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Yo! Here comes the Earth's Newest Protector: Izuku Midoriya by lookATtheName
Yo! Here comes the Earth's ButWhynottho
With the age of conflict now behind them (Goodbye Moro and Frieza!), The Earth is now at peace once again.Our migthy warriors have moved on , Vegeta has ascended to beco...
Izuku Saiyan From Class B(Re-write) by WhenzleyValenzuelaCo
Izuku Saiyan From Class B(Re-write)by FDWCOLLADO
Izuku has had enough with the Neglect of his parents and bully of his Sister Ex bestfriends and Class1-A . Then something inside of him just want burst out the anger his...
A Saiyan Love (Caulifla x Izuku) by Night_-_Shard
A Saiyan Love (Caulifla x Izuku)by King 👑
After izuku know ochako using him to get close to bakugou behind his back he felt heartbroken and hated ochako and bakugou then he decided to go train with goku in unive...
The Saiyan Heroes by Deo2099
The Saiyan Heroesby Deo
Izuku Midorya and Katsuki Bakugo are apart of the small percentage of people with a quirk called Saiyan this is the story of how they become the greatest heroes ever My...
The Low Class Hero by DeathInstinct25
The Low Class Heroby DeathInstinct25
Well, just imagine what would happen, if Izuku was the Reincarnation of the Low-Class Saiyan-Warrior, known as Bardock
Small but Powerful Hero by DeathInstinct25
Small but Powerful Heroby DeathInstinct25
Izuku Midoriya, a Pro-Hero, unleashes a Power, he never knew he had, Unlocking his Past Live, he changes a lot, but becomes more Powerful, sadly he is turned into a Chil...
A Royal Reincarnation by Deo2099
A Royal Reincarnationby Deo
Izuku Midorya nineth holder of One For All was told he was weak and All Might took it back the before the U.SJ. where Izuku learns that he is the Prince of all Saiyans r...
Evil Saiyan vs Heroes and Villains (Discontinued) by DeathInstinct25
Evil Saiyan vs Heroes and DeathInstinct25
Izuku Yagi, the Generic, Quirkless, Hero-Fanboy, bullied for wanting to be a Hero, by his Ex-Friends, Neglected by his Ex-Parents, until he snapped, his Power awoke and...
Destroyer of Heroes, Izuku (Finished) by DeathInstinct25
Destroyer of Heroes, Izuku ( DeathInstinct25
Izuku awoke a Ancient Power, the Power of his Prior Incarnation, the Power of Kakarot, a long time Defender of the Planet, but while training with Uub, who got a clean s...
Saiyan Izuku by MayowaFadahunsi9
Saiyan Izukuby Mayowa Fadahunsi
Izuku yagi has a sister Izumi yagi and are the children of Toshinori and Inko yagi. Their lives are perfect until Izuku is diagnosed quirkless. He is bullied by Izumi, K...
Hero with Potential (Discontinued) by DeathInstinct25
Hero with Potential (Discontinued)by DeathInstinct25
Izuku Yagi, neglected and Bullied by his so called "Friends", all because he is Quirkless, but that is until he finds out that he is the Reincarnation of the 2...
A Saiyans Determination by IdhronFureon97
A Saiyans Determinationby IdhronFureon97
The life of Izuku Midoriya was rough. He has a loving mother who tries to support her son in every way he could. With Izuku's father, Hisashi out of the picture, it wasn...
Izuku will be a saiyan, he will be savage, he will be hated by some
The Saiyan Hero: Izuku by Crowley2020
The Saiyan Hero: Izukuby Ellis Crowdog
As you can tell from the title, Izuku is a Saiyan and a strong one at that. Ever since Izuku was a kid (5 years old) he was always training and having a hunger for a goo...
Izuku The Only Saiyan (Izuku x Momo) (Discontinued/Up For Adoption) by Gizmooo06
Izuku The Only Saiyan (Izuku x Gizmooo06
I do not own My Hero Academia or Dragon Ball Z or anything to do with any of those things. This is all just simply for fun! Please NO Manga Spoilers! I have not read the...
A sayians pride  by yaboicrazy69420
A sayians pride by yaboicrazy69420
Izuku was framed for stealing ua files but only momo , kirishima , tokoyami , shoji , sato , some of class1-b and all might believe him. when he's in prison 5 figures tr...
Izuku the mega Hero by LAZYghhh
Izuku the mega Heroby Lazy buki
hi the name's izuku bunter the u,nand t mean's uchiha namikaze tennyson now lets start (sorry bad description)
Goku And Izuku's Talk (Oneshot) by Devdog756
Goku And Izuku's Talk (Oneshot)by Devdog756
Izuku is getting ready for a date with his girlfriend Momo Yaoyarozu and ends up getting the talk from his father Goku. What's the worst that could happen?
The kid who was trained by a god by Crazychicken602
The kid who was trained by a godby Crazychicken602
Izuku was having a normal day chilling in the dorms but is suddenly transported to a weir play with a big tree with two people standing in front of him