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Son of Unicron by DraconicBaguette
Son of Unicronby DraconicBaguette
What if the dark energon never left Rafael's body but instead fused with his blood? When Megatron discovers this, he kidnaps Raf and plans to turn him against the Autobo...
Redemption by StupidHappyLoser
Redemptionby StupidHappyLoser
Knockout finds himself having to work with the Autobot's after the events of the Transformers Prime season three film. But, not all members of the faction are as eager t...
TFP one shots x reader fanfiction by yuni_the_dragon
TFP one shots x reader fanfictionby yuni_the_dragon
This is a one shot book, my fisrt book, Oh! And also im a new writer and my language isn't english, so sorry if you see some erros. I dont know if i will do different on...
Lights, Cameras, React! by starrshowers
Lights, Cameras, React!by starrshowers
↣ Transformers: Prime ↣ Fanfiction What would it be like if the Autobots and Decepticons reacted to themselves, in our world and theirs? I have seen many react books on...
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Transformers: Prime: Out Of The Past (Remastered) by TFandRacingFan08
Transformers: Prime: Out Of The TFandRacingFan08
(In my opinion, this is how TFP S2 E17 should've played out, but I still like the original script :D) (Note: The first half is still the same, I just changed what could'...
Jack's Date by Primestar101
Jack's Dateby Primestar101
Jack takes Sierra on a date but when Decepticons come in, things might not go so well.
The Lost Son by Jpmo2002
The Lost Sonby joao paulo
Soundwave thought he had lost everything: his sparkmate, his sparklings and his animal ravage. But what if he found out that one of his sparklings is alive. Now with tha...
Loneliness will never be your friend (MegaOp Fanfic) by Black_Amaryllis
Loneliness will never be your Amaryllis MegaOplover
If you have read my book before you know that I don't change genders, I just don't feel right about it ;/. Anyways! Let's get into it >;D Optimus, Bumblebee, Ratchet...
What It Costs - TFP by kunixjiro
What It Costs - TFPby coffee.thoughts
Love is sweet, love is loyalty, love is unwavering, love is....sacrifice. Sometimes, one does not remember the last part until it is simply....too late.
Transformers: Prime- Shattershard by Yupitsme288
Transformers: Prime- Shattershardby Yupitsme288
A fanfiction short transformers prime story (the first thing I've ever "published") don't judge 😅
Shattered by space_blue_spirit
Shatteredby Ames
Two sides, one world, just like usual. However, everything in this universe is flipped. Those who are normally good are evil, those who are normally villains are heroes...
Tales From Iacon - TFP by kunixjiro
Tales From Iacon - TFPby coffee.thoughts
We all know Optimus and Megatron are enemies, but we also know they were once "as brothers" in friendship. What happened on Cybertron before the war, when Mega...
The Transformers Prime Prequel: A Silent Echo by Whythough_
The Transformers Prime Prequel: Whythough ^-^
This story follows Rhea and Nathanial, two average teenage best friends, as they get involved in something way outside of the realm of 'normal'. Both of them knew what t...
Rise by space_blue_spirit
Riseby Ames
When Jazz finds an orphaned youngling, what chaos happens? Can Prowl survive the two of them, or will he be driven insane?
My further ramblings and explanations on behalf of my preteen TFP fan self by Akiramomoirooriginal
My further ramblings and Momoiroakira
Since I felt like that first writing I did wouldn't really suffice to cover any potential future ramblings or discussions I might have regarding transformersprime, I tho...