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Game of Thrones One Shots by thenewnovelist
Game of Thrones One Shotsby thenewnovelist
I'll be doing Game of Thrones One Shots whether it's Reader x Character or Character x Character. Warning: I won't be doing children (e.g. Rickon, Tommen) cause that's...
Crossing Worlds (A Sandor Clegane fanfiction.) by MegLPie
Crossing Worlds (A Sandor Meg
Aurora Dawson was just like any other 23 year-old college student, but when she innocently decides to pay a visit to a new book shop, she's thrust into a world of war, v...
Shades of Crimson ♞ Sandor Clegane by xlexjxdrx
Shades of Crimson ♞ Sandor Cleganeby xlexjxdrx
In which a stag falls in love with a hound. [ s l o w u p d a t e s ] [s e a s o n o n e] [t h e h o u n d x o c] [s t a r t e d a u g u s t 2 0 1 7]
Sandor Clegane / The Hound x reader by kats-haven
Sandor Clegane / The Hound x readerby Kani
A collection of Sandor Clegane / the Hound x reader one shots/imagines/drabbles.
Sandor Clegane Imagines by PsychedeliCat96
Sandor Clegane Imaginesby PsychedeliCat
A bunch of Sandor Clegane x reader imagines/one shots. If anyone has requests, I'd love to write some, so fire away! ~Cat
You truly are something else - Sandor Clegane x reader by Sabreeyna
You truly are something else - Sabreeyna
You're the younger sister of Margaery Tyrell and you accompany her to Kingslanding. Since you are a child you feel inferior to your sister and the fact that she is about...
Game of thrones x reader Imagines/Headcanons/Oneshots by Sabreeyna
Game of thrones x reader Sabreeyna
This is a little collection of different Game of thrones character x reader imagines, headcanons and one shots. English isn't my first language, so I want to apologize...
The Strength of Her // SansaxSandor by xfirstofhername
The Strength of Her // SansaxSandorby Selena
*SanSan* Winterfell is free of the Boltons, winter is here, and Sansa sits aside as Jon rules as The King in the North. She tries to be grateful that she's home safe aga...
Arya Is Coming by JosephineGOT17
Arya Is Comingby Josephine Chadwick
Originally called Game of Thrones (set after season 6) PS cursing This is set after the season 6 events This is an Arya story however there will be some other chapters...
Too Late {Sandor & Sansa} by lovelessdamsel
Too Late {Sandor & Sansa}by lovelessdamsel
Sansa Clegane née Stark, is heavily pregnant with her first child as her husband Sandor Clegane, was fighting their enemies. An early birth made her dread for him to be...
Broken Crown » Sandor Clegane by andr-meda
Broken Crown » Sandor Cleganeby SOPH
"So crawl on my belly 'til the sun goes down I'll never wear your broken crown." [COMING SOON]
How To tame a wild wolf (Sandor/reader) by bughead_gangsterlove
How To tame a wild wolf (Sandor/ gangsterlove
You're Ned Stark's bastard, a wild wolf. When the king and his company come to winterfell, it is the scarred man who draws your attention. "Everybody is no pet, gi...
Valar morghulis.    [arya stark] by _Agirlwithnoname_
Valar morghulis. [arya stark]by Tearinmyheart
In the dark places of westeros men are slaughtered one by one. This is the work of a girl and her hound. Will they succeed in their mission of killing every one on the l...
The Hound by VdracarysM
The Houndby Winter McCann
Welp, if you follow Game of Thrones, my inspiration becomes obvious fairly quickly. If you don't, not to worry! The story line will still be easy to follow. This started...
THE PUNISHMENTS OF LOVE by jessie_bell2001
Anastasia Baratheon was the apple to her mothers eye, her first born child. a twin no less, born only minutes before Joffery himself. Joffery, Like his parents, loved h...
WINTER ➳ tormund giantsbane  by brooken729
WINTER ➳ tormund giantsbane by Bruh
"gingers are beautiful, we are kissed by fire." "then by all means, keep me warm." GAME OF THRONES: season three onwards. [ started: may, 2021 ] [ fi...
A Love Letter In The Wrong Hands. by peculiarbooklover
A Love Letter In The Wrong peculiarbooklover
Sansa Stark, a sweet maiden with silly songs of knights and fair maidens dancing about her pretty little head, had gotten the idea to write a love letter to Ser Loras th...
The Hound and The Wolf  by _Kumamint_
The Hound and The Wolf by _Kumamint_
The Hound come back from the meeting in King's Landing with queen Cersei. He's in Winterfell now, with Jon and he's going to meet someone he haven't seen since the Battl...
Game of Thrones Imagines by emmaimagines
Game of Thrones Imaginesby idk what i’m doing
Game of Thrones Imagines. I hope you like the stories, if you have any requests you would like me to write I'd be happy to do so, just drop me a message or comment! Tha...
The Wolf  by JuliaRose001
The Wolf by simper
King Joffary gets other personal guard and The Hound has to work with someone that is like himself but more people are afraid of losing people who gets to close... ( i...