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The Dragon Kings Omega (Bakudeku Omegaverse) by Poppyseed259
The Dragon Kings Omega (Bakudeku Onii-Chan
The Dragon King has now taken over the over the fourth major realm of the land. Everyone bowing down to him in fear of what might happen if he is angered. And with him k...
Three Personal Guards (Todoroki X Reader X Bakugou X Midoriya) by CelestialMage121212
Three Personal Guards (Todoroki Ciel Williams
"I want them as personal guards. The boy with the red and white hair smells like my kind, the Blondie smells like a dragon tamer, and the green-haired on is a wizar...
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The Siren [ Mer!Deku x reader/Oc] by 1234321X
The Siren [ Mer!Deku x reader/Oc]by Alice angel
Mermaid AU. #5 in Midoriyaxreader 6/19/19 #1 in Fantasy AU 12/10/19 #2 in izuku x reader 10/17/19 "Merfolk of all species follow the same rules. 1) Be cauti...
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The other side [Bakugou Katsuki X Reader] by KatsuKills204
The other side [Bakugou Katsuki D$MK 🎓
"I am the king!" He growled with pride . "The king of what , being an asshole?" She snorted sarcastically . Being tied up and kidnapped on a flying d...
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【 • KiriBaku Fantasy Au • 】 by blindgay
【 • KiriBaku Fantasy Au • 】by 𝓓𝓲𝓸
A tale of a dragon and the Barbarian King.
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For The Dancing And The Dreaming (TodoDeku Mer AU) by Phoenixshadow666
For The Dancing And The Dreaming ( Phoenix
TodoDeku little mermaid AU because I can Also I've never seen one where Todoroki is Ariel and Midoriya is Prince Eric so that's what this is. I did change some parts of...
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♡My Fantasy♡ by GalaxyNight3
♡My Fantasy♡by Galaxy Night
thia story is about how izuku is a half blooded dragon and his friend Uraraka Ochaco is a witch. they go on adventures and help Villagers. Kastuki bakugou is king of the...
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BNHA One Shots  { Fantasy AU } by s-h-o-t-o
BNHA One Shots { Fantasy AU }by BNHA fanfics
! Fantasy BNHA only ! [☁️] Fluff [🍋] 18+ Content (Smut/Yaoi) [ x Reader] Female Reader [⚡️] Angst
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BakuDeku || Omegaverse by katkatsuki
BakuDeku || Omegaverseby 🍓KATSUKI
This is a omegaverse AU [Fantasy AU] --------------- Omega || usually sold to rich and higher class, they are mainly bred with alphas, they have heat cycles. Male and fe...
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Todobakudeku oneshots by Bakudeku_lover36
Todobakudeku oneshotsby Bakudeku_lover36
It's self explanatory, todobakudeku and all the ships in between, Side note: no ships containing one of the big 3 and someone else, for example, kiribaku or todomomo or...
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Spring Veratrum [Katsuki Bakugou X Reader Fantasy!Au] by acaaciia
Spring Veratrum [Katsuki Bakugou acacia
Katsuki Bakugou x Reader Fantasy AU You're a young witch in training who needs to find a cure in order to save your village from a rare disease that appears once every 2...
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Likely Story ~ Seventeen by pleaseacceptmylove
Likely Story ~ Seventeenby iDKimbadat_usernames
13 boys set out to steal a precious jewel but are caught in the process. Now they have to hide in a house six of them thought was abandoned 14 years ago but turns out to...
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Lily by StitchedIvy
Lilyby AntiRemus
Lily by Alan Walker. Inspired... Lily was a little girl Afraid of the big, wide world She grew up within her castle walls Now and then she tried to run And then on the n...
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Fantasy Bakugou x Reader by Belongs_To_Bakugou
Fantasy Bakugou x Readerby ♡
◾ Cover Credit: Slevana12 ♡ ◾ Art Credit: @Taro-K ◾ I do not own My Hero Academi ◾ or this fantasy AU ◾ Characters belong to Horikoshi You, a young hunter, leaves h...
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Baited~ Book 2 by StitchedIvy
Baited~ Book 2by AntiRemus
Baited is book two My Disney Prince and My Knight In Dragon Scales. Please read those first! Peace has finally found its way back to Edawin and the whole kingdom is buzz...
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ʙᴜʀɴɪɴɢ ᴘᴀꜱꜱɪᴏɴ《Bakugou X Reader》 by Pikachu1st
ʙᴜʀɴɪɴɢ ᴘᴀꜱꜱɪᴏɴ《Bakugou X Reader》by 💥Katsucci💦
"What can I say? I guess I was attracted to the flame." ___________________________________________________ (Y/N) was a ninteen year-old farmer who lived with...
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fantasy Au Mha x reader by 1234321X
fantasy Au Mha x readerby Alice angel
#1 in Monster AU 1/3/ 2020 Supernatural themed One shots. No limes, lemon, or smut. Come.. Come into this book filled with monsters, fantasy, and alternate universes. A...
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The Blessing [Deku,Katsuki,shoto x reader] by 1234321X
The Blessing [Deku,Katsuki,shoto Alice angel
(Fantasy AU) Being a Delfling isn't always easy. What is a Delfling you ask? A Delfling is a centaur like creature with a top being a body of a human while with a torso...
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Dekuverse by pure_weeb
Dekuverseby pure_weeb
This is a story of the different worlds of Izuku Midoriya the people who will be included in this story is Class 1-A U.A staff Inko Gran Torino The League of villans (Th...
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Northern Lights (Fantasy! Bakugou x Fem! Reader) by Queen_of_Explosions
Northern Lights (Fantasy! False Confidence
(Y/N) started life with happiness. Her tribe Ruled the Northern kingdom with pride and honor. As (Y/N) being the only heir to her father's throne, much was expected from...
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