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The Run by Angel-Lunair
The Runby Alana Dyer
The cage doors are released and I open my saphire coloured eyes, dashing out of the prison and into the forest, the first to reach the safety of the trees that were once...
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The Crown by Angel-Lunair
The Crownby Alana Dyer
I take a deep breath as the sounds of the ball room escapes from the heavy wooden doors of the palace, my new home. I would be introduced as the Alpha Queen. The sounds...
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The Loner by Storyteller2400
The Lonerby Ash Wood
I was all alone in the woods. My family had left me to move on. I Midnight, From Shadow Clan, have been cast out. I'm a late shifter. I know you may not know what that m...
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The Run Series Quotes by rose_ress4002
The Run Series Quotesby Rose Ressler
For people who are interested, different quotes from my series "The Run Series". These quotes are mainly from the first book (published on amazon) and a couple...
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The Run by im_a_milly_lover
The Runby cross.44
Alyssa is a young girl who is mad at her step mother who has threatened Alyssa before but when ever Alyssa tells her dad, Rina, (Alyssa's step mother) lies and tells him...
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The Running game{Volume 1} To Be Continued  by XTheWatermellonGirlX
The Running game{Volume 1} To Be M.D. Waters
Ruby Gem is moving for the fifth time this year...and the worst part it's the middle of the semester, and she just got out. Her plan is to blend in, to become a nerd and...
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"What Has Been Created Shall Be Hunted Until Death" (creepypasta) by Justalittlesarcasm
"What Has Been Created Shall Be Justalittlesarcasm
This entire story is based off of a new character of mine that I'd like to try out. Jada or Needles is a girl whom was trapped in hell or Zalgos torture room for weeks...
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The Run by EmiViar
The Runby MVR
(work in progress) Even Green is part of an ancient group with supernatural powers who dedicate themselves to the protection of others.
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Almost too Close by Violet_n_Ashelley
Almost too Closeby Violet_n_Ashelley
Welcome to our world. The world where you're born with a necklace. A necklace that leads you to your true love. But there's a catch. Fail to find your perfect other hal...
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The Run by AshDavWrites
The Runby AshDavWrites
5 girls are forced to reenact the last moments their ghostly leaders had before they died. Will their town ever get rid of their Haunted Torment? Or forced to complete t...
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The Run by cookie-reads
The Runby Noel Doherty
Connor, a poor teenage boy in a family of eight, receives a gift from his parents on a special holiday: a chance to be entered into a Television competition called 'The...
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