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Light-years Away (Data x Reader) by RoseLilyQuill
Light-years Away (Data x Reader)by Rose Quill
Home to you was always on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) with your closest friend, Dr.Mccoy, and captain James T. Kirk. But due to a mishap, you have found yourself on th...
Fight For You {Spock Fanfiction} by GeekyPupcake
Fight For You {Spock Fanfiction}by ~+*Harley*+~
(Kelvin Timeline) (Spock X OC) (Content Warning: Contains violence. Viewer discretion is advised.) Toree and Spock have been best friends since the beginning. They were...
Falling In Love With Jim Kirk by DiverseConstellation
Falling In Love With Jim Kirkby Riley M. W.
Lieutenant Lillian "Lily" Walker grew up with Captain Jim Kirk. They've literally been best friends since birth. They attended the same schools and they lived...
Stuck Trek by Maia2Stars
Stuck Trekby Galactic Hitchiker
Meet Janie, or Jane, a girl who is obsessed with Star Trek. Her favorite series is The Next Generation. One night, she starts the series all over and plans to watch as m...
STARSTRUCK | Jim Kirk by somekindofstardust
STARSTRUCK | Jim Kirkby ˗ˏˋ alex ˎˊ˗
"you changed him, noah" - in which a playboy changes for the girl of his dreams [star trek reboots] [jim kirk x oc] [book one of one]
Tish Hokni'es Kwi'shoret // Spirk by PeaceAndLongLife
Tish Hokni'es Kwi'shoret // Spirkby - ̗̀ c ̖́-
Spock's eight and it is his time to be betrothed, but his mind refuses to be bonded as he already has a T'hy'la. Light years away, Jim Kirk suffers from chronic headache...
REVERENCE, Spock by veracrynns
REVERENCE, Spockby -ˋˏ 𝑹𝑶𝑹𝒀  ˎˊ-
REVERENCE | ❛adventure is written in the stars❜ [star trek: the reboot] ©veracrynns
Spiner by the_47th_person
Spinerby (47) The_47th_person
Student(reader)x Teacher ft.Brent Spiner ... Yeah so if this Isn't your thing just stop right here. If not continue ... You're a Junior in high school and at first, you...
A 24th Century Ship In Azur Lane by Arrow2k12
A 24th Century Ship In Azur Laneby GreyGhost1701E
After Dealing with the Borg in the late 21st century, Enterprise NCC 1701 E was about to return to his own time but an anomaly sends him further into not only the past b...
Daughter of the Stars by ReBel-Reads
Daughter of the Starsby Ryan
Sala is the only daughter of Sorren, a son of Vulcan, and Jeanette Bentley, a daughter of Earth. This makes her a daughter of two worlds, each hailing from different sta...
A Captain And A Madman by RazielZonoran
A Captain And A Madmanby Joel O'Connor
En route to an urgent humanitarian mission, the U.S.S. Enterprise D stumbles upon a strange sight; a blue, wooden box stranded in the middle of Federation territory, mot...
Star Trek Voyager: VX by ebtreadway
Star Trek Voyager: VXby ebtreadway
Meet Lt. Zariel Sindile, temporarily assigned to Voyager for its rescue mission in the Badlands. Now she's stuck in the Delta Quadrant, her children are at home without...
Star Trek Imagines and Preferences by emeraldcity221B
Star Trek Imagines and Preferencesby Glinda the Good
Put yourself in adventures with the crew of the USS Enterprise and Voyager. I will occasionally do an imagine with the actors as well. Smut is only upon request. The...
Lieutenant Commander by girl-of-many-names
Lieutenant Commanderby Kaye
Lieutenant Commander Astrid Watson is the head security officer aboard the USS Enterprise. Being a mix of races, with an Andorian Father and a Half Vulcan mother, her ei...
Georgia Belle Kirk (Spock/OC) by kykyxstandler
Georgia Belle Kirk (Spock/OC)by kykyxstandler
Georgia Belle Kirk's life. From when she enrolls in Starfleet with her twin brother Jim to when they answer the distress call from Vulcan. Starts before the academy then...
Darkness Ascends by IronSpideyHulk
Darkness Ascendsby IronSpideyHulk
The Federation has been attacked twice by the same man. On a quest for revenge, Captain James T. Kirk takes the Enterprise and her crew to capture the assailant, John Ha...
The Time Traveller - Trip x Reader (Star Trek: Enterprise) by BlueSakura007
The Time Traveller - Trip x Jenny
You found him, unconscious in the woods. You had no idea where he came from, but from that day on, he changed your life forever. You experienced love. Pure love. Because...
I'm a Doctor, Not your Lover by Im_A_Doctor
I'm a Doctor, Not your Loverby Bones
Bones x Reader/// You are considered a fugitive by Vulcan people, including Spock and that could be why Doctor McCoy seems to like you so much.
Two Kirks And A Vulcan by DoctorGiles
Two Kirks And A Vulcanby DoctorGiles
On a routine mission to Earth to pick up new recruits, Bones and Spock, along with the rest of the Enterprise crew are stunned when one of the newest members is Kirk's y...