Doctor's Orders ( CR7) by StylesandRonaldo
Doctor's Orders ( CR7)by Janelle
One of the biggest matches in Ronaldo's career took a turn for the worst. No one expected him to end up in the situation that he's in. Luckily for him, Bella Hernandez...
  • fanfic
  • romance
  • doctor
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Maybe he..(Book 1) /Cristiano Ronaldo by Alice200002
Maybe he..(Book 1) /Cristiano Alice William
Monika it's a girl who dream to be famous.In that day when her mother left and went to Spain , everything​ has changed. *After finishing this book, don't forget to check...
  • cristianoronaldo
  • cr7
  • lovestory
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GAME ON [Cristiano Ronaldo] by Alex_crazyWeirdo
GAME ON [Cristiano Ronaldo]by “Alexandria”
"Oh your that famous soccer player" ~ Christiana What if two famous soccer player with high reputation bumped into each. Normal people would brush it off but...
  • superman
  • soccer
  • fifa
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instagram | James Rodríguez by -jrodriguez10
instagram | James Rodríguezby !¡
@jamezrodriguez10 started following you ▶ The story in which Manuel Neuer's sister has a crush on James Rodríguez ◀ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • started: 03/04/2018 finis...
  • bvb
  • jamesrodriguez
  • instagram
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CR7 x M10 aka Ronaldo x Messi [Oneshot] by tientu_96
CR7 x M10 aka Ronaldo x Messi [ tientu_96
Pairing: Cristiano Ronaldo x Lionel Messi Summary: chỉ là những oneshot tui trans về cp siu đáng yêu này ~ vì một tình iu với CR7 x M10... dù 2 anh đã bị loại nhưng luôn...
  • namxnam
  • m10
  • leo
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Instagram | Antoine Griezmann  by mendesilva98
Instagram | Antoine Griezmann by mendesilva98
  • griezmann
  • cristiano
  • portugal
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Mundial 2018• Football preferences by martadionisio11
Mundial 2018• Football preferencesby Marta
Jogadores/Players - André Silva - James Rodriguez - Ricardo Quaresma - Neymar - Ronaldo - Rui Patrício - Gerard Piqué - Paulo Dybala - Marcelo - Pepe
  • worldcup2018
  • neymar
  • ruipatricio
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Cristiano Ronaldo |Imagines  by GrantGustinismybae
Cristiano Ronaldo |Imagines by Maheekaaaa
So basically this is a book of Cristiano Ronaldo imagines and requests are open. Details on the "rules" in the first page x
  • neymar
  • portugalfootballteam
  • mullar
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¿Enamorada de un futbolista? by michellerousse
¿Enamorada de un futbolista?by AlmaPerfecta
¿Qué es lo que te imaginas al estar enamorada de un futbolista? Lose, algo genial. ¿Y qué es lo que te imaginas si es que uno se enamora de ti? Lose, nada. Porque es al...
  • detodo
  • cristianoronaldo
  • drama
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I Deserve Better ~ [Cristiano Ronaldo / Neymar Jr / Marc Bartra] by Universalmoon
I Deserve Better ~ [Cristiano Crazy Gemini 🌞♊️
Regina Gonzalez is a 25 year old sports-journalist from Venezuela. Together with her cameraman Pedro she's currently working for the channel VenSports. She has recently...
  • marcbartra
  • neymar
  • futbol
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BAD BOY by PrSpikes
BAD BOYby princess
Gareth Bale is the bad boy of Real Madrid!
  • cristianoronaldo
  • cr7
  • lucassilva
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More Like Messi | CR7/Messi by WaitingForLove7
More Like Messi | CR7/Messiby WaitingForLove7
In which Cristiano punches Neymar, is approached by Messi, forced to see a therapist, and finds love along the way. ••• "Why can't you be more like Messi?" &q...
  • football
  • like
  • therapy
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Closer {Fernando Torres Love Story} by Fernando_Torres_Bae
Closer {Fernando Torres Love Story}by Aťletico Madrid Fan 9
When horse rider Chelsea Terry (John Terry' Daughter) is asked to temporarily coach the Atletico Madrid team in Spain because of her amazing defending and leadership ski...
  • fernandotorres
  • football
  • spain
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Donde humillo a futbolistas mostrando que soy el mejor Tomenlo con humor
  • cr7
  • cristiano
  • ronaldo
Meu Pesadelo 2.|Cristiano Ronaldo by ilmiopiccoloKidrauhl
Meu Pesadelo 2.|Cristiano Ronaldoby ilmiopiccoloKidrauhl
"E come guardarti?Quegli occhi che mi lasciano a gennaio, Quando so che non sono miei e sto morendo. Il destino non vuole vederci passare. E come dirtelo?Che non vo...
  • meupesadelo
  • pentimento
  • cristianoronaldo
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Decisions by sexyjinkook
Decisionsby sexyjinkook
Sarah Jimenez lives in Madrid,Spain and she was born in Argentina.Her childhood sweetheart was her best friend Leo Messi, Yes THE Leo Messi. Sarah gets a job offer to be...
  • soccerfanfic
  • ronaldofanfic
  • fcbarcelona
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: Before Us. /CR7/ by cactusgirl1405
: Before Us. /CR7/by cactusgirl1405
Have you ever had a best friend? Have you ever been in love with your best friend? Now, is your best friend a worldwide known footballer? Things for Isabella has alwa...
  • cr7
  • romance
  • cristianoronaldo
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Love is Complicated Sergio Ramos/Cristiano Ronald Fanfic by joyfuljime
Love is Complicated Sergio Ramos/ joyfuljime
Ashley a 28 year old girl who had a huge past with Cristiano Ronaldo that will never be forgotten but, that ends but she has something that will keep them linked togethe...
  • real
  • ramos
  • madrid
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I'll Make You See It Was All Real-Sequel to When Does the Pretend End? by Footiequeen8
I'll Make You See It Was All Footiequeen8
Cristiano Ronaldo has it all. He's living his dream playing for one of the biggest football clubs in the world. He rich, handsome and has his family. But all that doesn'...
  • cristianoronaldo
  • ronaldo
  • romance
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