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Nemesis (Tails x Reader) Book 1 by ElleTheShellBell
Nemesis (Tails x Reader) Book 1by ElleTheShellBell
Writing from a they/them perspective for ease of gender fluidity! Basically you're an antihero that doesnt believe that true justice exists. At odds with Sonic and Co. f...
Project Luna by cloud_stormy39
Project Lunaby Stormy Cloud
We all know the story of how Shadow the Hedgehog came into this world, how he was introduced, and how he saved the world. After that point in time, the Sonic gang was ha...
Boom!Sonadow : Not So Bad by MephyChan
Boom!Sonadow : Not So Badby Mempis
Sonic spotted Shadow outside of the village one day. Curious, he decided to follow him to see what is up with the dark hedgehog. After finding out the reason why Shadow...
Sonic Twitter Takeovers x Reader by Sea_Starz
Sonic Twitter Takeovers x Readerby ✧SeaStar✧
Join Sonic, Y/n, Eggman, and others as they answer questions from Twitter! Takeovers 2-6 Bonus chapter: Wattpad Takeover (Sight Shadow x reader) ~☆~ I do not own any of...
Scream For Me by T-Night
Scream For Meby T
(Y/n), the human turned Mobian, was a sick experiment of Dr. Starline and Dr. Eggman. Rescued by Sonic, everyone supposed she would recover from the trauma that silenced...
super smash bros react to sonic by giyuufan98
super smash bros react to sonicby screen
this is after the "sonic characters react to him" story and in this one its where the smash fighters react to sonic
Lost and Found by GalaxyIllumimation
Lost and Foundby Atlas Fernsby
After being missing for about 4 years Sonia, Manic, and Queen Aleena have finally located their missing family member. Sonic the Hedgehog who disappeared after Robotnick...
Miraculous Sonic by metalgreymon2
Miraculous Sonicby Caliban
A fanfiction of Miraculous Ladybug. I won't tell anything here, this time. However, it is important that you read the proluge of the story, because that's the trailer to...
Bound by Music by sargasso8
Bound by Musicby Maraja Sargasso
Six years ago, Sonic left his home, his kingdom, and his family behind to stop Robotnik from taking over the world. Everyone knows that story. But what happens when his...
Chaos Needs a Leash by fabledfell
Chaos Needs a Leashby Fabled/Atticus
Shadow the Hedgehog has always been fairly distanced with even those he was closest to. Considering this, and the fact that chaos energy changes based on emotions...
An Elemental Secret by Burning_Underground
An Elemental Secretby Lava/Leon/Logan
There is something strange about Sonic the Hedgehog. Have you ever noticed that the sun seemed to shine brighter on him? Or that plants grow or shrink, depending on what...
True chaos by SparkySparkpaw
True chaosby Sparkz Lightning
Izuku yagi, a you boy neglected by his parents and abused by his sister, friends, and classmates. Why was this happening to his? simple, he was quirkless. One day while...
Time For A Little Surprise (Male Seelkadoom Reader x Fem Sonic IDW Comics) by memeloader2
Time For A Little Surprise (Male memeloader2
After your defeat, sonic decided to spare you.You became something of a anti-hero like shadow and help them on their adventures.The mad doctor now has a new plan, let us...
Levitating - A Sonic x Reader by YosiDusk
Levitating - A Sonic x Readerby ʞsnᗡ ıso⅄
A hedgehog born with immense power has been hiding in a small town on Earth while spectating its people. When he accidentally causes a massive blackout, he gets to team...
New Frontiers (Crossover Harem X Male Sonic Reader) by sonicunleashed12
New Frontiers (Crossover Harem X sonicunleashed12
(Remaster of my very first story) On a planet unlike any other is filled with unique creatures unlike any other, but this planet is mostly famous for one thing. Hybrids...
To Love A Hedgehog (Sonic X Human!Reader) (COMPLETED) by the_nerdy_artist
To Love A Hedgehog (Sonic X Ally the nerdy artist
This story is based on the Sonic X anime! I don't own the series neither you (or do I~?) So uh yeah, there will be episodes and all... Maybe even some...
Sonic X Reader: Behind the Scenes (A Sonic Forces Fanfiction) by Silverx721
Sonic X Reader: Behind the Silverx721
The world has been taken over by Eggman, Sonic is missing, and there is a new villain afoot. What else could go wrong? (Y/N) is a normal Mobian, she is nothing special...
jaune the hedgehog by NicklasUpachak
jaune the hedgehogby Nicklas Upachak
basically after the events of sonic frontiers ancient portal opens and when the gang get sucked in instead of cyber space they end up in remnant because of sonic going s...
Izuku The Hedgehog by Overseer874
Izuku The Hedgehogby Overseer
When Izuku is 4 Years old he learns he will have a Mutant type Quirk. And this Quirk will give him almost Unlimited Power. But with Unlimited Power comes those who want...