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My Name is Kara Zor-El....and I am SuperGirl by VickyAruwa03
My Name is Kara Zor-El....and I Faizah Mohammed Aruwa
"Have you ever felt like you just couldn't fit in? That no matter how hard you tired you just...didn't belong? Not the Justice League, Teen Titans, or e...
PowerPuffGirls X Nerd Male reader by Ku_Teku
PowerPuffGirls X Nerd Male readerby Ku_Teku
Y/N is a smart young boy who can sometimes come off as awkward. Who also has some feelings towards some sibling hero's by the name of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. One...
NO CAPES - Letter to Santa (From Dark Static) by joecool123
NO CAPES - Letter to Santa (From Elizabeth Seibert
A bonus chapter of my YA superhero novel NO CAPES
I Will Love You For You by 1damianwayne1
I Will Love You For Youby 1damianwayne1
What happens when Batman and Red Hood find A young and sweet girl in a cold cage? Will she tells them about her hidden dark side or show them her light side and try prot...
Baldy & Blizzard by BlandGardener
Baldy & Blizzardby Bryan K Glenn
Follows the "One Punch Man" manga/webcomic if Saitama and Fubuki were an item and already living together. Follows the webcomic storyline more closely but it m...
A Man Called Bruce: A Betty Neels Style Batman Romance by Blushsuede
A Man Called Bruce: A Betty Erial Creipan
What if Betty Neels wrote a Batman romance? Billionaire... Struggling young woman with low self-esteem but plenty of spirit... A chance meeting... Batman? Why not!
miraculous: tales of ladybug and cat noir | fanfiction, short story by rurusupercool
miraculous: tales of ladybug and ru
for miraculous fans and fan fiction lovers cover | not made by me; found online
THE CADETS: Children of the New Aion by BenBaker1941
THE CADETS: Children of the New Ben Baker
The legacy superhero team The Cadets must tend with a sinister supervillain who plans of reigniting a long dead cult
The Unknown Emotion ~ A WandaVision Fanfic by Rutujaaaa
The Unknown Emotion ~ A RubyRutu
~ This fanfic follows the journey of Civil War from the perspective of the Vision ~ "Wanda, I believe I'm beginning to find you attractive." She choked, hac...
Guide to Being a Superhero...'s BFF (Guide to Being, Novella One) by TCKauthor
Guide to Being a Superhero...'s Magdalene Jones
Friendship doesn't change when your bestie becomes a fire-wielding champion, but a lot of other stuff does. Like having to put 'kidnapped by idiots with powers' on your...
I Think I'm Breaking by LukaProsper11
I Think I'm Breakingby LukaProsper11
Cassie discovered his powers from a accidental radio tuning but after that he ruin and killed two people. He discovers he loves a man Lucas, but it's been a year since L...
The Chronicles of the Spectaculars by LysstenUp
The Chronicles of the Spectacularsby LysstenUp
In our world, we dream of superheroes. But we don't truly believe they might exist. I know they do. Oscar Schism is such a hero. He has the powers, he has the looks (he...
 Anadite by ravenrockz
Anaditeby Ravenrockz
The life of Anadite...the young mystic vigilante of Luxor City....Find out how she navigates through her life, powers, family, friends and possibly romance... ********* ...
Electress [ON HOLD] by writer_ER
Electress [ON HOLD]by ERH
He stared at me, his eyes twinkling. I have to show him. "I have to tell you. I'm not really Spark Bright. My name is Spark Decarthios, daughter of the most powerfu...
It's You and Me Against the World, My Kitty  by Kaitlyn065
It's You and Me Against the Kaitlyn065
Light radiated among her, nearly blinding her. Her breath caught in her throat, she choked. Her stomach churned as a feeling of weightlessness filled her. The light grew...
The Untouchable (Peter Parker fanfic) by thatgalgaby
The Untouchable (Peter Parker g2016
Siblings Adina and Cyrus Fermi are completely unaware of their powers until one night that they are forced to use them. They have been strung from foster house to foster...
Our Sinister Secrets--Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir [Fan Fiction] by maisiesun
Our Sinister maisie sun :)
Miraculous Ladybug fan fiction. Young Adult Three years ago, the infamous villain known as Hawk Moth struck for the last time. No, his identity was not revealed, nor was...
Seeing Red by usernameatleast6
Seeing Redby usernameatleast6
Practice makes perfect. But most medical students don't have a patient to practice suturing four nights a week. And not just any patient--the notorious vigilante Red Hoo...
Be Safe by PichiePichu
Be Safeby Pichie
Jiae is a part of the Strawberry unit of her group, but after a collision with Kangmin of Colour X things turn from amazing to bad in an instant, will Jiae stay safe and...