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Small Acts, Huge Rewards by TheTemporaryWayfarer
Small Acts, Huge Rewardsby Bushra. A
"So keep reminding, for reminders benefit the believers." [Ad-Dhariyaat : 55] ---- Simple reminders and tasks that would help revive your Imaan In Sha Allaah =...
Straight Path by StrivingNiqabi
Straight Pathby زوجة سلمان
Words of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Treasures From The Ocean Of Islam 💝 by AmaturRahman001
Treasures From The Ocean Of Amatullah 001
A treasure hunt to seek the precious Gems. A Love story of a person who is in love with his/her Creator. Seeking His Lord's pleasure and finding it's route through the c...
Islam by AbdurHaseeb
Islamby Hanifah
Iqra! (Read!) We are the nation of knowledge. When the virtue of knowledge was known, Sahabah's [companions of the Prophet ﷺ ] would travel all over the world searching...
How to Memorize the Holy Quran (With Tips From Fellow Hafizahs!) by FlawedMuslimah
How to Memorize the Holy Quran ( Dean Winchester
Assalamu 'alaikum brothers and sisters. In this book, I will help you memorize the Quran by giving out suggestions from my personal experience of teaching and learning t...
The Journey To A Promise by bluesecretnoone26
The Journey To A Promiseby BlueSecretNoone26
A journey that's temporary Leading to a life of eternity
Anti-Islamic Comments? Easily Refutable by FlawedMuslimah
Anti-Islamic Comments? Easily Dean Winchester
Got random atheist/Christian/Jewish/polytheist/etc comments that happen to be anti-Islamic you would like to get off your chest and share with the world? America's a fre...
The Bicyle Ride by Rushda_07
The Bicyle Rideby
Mahi wasn't very fond of flowers. But when a young florist set up his shop in the route to her school, she couldn't help stopping by. A friendship that started from a bi...
Spitting on a Rose (Under Construction) by TicTacMisbah
Spitting on a Rose (Under TicTacMisbah
SOAR - Spitting On A Rose She steps out. She smiles. She sees her family after a year and a half. She spots a man standing behind them. She frowns. She doesn't recogni...
The Moment by 1beforethestars
The Momentby 1beforethestars
A very short reminder of the fast approaching final hour
Islam my identity  by Nobelgirl7
Islam my identity by Aiman.Mahin
A Hafiz can sin A Hijabi can sin Our parents can sin Our scholars can sin No title or attire can protect you from sin. Only Holy prophet Saw was perfect and no one after...
Oh Lord, Your Endless Praises! by Larayyb
Oh Lord, Your Endless Praises!by Larayyb
Its a poem about the glories of God, written by me when i was 13☺️