The Phoenix Pharaoh: Rise from the Ashes

The Phoenix Pharaoh: Rise from the Ashes

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A.C. Corner By miss-gatsby Updated Dec 11, 2017

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Zahra Kasmut has lived before our time.

In an ancient life, she fought against Set, an Egyptian deity, who had amassed a commanding army to overthrow her country. He butchered anyone who opposed him--man or woman, child or elder--and set countless towns and villages ablaze. With her city starving from a seemingly endless siege, Zahra and her companions had only two choices: kill an Egyptian god or die trying.

Somehow, Zahra survived Set's onslaught on her city, but not without an unwilling sacrifice that forced her away from her brother, uncle, and nation she had defended.

Thousands of years later, she now walks among us. Unaware of her true past, she goes about her mundane days craving more to life; all while trying to understand who the distant yet familiar voices in her head belong to.

One man, however, is aware of who she truly is: Akar Usi, a beloved ally of Set. Since the siege, he's been trapped under the ruins of his collapsed city, waiting to emerge and spark the civil war of Ancient Egypt once more. 

First, though, he'll start with Zahra--he'll start by making her suffer.


Cover by the brilliant @MayFreighter !