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Instagram » COUTINHO ✓ by avgsilva
Instagram » COUTINHO ✓by ✨
In which Philippe Coutinho (accidently) likes an Instagram picture from 176 weeks ago in which Coline Lavana is wearing a bikini. V̶E̶R̶S̶I̶O̶N̶ ̶F̶R̶A̶N̶Ç̶A̶I̶S̶E̶/ENGL...
Omegle | Cristiano Ronaldo by cristiano-
Omegle | Cristiano Ronaldoby ♡
"yeah, right. if you're cristiano ronaldo, i'm barack obama." ------- [She is a sarcastic fangirl and omegle addict. He is the world's best footballer and omeg...
fireworks ↳ neymar jr by Iionelmessi
fireworks ↳ neymar jrby m ♡
❝my only mistake was choosing the wrong sister.❞ » In which he falls in love with his girlfriend's sister. » © Iionelmessi 2016.
best mistake ↳ neymar jr by Iionelmessi
best mistake ↳ neymar jrby m ♡
❝you are the best mistake i ever made.❞ » in which, evelyn ronaldo falls in love with cristiano's rival, neymar all through an app. » © Iionelmessi 2016.
Mine (Cristiano Ronaldo Fanfic) by _SpellboundMagic_
Mine (Cristiano Ronaldo Fanfic)by Crablegs
Cristiano Ronaldo, the name itself is a brand,currently world's no. 1 player, he has everything he wants, the only thing he lacks is lack of love. So what happens when h...
Neighbor » NEYMAR JR ✓ by avgsilva
Neighbor » NEYMAR JR ✓by ✨
In which Neymar lies to his family about dating his "cute" neighbor December 1st┊December 25th, 2017.
If ... by Ken_Ic
If Kenza
Remember that if he was still alive you wouldn't be here in spain , you wouldn't have went to the bernabeu , I wouldn't have met you , you wouldn't be here in this righ...
Real Madrid Group Chat by iamzebanaaz
Real Madrid Group Chatby Z💜
Just a story where Marcelo accidentally adds a girl in the Real Madrid Group Chat! Word of warning, this book is full of sarcastic remarks, hilarious insults and none of...
Snapchat | Karim Benzema by cristiano-
Snapchat | Karim Benzemaby ♡
In which Karim Benzema thinks he's sending a snapchat to Raphael Varane but ends up snapchatting with a girl who cannot believe her luck. #309 in Fanfiction on 18/07/16...
What Happened In Paris (Neymar) by neymarfantasy
What Happened In Paris (Neymar)by Lora Dark
It's easier to fall for the gentleman than for the jerk. And whatever happened in Paris, didn't stay in Paris. "Are you so scared to be alone with me?" he aske...
Strike // A.Griezmann by nothing--inside
Strike // A.Griezmannby Anna
She worked at a bowl hall and he loved bowling with his friends but not because he was good at it ... Completed // unedited ©nothing-inside 2016
type | reus by celestials-
type | reusby 🤍
in which marco reus falls head over heels in love with a woman whose skin is much darker than his. (completed in 2016, CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN in 2020)
football preferences (DISCONTINUED) by mercurialrising
football preferences (DISCONTINUED)by ♡
This story will feature the following football (soccer) players: Neymar Eden Hazard Cristiano Ronaldo Robert Lewandowski Lionel Messi Paulo Dybala © mateokovacics 2016
Untouchable»Cristiano Ronaldo [EDITING] by threemillionn
Untouchable»Cristiano Ronaldo [ M☀️
°•ιn wнιcн нe ғιndѕ тнe мιѕѕιng pιece•° °•нe ғιndѕ нer υnтoυcнaвle•°
Eight » T. ALCÁNTARA ✓ by avgsilva
Eight » T. ALCÁNTARA ✓by ✨
"You're 18 and I'm 26, and I'm in love with you, Constanze. And what people think about that is not gonna change my feelings a bit." September 2017┊November 20...
A Year With Real Madrid by iamzebanaaz
A Year With Real Madridby Z💜
She didn't know that becoming bestfriends with someone on Facebook could lead her to spend a year with her dream club, Real Madrid! When a young girl leaves her home, f...
Up in the Sky (Neymar Jr) ✔ by shamandra
Up in the Sky (Neymar Jr) ✔by shamandra
A haven for short stories, dabbles, stand-alones, oneshots about Neymar Jr. -- Text copyright ©shamandra 2016 Cover copyright ©shamandra 2016 (Design by Freepik) The mo...
This One's For You // Antoine Griezmann by -marcoreus
This One's For You // Antoine cea
Is it true that you will never forget me? Even if we're apart and only the clouds as the boundary? [unedited.]