipper and Mabel Pines go to live in the large town of Gravity Falls with their great uncles. Both are excited, but Dipper is a little more than nervous. Exploring new p...
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peтerιcĸ oɴeѕнoтѕ by pavloveonhigh
peтerιcĸ oɴeѕнoтѕby dead !
full of f and snuggling. what more would you want?
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The high school quarterback and the tomboy? Yeah I don't think so! [COMPLETED] by itsmebitches
The high school quarterback and th...by Ellie ♥
Max Trevors (a girl name as well thank you very much!!) is a total tomboy through and through. Skating, football, NO MAKEUP, you name it! But she starts noticing a certa...
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D U M B ; joshler by -dxntdxdrxgs
D U M B ; joshlerby ☠︎ jesse ☠︎
[[SEQEUL TO S T U P I D]] Four years have passed, and with their final year of college knocking at their door the boys are content. With their relationship stronger tha...
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This is War (Hetalia) by i_love_the_angst
This is War (Hetalia)by Isthisthereallife?
The arguing against the countries have gotten worsening by the minute. Italy is very worried and when he hears that all alliances will be dropped he didn't know what to...
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My Drawings!!! by lili-senpie
My Drawings!!!by Lili
My possibly good drawings! I EXCEPT REQUEST!!! These are all my Drawings but use them for WATEVER u want just don't say their yours!!
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On the Edge Noremin FF by Mordor4life
On the Edge Noremin FFby Vortex
I'm so confused Whether the monster is me Or within me
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