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B L O O M by _TheFifthMarauder_
B L O O Mby _TheFifthMarauder_
'Rose pulled them close, forcing them to look into her eyes. The life fading by the second as they met with their killer's chocolate brown eyes. "I want you to...
Golden Light by QueenofWinter36
Golden Lightby QueenofWinter36
Lumophile: a love for light Her kindness was known throughout Westeros. The Golden Lioness, the Lion Queen, the Gentle Lioness. And so, how can he not fall in love with...
Red Viper by Ronnika409
Red Viperby R
"Love me or hate me, both are in my favor.... If you love me, I'll be in your heart. If you hate me, I'll always be on your mind." Ronnika Stark, daughter of...
Game Of Thrones: The Lich King  by JaCobBcRaZy
Game Of Thrones: The Lich King by JaCobBcRaZy
The Lich King. A mythical story and legend that the people of the North told their children. They believe the Lich King was the first ruler of all of Westeros before the...
Trueblood || Jon Snow by __meraxes__
Trueblood || Jon Snowby ℓιℓιтн
Yelena Baratheon never wanted the Iron Throne, and with her brother as the next in line, there was little to worry about. But what will happen when everything the prince...
seadragon | oberyn martell by slut4lilac
seadragon | oberyn martellby slut4lilac
"You man are a whore, you shall never touch my body." "We will see." House Velaryon survived the murder of Targaryen blood lines during Roberts Rebel...
A Dance of Lions and Snakes (O. Martell) by ninaalvarez37
A Dance of Lions and Snakes (O. nina
Davina Lannister is the youngest child of Tywin Lannister. She is very loved by her father, which is why he let her practice with Jaime swordsmanship, and he himself tau...
Game of Thrones - One Shots/Imagines (Completed) by laureniscrazy96
Game of Thrones - One Shots/ Lauren Newman
Hey guys, thanks for choosing to read my book. I hope you enjoy it. I do not own any characters from the HBO show or the novels by George R.R. Martin. These imagines ar...
UNBROKEN | JON SNOW by hightcwers
A Crown of Winter Roses by imintheblackparade
A Crown of Winter Rosesby Louie
Game of Thrones Fanfic This is a mixture of season 4 and season 5 Rhaegar Targaryen was always fond of his eldest girl, Rosaerys; born from the passion of a drunken nigh...
The Ballad of the Dragons~Game Of Thrones by Vanna1196
The Ballad of the Dragons~Game Princess Visenya Targaryen
What happens when a Noble Yi Tish Family arrives in White Harbor with the intent on staying in Westeros? And what if this family was welcomed by Lord Stark to Winterfell...
Game of Thrones  Imagines Book Two by Avengerssoulmate
Game of Thrones Imagines Book Twoby Avengerssoulmate
This is my second book of Game of Thrones imagines and one shots, and is a collection of some of my favourite characters, and hopefully yours. Most imagines will be flu...
𝑻𝑨𝑹𝑮𝑨𝑹𝒀𝑬𝑵  ━━━  𝖯𝖱𝖤-𝖠𝖲𝖮𝖨𝖠𝖥 𝖥𝖺𝗇𝖼𝖺𝗌𝗍 by starklois
me and House Targaryen give you some face claims for pre-asoiaf characters start: 20/08/2020 end: 03/05/2021
Depths Of Fire | House Of The Dragon by VisenyaStarborn
Depths Of Fire | House Of The VisenyaStarborn
Visenya Targaryen, Second of her name, daughter of Daemon Targaryen, the Rouge Prince, and his first wife, Naerys Valareon-Targareyen, was loved by the people of Kings L...
FALLEN CROWN | ROBB STARK by SweetScarlettAngel
Vitoria Martell had one goal in her life: gain revenge for the murder of her aunt and cousins. 𝙰𝚛𝚛𝚢𝚗. 𝙱𝚊𝚛𝚊𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚘𝚗. 𝙻𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛. 𝚂𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚔. Those wer...
Burning Water // Oberyn Martell by JadeCross4ever
Burning Water // Oberyn Martellby Jade Cross
Maya Tyrell is Margaery's older sister but has been brought up completely different from her lady like sister. Trained in the arts of fighting as well as magic and water...
Winter Queen |Rhaegar Targaryen| by Aidencasryver
Winter Queen |Rhaegar Targaryen|by Vivi
A union of Ice and Fire A union of two great prophecies . The Winter Queen will raise. She'll fulfill the prophecy of the Fire Bird. ...
what are the odds? | j. martell by orlandomartell
what are the odds? | j. martellby camille
"what are the odds of me finding a girl like you?" ( jaeden martell x fem.oc) (social media x real life)
When The Throne Bleeds by totemwrites
When The Throne Bleedsby Ananya Sutar
There are cowering whispers of a war that is soon to be waged on the realm, destroying castles, starving people, decimating armies. A war for the Iron Throne, and a war...