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Lioness' Heart (Game of Thrones) by RoyallyRelentless
Lioness' Heart (Game of Thrones)by Royally Relentless
Khal Drogo wanted a foreign wife so he crosses the Narrow Sea and goes to King Robert, asking for his daughter in an exchange not to burn and raid his country. King Robe...
  • king
  • baratheon
  • thrones
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The Stark Khalessi (Arya/Drogo) (Game of Thrones)   by Woolley119
The Stark Khalessi (Arya/Drogo) (G...by Woolley119
Season 1 AU - where Arya didn't escape from the Red Keep. What if the Queen Regent had two Starks and one she could trade to keep the Dragon King away from Kings Landing...
  • cerseilannister
  • westeros
  • targaryen
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Rhaella Targeryen by 90writer
Rhaella Targeryenby 90writer
My name is Rhaella Targeryen the second of my name, the daughter of Aerys ll the Mad King. Also the unloved younger sister of Viserys and Daenerys. Being the one that...
  • gameofthrones
  • khaleesi
  • drogo
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Winter Rose. by imintheblackparade
Winter Rose.by Louie
There were two babes in the Tower of Joy. Two babes tied so closely to their parents, Ned had to make the decision. One with hair like raven feathers, eyes as grey as...
  • tyrion
  • viserys
  • drogo
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Drogo's Khalessi  by 90writer
Drogo's Khalessi by 90writer
Game of Thrones AU Alayna Waters is the daughter of Kalan, King of Markan. Even though being Daughter of a King and having what sounds like a privileged Life it's not...
  • drogo
  • gameofthrones
The Khalessi Part 2 by 90writer
The Khalessi Part 2by 90writer
Rhaenrys thought the time of threats and chaos ended long ago when she killed the Targeryens. Now a time of peace was to begin. But when she gets the ultimate surprise...
  • gameofthrones
  • khalessi
  • drogo
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His Khalessi~ Khal Drogo by Thatangelwhowrites
His Khalessi~ Khal Drogoby Andrea♡
Being as brooding as Drogo was he never expected to fall in love with someone, especially if that someone was his future wife's sister. Will he make her his Khalessi or...
  • gameofthrones
  • targaryen
  • khaldrogo
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Magie et Immortalité (Is it Love ? Peter) Tome 2 by Ylanna_Story
Magie et Immortalité (Is it Love...by 👑Ÿlånnå👑
Une nouvelle menace s'est posée à Mystery Spell, empêchant encore une fois les Bartholy à vivre sereinement. Cette menace n'est pas terrienne, et souhaite éliminer Ylann...
  • bartholy
  • magie
  • drogo
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Khaleesi Kali by KyraSif
Khaleesi Kaliby móni.
Khal Drogo can chose between two brides. One of them was a runaway princess without a crown. She was fragile, had a soft voice, clear skin and eyes, and silver hair. The...
  • drogo
  • khaldrogo
  • khaleesi
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Lost Or Found? DROGO FANFICTION by Lovetwinkle018
Lost Or Found? DROGO FANFICTIONby Masooma Hasan
My own version of "Is it love? Drogo" with same bases but different twists. Hope Smith, a decent girl, volunteer herself as an "Au pair" for "Lo...
  • vampirestory
  • fanfiction
  • vampire
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Rhaega and the Ring; A Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones AU Fanfiction by jonsie1117
Rhaega and the Ring; A Lord of the...by Indi
Khal Drogo and his Khaleesi have given birth to a little girl, a Khalakka named Rhaega. When she is grown, Rhaega and her parents are called by Lord Elrond of Rivendell...
  • smeagol
  • samwisegamgee
  • daenerys
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Love drogo by 83lana
Love drogoby 83lana
je poursui l'histoire is it love drogo suite au chapitre 5
  • drogo
  • fanfic
  • love
Drogo Bartholy (Mein Leben mit Biss) by Story-Junkie88
Drogo Bartholy (Mein Leben mit Bis...by Miriam S.
Ich knüpfe an dem Spiel / interaktiven Lovestory is it love - Drogo von Studio 1492 an. Meine Geschichte ist frei erfunden, und beginnt am Ende der is it love - Drogo Re...
  • vampirgschichte
  • magie
  • drogo
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Is It Love? Drogo by inkandpixie
Is It Love? Drogoby Red
Drogo Bartholy x Red Crandall Btw, I'm still working on the cover of this story because I'm really busy rn. Edited by inkandpixie All rights reserved by 1492 studios and...
  • drogo
  • vampire
  • fantasy
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The Pianist and The Rocker (Peter Bartholy x OC) by FlirtingWithDeath857
The Pianist and The Rocker (Peter...by Luna Havenbreak
This is a story of a gothic girl named Luna Havenbreak. She came to Mystery Spell as an nanny for Lorie. She ended up falling for the one and only Peter Bartholy. This w...
  • nicolae
  • isitlove
  • peter
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It is love ? DROGO |Tome 2| by EmilieGllx
It is love ? DROGO |Tome 2|by EmilieGllx
Trois mois et demi que Chelsea et Drogo ne se sont pas vu et chacun ont fait une nouvelle vie de leur côté. Chelsea, après un manque de cette petite ville souhaite y ret...
  • bouleversement
  • nouveauté
  • drogo
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Histoire de famille, Tome 1 by CaliceMacaron
Histoire de famille, Tome 1by Manon
Toujours sur la base, de Is It Love ? Drogo version famille. Lilou, fille rebelle et unique... Parents et frère ( qui est mort quand elle avait 4 ans) décédés.. Et a un...
  • danger
  • vans
  • bartholy
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Is It Love Drogo 2. On reprends tous et on recommence by Bobi_Dibou45
Is It Love Drogo 2. On reprends to...by Bobi_Dibou45
Après avoir terrassé Viktor, Alyssa recommence sa vie en revenant quelques mois en arrière. Espérant retrouver l'amour qu'elle vivait avec Drogo, elle va vite se rendre...
  • is
  • drogo
  • ít
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Is It Love? Drogo Fanfiction Un nouveau départ by MademoisellePaulette
Is It Love? Drogo Fanfiction Un no...by MademoisellePaulette
Je suis Alizée, je viens d'emménager a Mystery Spell, les gens chez qui je vie sont très gentil, sauf un...Drogo. Que va t il se passer en sa présence? Comment ça va fin...
  • amour
  • itislove
  • fanfiction
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Is it love - Drogo [Tome 2] by huzelta
Is it love - Drogo [Tome 2]by huzelta
Après ce qu'il s'est passé à l'hôpital, Prescilia souhaite découvrir le monde interne des monstres sans le dire à personne. Mais après sa disparition, Drogo prendra une...
  • meč
  • fanfiction
  • amour
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