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A Mother's Love by misunderstood_mayhem
A Mother's Loveby Loverboy
While the tired Avengers celebrated with a nice kabob, Loki breaks free from his prison transport, without harming anyone. Thor must decide what to do when they find him.
Sanscest lemon oneshot thingie? by Meowizer
Sanscest lemon oneshot thingie?by Danger Noodle Goyo
I don't even know. Just doing this for when I get bored. I accept requests. Have fun
The Trouble with Cauldrons... by the_waiting_author
The Trouble with Cauldrons...by Just writing...
Snarry/Drarry. What if Severus Snape never knew that Harry was a Potter? He never hated him. Never gave him detention out of spite. All in all, he was like any other Hog...
On the Edge Noremin by Mordor4life
On the Edge Noreminby Vortex
To be honest it isn't just strictly norenmin. ~Soulmate au~ Any scar that appears on your body appears on your soumates until kissed away.
Ernesto X Héctor short stories by VelvetSnake
Ernesto X Héctor short storiesby VelvetSnake
These are going to be short stories about Héctor Rivera and Ernesto de la Cruz. I've looked around the internet for Ernector fan fictions; however, as it is not a very p...
Forest Of Blooming Flowers by MAPLE_SYRUP-SENPAI
Forest Of Blooming Flowersby Gimmie your fooking kneecaps
Just a dumb love story I guess also, warning there will be swearing :P
6:53 am (A short story) by BastandHecate
6:53 am (A short story)by Sianna
I wrote this for the HomeBeforeDark Challenge, prior to realizing you have to be 18 years old to submit...🤦🏽‍♀️. I changed it since I no longer had to worry about the...
This isn't just an art book, it's a full DIGITAL ARTBOOK that contains the following: -FURRY ART -LITTLE NIGHTMARES ART - FANART -POSSIBLY REQUESTS -OTHER ART BUT I DOUB...
Betrayed by love( Leo Valdez fan fiction) by ValdezGrayson
Betrayed by love( Leo Valdez fan f...by ValdezGrayson
When Leo is accused for a crime he had never done, he knows it's time to take off and run away from Camp Half-Blood and makes an oath to never turn back. Ever. Join Leo...
The Thing About Fitz Vacker by Someonewhoisnthere
The Thing About Fitz Vackerby Blur
Sophie Foster is new to Foxfire, new to Eternalia, new to the elvin kind in general. Having been living in the human world for most of her life and recently acquiring ne...
Hungry (Cyan x orange) by rayray330012345
Hungry (Cyan x orange)by Rayray3300
Cyan was one of the best impostors around. His sabotage skills are amazing. His kills were quick and deadly. He could travel through vents at light speed. Nobody ever fo...
DHMIS One-Shots! by Quinnthefin
DHMIS One-Shots!by Time_To_Get_Creative
Cute lil One-Shots of DHMIS ships! Please leave suggestions of what to write, and Feedback is much appreciated!!
Baby by bili_bili
Babyby Chaos 😈
{on going} Woosan [Published Nov 25 - Ended ?] {Cover by @MiraLovez}
CRAVE *rdj fic* by flipittygibbit
CRAVE *rdj fic*by Z’s
This story is quite unique in the process of writing it..., the story is written by two authors. @levixstark - Robert was 36 and belle's 19
Through my Rose Tinted Glasses by brandonjmbourne
Through my Rose Tinted Glassesby Brandon J.M. Bourne
Have you ever been in a situation where you didn't know what to do? Didn't know where you belonged, or thought you were different and didn't fit in? If this does apply t...
The Nigerian Billionaire by itnethse
The Nigerian Billionaireby itnethse
Ada is your average 25 year old waitress working a minimum wage job at a diner while going to law school. James is your typical ruthless CEO of a multi-billion dollar co...
HATHOR by --kiiwii
HATHORby ᴋɪᴡɪ
SHORT STORY "Sometimes a happy life doesn't depend on your own happiness; sometimes you can smile when someone else does." Derisan and Josiah have lived in a d...