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Exposed (#wattys2016)  by dulling
Exposed (#wattys2016) by alien
Completed. BoyxBoy. Moving from Orlando to Philadelphia changes nineteen year old Hale's life - literally. His alcoholic aunt is never home, leaving him and his eldest...
The Reason by awakened_dreams
The Reasonby °•°•Ana°•°•
[totally unedited and my first time at writing so I hope you guys bear with the flaws and read if you are going to] "I don't know why, but I tend to be a magnet th...
The Age of Forever | ✓ by sayhellokk
The Age of Forever | ✓by =
Adele Mason and Harold Bryon have escaped the wrath of aging and have stayed in their young years for reasons unknown to man. Although they have never officially met, th...
Espion | Book One by janmwhite
Espion | Book Oneby jmwhite
No emotions. No fears. Fulfill the mission. That is the code Annabelle lives by. She has no life, no friends, no family. What she does have is the ability to defuse a bo...
Toy Wolf by jaeshanks
Toy Wolfby Jae
{🐾Book 2🐾 } Captured for a murder he didn't commit, Conor is forced to adjust to a life of experiments, and to his odd cellmate, a bitter vampire named Stefa. As the...
Broken by Lightning_Stryker
Brokenby Jay 👑
[COMPLETED] An average girl in an average world, KL Kiyano had no idea of the amount of power that she possessed. After all, she was just a normal teenager that was tr...
Antidote by thirteenhoursofpain
Antidoteby clarice v.
An antidote for the lost, the hurt, and the broken. Highest Ranking: #03 in Poetry [06/21/16]
An Anonymous Call | √ by Deekshadreamz
An Anonymous Call | √by d e e k s h a
** Highest Ranking: #1 in Short Story ** Brittney Marie Claire had lacked one thing her entire life: Courage. But before entering college, she decided to show some real...
Imperfect Triangle by bythec
Imperfect Triangleby blythe.c
Never been kissed before, Xue struggles in a city that never sleeps. A barista by day, a Chinese herbal tea brewer by night, she works her ass off every day to support h...
Love Factually #JustWriteIt by Jenna_lives
Love Factually #JustWriteItby Teshika
"I'm not saying that I have a bad life, but if you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be a tragedy." When I said that there was...
The Third Wheel by caesium-
The Third Wheelby caesium-
❝Its hard to live with the fact that you're in love with someone who will never love you back.❞ ©caesium- Highest ranking #22 Short Story
shiver (FEATURED) | ✓ by stardust24601
shiver (FEATURED) | ✓by — holmes
**CURRENTLY A FEATURED STORY** highest ranking: #11 in Science fiction ❝true happiness is only achieved without freedom. There is a girl who wakes to a world that she w...
c o m e t s by delinquentdreams
c o m e t sby Del
"His eyes were set on the moon's pure reflection on the rolling waves and his ears were filled with the melody of raindrops splashing into the sea. This was the one...
A Dangerous Destiny: The Pure One Book I by stpolishook
A Dangerous Destiny: The Pure Stacey L. Polishook
A struggling king, the rebel leader who would see him defeated, and a woman with the ability to sway the tide of history. These three storylines come together in an epic...
Rich Kid in Disguise by ardentlee-
Rich Kid in Disguiseby » give love pls «
"Can you keep a secret?" In the world of business, a single mistake could destroy everything. That's what it meant for the Hale and Ford bloodline. And Penelop...
Coffee with Wilde by euphoriaseeker
Coffee with Wildeby Maiden of Darkness
In which a happy Sylvia Plath and a disgruntled Oscar Wilde meet over coffee to discuss boys, legal studies terms and the perils of being a writer in a logical world. [N...
One Shot Stories by junellogist
One Shot Storiesby Ianlicu
This book contains short stories that I wrote to share thoughts, express emotions, and materialize the ideas inside my mind. If you are fond of reading one-shots, you ca...
South of SomeWhere (-Editing-) by by-athenas-owls
South of SomeWhere (-Editing-)by Alice Keetings
How do you destroy a monster without becoming one....especially when the monster is The Beast that you love?
Deadly Secrets by a-dora-ble
Deadly Secretsby Dora Cordero
[NOW FEATURED IN GENERAL FICTION!!!] Everybody has secrets, something to hide. Some say your secrets are your blood; when you shed too much of it, you die. For Zara DeRe...
Sparks Make Fire (Dipcifica Fan-Fiction, #Wattys2016, #ThinkFiction) by xCheesecakeCharliex
Sparks Make Fire (Dipcifica Charlie
Dipper and Pacifica have always had a hatred between them, but what happens when two worlds collide? What happens when you make a deal? What happens when you loose her? ...